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Wow! I love this theme!

May I pull the content for the home four boxes from the blog or a blog category? May the slider content be pulled from the portfolio / work?

Thanks a lot, and congrats for the theme.


Hello Dosenruta,

Thank you, I’m glad you like my work.

Regarding your questions, yes both of them.

The four boxes are Widgets, the theme comes with 4 Custom Widgets (Custom Content, Latest Entry, Social Profiles, Contact), so you may display images, videos, blog posts etc..

You also may use a custom URL link for the the slider.



Thanks Mav!

One more question. If I want to show on the cover just the latest entries I have to use the widget specified for it, but I guess if I insert it 4 times (to fill the four rows available) the four times I’ll see the same content. Is there any way to avoid this? Is it possible to show this widget bigger (2 or 3 spaces)?

Thanks for your help!


Yep, if you choose to use the four widgets to display the blog content you may set a category per widget and the result will be the latest post from any category. Actually the front-page is not designed for that. You also may to show 4 latest posts but they will be displayed vertically.

Please, if you need more info contact me via Contact form http://themeforest.net/user/mav#from

Thank you

Really great work, mav.


Thank you Paul :)

trying to add youtube videos to the center homepage widget – but it keeps saying that the video cannot be found…

(using custom content widget)

I am only adding the following as advised: g11qWmqWsyc

here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g11qWmqWsyc

this video player works in ipad? vimeo and youtube? its jwplayer?

so i found that your widget-custom-content.php file has:


when it should be:


but the video still won’t play?!

what i can’t find is how it’s calling the video player?!

there is nothing in the documentation of installing a third=party plugin player or anything.. please help!


Hello @everybody,

As for my others themes/templates, the support is via email using the themeforest Contact Form. Please, include any information that you think will help us generate a speedy response, such as:
  • URLs or paths to affected scripts and pages
  • Username and password, if applicable
  • OS, web browser and versions

Support requests will generally be answered within 24 hours, complex issues may take longer.

Please note, the Message Board is not use for support.

Thank you!

my apologies..

solved it though.. the widget-custom-content.php should be:


Very clean. Nice work!


Thank you :)

Excellent theme – we’re just having problems getting any images to work. In your instructions you mention the “cache” folder being writable. Please can you explain where this folder should be/is



Replied via email. Please keep contacting me one way. Thank you

Phenomenal theme – great work!


Thank you!

ellefaye Purchased

I’ve downloaded this theme but it doesn’t line out properly in InternetExplorer. And the fonts don’t look right in Firefox on a pc. Very disappointed. :-( Because it’s a great theme, only not compatible with all browsers.



Thank you for notice that, please send me an email with the bugs you found so I may workout a fix.

Thank you

Hi Mav,

Can I embed video into the front-page slider of Visual HTML5 ?


The feature is not available for this version, working on it.


eplatero Purchased

Can you post where the cache folder should be located, I have broken images.


library/functions/ ;)

Great theme!

Unfortunately I discovered three big layout killer bugs in IE7 and these are unacceptable to me for my use of this theme as a business website. (too many people still use this crappy software)

Please take a look at the following screenshot for me:


The search bar isn’t horizontally lined out properly as the search button isn’t vertically lined out properly with the search field. The Shadow beneath the image slider is about 10 pixels off target.

Is this something you can fix? I really could appreciate any help with this.

Thanks in advance!



Hello arteffects,

Thanks for notice.

The bugs has already been fixed and a package upgrade will be available for download in few days.



Package Upgrade

To anyone who has purchased the theme before to Jan 27, 2011 please re-download the package.

Thank you

fulgorek Purchased

hey mav, great theme, love it! i need some help to customize homepage, are you free? TIA

Mav, regards the package upgrade, can you tell me specifically which files you changed or added? I got it before the 27th and I think I’ve hacked a couple of files.

Thanks, Alastair.

Loved your theme! Congrats! But I’m having some troubles with the HTML 5 validation. Lots of problems with the Facebook Like plugin and ALL -In-One_SEO-Pack but one with the Center Widget Area 4>

Element li not allowed as child of element section in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)

Any ideas?

URL – http://www.wezen.com.br/site (Did you like the dark-brown version?) :D


very nice work!

We would like to use this theme for our blog. Would there be a plugin to insert 125*125 ads in the sidebar?

Regards, Jorge

Hi again,

I’m having a problem with the slide show. If i chose, for example, 5 slides, it only shows the “new” one. The old ones never shows. But if I chose “-1”, it shows all the 3 slides that I have! Any suggestion?



The only way to get support is sending an email via Contact Form.

I don’t answer to support requests made on Message Board and drop a message in the message board doesn’t speed up the support.

Please, to help us generate a speedy response, include any information that you think will help us generate a speedy response, such as: - URLs or paths to affected scripts and pages - Username and password, if applicable - OS, web browser and versions

Support requests will be generally answered within 24 hours, except when the email has been sent on a weekend or public holiday, in which case will be checked on the next business days.


Thank you

Does this theme require photos/vids etc for each post. I may not post some photos/vids to a blog post so I’m wondering if this theme supports this.

Yes, rvb, you can do it. Take a look at my site, where there are post with and without images: http://www.thepixelboy.com