VisualMedia Special FX Wordpress Theme

VisualMedia Special FX Wordpress Theme - Blog / Magazine WordPress

VisualMedia is a throughout professional premium Wordpress Theme which is perfectly suited for company sites and private or commercial blogs and showcases. If you are looking for a sleek and professional high quality theme, VisualMedia is for you.

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Update 1.3 (Feb. 1st 2011)

  • This update fixes some bugs, like the footer.
  • Click here for details

Update 1.2 out now

  • This update fixes some bugs and typos.
  • Click here for details

Update 1.1

  • This update adds multimedia functionality to visual media:
    • Show your Videos and Songs in the Slider (works both for youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, ... and custom hosted files (flash, mp4, ...)
    • Easily insert your songs and videos into a post with our shortcode generatorpreview
    • Same goes for the portfolio. Add your own hosted videos and audio in a few seconds to your product – easy through the Bebel Post Options Panel
  • Some Bugfixes
  • Fixed some typos

As more than 30 files changed, we recommend you to update the whole package!



  • 3D FX Menu and Buttons
    Check out the menu and the “more” buttons in the preview! They have a very nice and smooth 3D fade effekt!
  • Bebel Millenium Slider:
    • An incredible backgound/foreground double slider will blow you and your clients away!
    • Create slides in the backend – no coding required, simply upload your image and you are done
  • Wordpress 3.0 Template
    We use the power Wordpress 3.0 has to offer!
  • Makes use of WP 3 .0 Menu System
  • Custom Post Types
    VisualMedia offers four custom post types to create the gallery, portfolio items, to create slides for the slider and to create the special layout posts
  • In post Slider
    Create a slider within a post – no code required: we created a special post options panel that shows up underneath each post where you can create the slides
  • Video Integration
    Take a look at the preview to see the video functionality in action
  • Google Maps Widget
    Yes, we have a custom Google Maps widget! And it works without API code!
  • Widgetized Mainpage
    Our previously clients love this feature: Populate the mainpage by just dragging and dropping widgets in the mainpage widget area!
  • Turn Off:
    • the whole Mainpage or
    • just some modules, like the slider
  • Portfolio Page with Video Support
    Show of products or a website portfolio with this incredible pages feature. We support up to three columns for your work
  • Gallery
    Create beautifull galleries to show off your images
  • Unlimited Sidebars
    Create as many custom sidebars as you want! All through the backend menu – no coding required. Take a look at the preview for a custom blog, post and contact page sidebar
  • 11 Custom Premium Widgets for Mainpage and Sidebars
    We created a variety of incredible useful widgets for you to choose from. Take a look at the preview to see what VisualMedia has to offer! The widgets are waiting for you in the widget area of the wordpress backend.
  • Display Sidebar Left or Right or hide it
    If you hide it, the post will take the full side width! Perfect for the inbuilt gallery and portfolio systems!
  • Widget Ready Sidebar under every single post This is perfect for a magazine (and every other site!). Because you can create unlimited sidebars, we have decided to bring a purpose to it. You can select for every post a sidebar that will be displayed below it. You can even use our premium widgets, like tabs or articles.
  • Twitter integration
  • Shortcodes (including gallery shortcodes)
    Our shortcodes make it easy to stand out! The custom code snippets let you create some nice layout details with a short line of code! And the best: We bring you buttons in the html editor and some in the WYSIWYG that automatically create the code for the shortcodes and paste them into the textfield. Check them out here
  • Unlimited custom shortcodes
    We have created a custom shortcode creator right in your backend! You can create for instance advertisement shortcodes in less then two minutes! See a preview here
  • Working Contact Form
  • Contact Widget for the footer area Thanks to the locical seperation of functions and classes the theme is easy to extend and to fit to your needs
  • PSDs included
    We include our Photoshop documents so you can edit every single piece of the layout or simply learn “how we did it”
  • Custom Favicon
  • Change the header background image for every singe post/page
  • blog feature
  • Dropdown Menu with nice mouse over effect
  • Nested Comments so everyone knows who is talking to whom
  • Gallery Page with PrettyPhoto Lightbox
  • Full Width Page
    Do you have a lot to say or simply don’t want that big sidebar? No problem: you can make any post full width!
  • Extensive Help File
    The help file comes as a standalone html and built in into your wordpress backend! Never worry about getting help if you don’t work from your PC!
  • Videocast
    What is better than a moving picture when it comes to learn something? We created some quick videocasts to show you how to setup and get started with VisualMedia.
  • Clean, Professional and documented php code (phpDoc standard)
  • Massive code base: With over 6300 lines of custom php code, this template was written by pros who do a living with coding.
  • Translation ready with .po file (in english) – simply translate it to your language

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Thanks to the following projects for making VisualMedia possible

Fonts Used

  • Yanone Kaffeesatz get it here
  • Segan get it here
  • Arial (Standard Font)
  • Helvetica (Standard Font)