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I have a problem with the theme and I haven’t received an answer yet, even if it’s been now one week since I asked for help in the support forum. :(

I try to implement a basic html table to align images with text in a page but it gives me strange gray lines everywhere and the alignment is off. See the problem at optikinnovision.com/test-2

I would really appreciate to have at least the confirmation that someone is trying to solve the problem…



First of all sorry for my late reply. Working on it, I will follow the conversation via Support Forum.


Hi Mav, Visual users;

There’s a security hole in this version of Visual because of the recent timthumb expoit.

Fortunately it’s easily fixed – see Security Hole in Themes Using TimThumb.php – and note the theme that’s running :-)

Here’s the location for timthumb in Visual: wp-content/themes/visual/library/functions/timthumb.php – that’s the file you need to update.

I’m sure Mav will upload a new version of Visual pretty soon in any event.

Cheers, Alastair.


Thank you Alastair!

I’m really glad to have buyers with your attitude. Thank you

I already fix the bug related to the timthumb script and a new release is on the way.



my wordpress installation got infected with this malware. I downloaded the new timthumb.php file but it is not working.

What can I do?



First off Thank you for purchasing Visual ;)

Support for my items is available via Support Forum only.

To apply for a new account click here: http://support.mattiaviviani.com/register.php

Please note, the access to the support forum is restricted to verified buyers only. You’ll need to insert your Item Purchase Code before register (see instructions here: http://goo.gl/HzZAr).

Support Forum URL : http://support.mattiaviviani.com/



I’m loving this theme, great job by the way!

But I have a suggestion, can you add the Google+ social icon to the great set of icons in the theme?

Thanks. Keep up the good work!


Hello, Yes I will, I’ve already planned to release a big update of Visual, that will also includes the Google+ social icon.


Hi Mav.

I bought your theme, which looks great, but when installed and activated some features of WP Admin don´t work.

For example, I can not work with WIDGETS , there is no Widget Area. I see the list of Widgets but I can not move them and there is no place include them (the right column where the widgets are places just do not exist).

Some other features are working badly, for example when I click on the “Help” of WP Admin, it should open an accordion with info, but it does not.

I have tested the site with other 4 themes, and all work fine, Do you have any idea of why your theme does not work fine for me?

I´m using WordPress 3.2.1. in Spanish (Lenguage should not be the problem as I have installed dozens of WP themes in spanish and never had any problem.

Thanks. Jose.


Hello, probably a common mistake. You maybe uploaded the entire package instead of the theme folder only.

Please notte that support works via Support Forum only at http://support.mattiaviviani.com


Hi again.

That is not the problem (I checked it and just uploaded the theme).

Somehow the theme interacts with WP 3 .2.1 so I can not use the widgets.

I checked it with WP 3 .0.4 and it worked fine, but my client already have 3.2.1 so I need it to work. (Other themes work fine)

If you have any idea to solve the problem, please let me know. Thanks



I’ll be glad to help you in this issue. Please, open a topic in the forum at http://support.mattiaviviani.com posting all the data you think helpful to speed up the support request.


Great template (Visual WP Theme)!

I’m new to WP but not to CMSs, how would I order my 4 center widget boxes or areas to align from left t to right like your homepage? I followed your helpful PDF instructions, but this may be a wordpress setting and not one from your theme?



Hello, you just answered to yourself. They are 4 widgets, so they need to be setup in Appearance > Widgets. Visual comes with custom widgets that allow to do exactly what the demo do.

Please, remember that support works via Forum only at http://support.mattiaviviani.com/

If you need further info, please, refer to the forum.



we are a small video production company based in Berlin, Germany. Currently we are looking for a new Wordpress theme for our Web site. We want to keep the site simple, but it has to meet some key requirements. Our main content is videos, preferably self hosted, 720p. The requirements are as follows:

1. Correct and stable site presentation and navigation on PC, Mac and most newest smartphones, incl. iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Full support of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

2. Stutter-free playback of our films on modern computers and smartphones. The films should be self hosted or embedded Vimeo videos with fullscreen playback option.

3. Full support of SEO , with a unique search engine metatext for each page.

We found your Visual HTML5 and Synthetik WP themes here at Themeforest and liked your designs very much. We would purchase one of them in case the requirements listed above are fulfilled. Please let us know if you think your themes may suit our needs.

Thank you in advance!

J. Adrian, T. Turina Reaction Shot Filmproduktion GbR

Hello! :)

I left a message in your support forum (jwillis -slider), I figured you wouldn’t mind the reminder on here!

Thanks for all you do!



jwillisjr, as said thousand of times there no need to post here. it doesn’t speed up support. Request via forum are answered in order, we also have different time zone etc..

Please, read the forum policy (you need to be logged in) http://support.mattiaviviani.com/topic/forum-welcome


I’m sorry that you are frustrated, I should have read the support forum like you said. I also understand that you have to make an example out of me so that others will not do the same annoying thing that I did. :(

I just ask for your patience and understanding, it’s not easy being the design genius you are. :)


fair enough

Truly an Elegant & Classy Theme, one of the very few aesthetically designed themes Ive seen in a long time . Excellent work Matt :)

What I would have loved to see this theme pack are the shortcodes youve applied to your current theme , and this would have made Visual Rock even more than it already does .

Any plans of installing the shortcodes package into this theme Matt ?

Again : Kudos on a design that Rox ! :)


Hello, yep! Redesign for Visual already planned.

Thank you!

Fix for comments CSS

This is Visual 1.8 out of the box on Firefox latest.

The problem: http://imgur.com/UnLX8

One potential fix: http://imgur.com/qIBb5

This fix is to remove the text ”:last-child” from line 2247 in style.css

There may be better fixes – please let me know if there’s a better one.



Already replied in the forum. No need to post twice in the forum and here both, it does not speed up support. Thank you

I wasn’t posting it for your benefit. I was posting it for other Visual customers who might have this issue.

That said, you hadn’t replied in the forum.

In any event, you’re welcome.


Anyway, thank you for notice that and posting in the forum.


Here’s another fix for you Visual users:

If you use “link” or “links” in your blog post tags you get a messy output (every link on the page gets styled as a tag). Add this to your functions.php and it will remove these two classes from the article’s post_class() output:
// remove link and links from the classes so we don't get messy output
function amd_post_names($classes) {
    $classes = array_diff($classes, array("tag-link", "tag-links"));
    return $classes;

Hope that’s useful for some of y’all. @AMcDermott.


Thank you Alastair. Today I finished the wireframe for redesign. It will be available asap. Obviously, all this issues will disappears.

Best Regards

Hello, Visual 1.9 is available for download http://goo.gl/VrC5N

The theme has been strongly modify, a Backup of your previous theme folder is highly recommended.

For further info please refer to the forum at http://support.mattiaviviani.com/


reup Purchased

How do I rename the portfolio slug? Example: from ‘portfolio-item’ to ‘lorem-ipsum’

Hi, i was wondering if there is a way to make the background of the top navigation bar (nav and logo bar) white, instead of black. Also adjust the hover color etc. I’d like it to blend the the rest of the body.

Also a side question as we scroll is there a way to make the top bar stay on top at all times? (without using a plug-in).

Thank you.