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Will this layout work with superoptions on opencart

Hello Emirates7. Please indicate the changelogs for update to opencart to This information is missing in the installation package

There is changelog.rtf includes: ( 2.1: UPDATE TO OPENCART


1.6: - catalog/view/theme/vitalia/js/products.js - catalog/view/theme/vitalia/css/stylesheet.css - catalog/view/theme/vitalia/css/custom_color.css.php - catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/new_elements/wrapper_top.tpl - catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/common/footer.tpl - catalog/view/theme/vitalia/template/common/home.tpl)


This is my site http://sumkinsin.ru

Hi, Emirates7! How make an articles in this theme (as it shown in the demo)


MayaS Purchased

You said that this blog module is integrated – http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=2419 But it seems it is not. In the theme documentation you provided link to another extension – http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=11287 which is not suitable for OC 2.0.x. How can we get the extension for this versions of Open Cart?


MayaS Purchased

Hey this theme is wonderful, but am disappointed of missing support. I wrote the author more than a week ago with no answer. I had to buy blog module, because it was not included in the theme as it was described.

Hello, Arthur! I need your help with vitalia theme configuration for seo. May you tell, how I can put language prefix in urls?

Now in all languages it’s look: opencart.com/catalog

But I need: opencart.com/en/catalog opencart.com/cs/catalog

How do I transfer the Category list from left to right http://defean.com/image/right.jpg

The author, correct the error of your theme This is ? BUG Modules are called TWICE First time as a opencart 1.5.x and second as a opencart 2.x But instead, to remove repetitive modules, you merge them together This blunder architecture software As such, it can not be recommended to the sale of the subject

Unfortunately this theme has some BUG’s.. and author (Emirates) keeps silence.. HERE IS NO ANY SUPPORT ALREADY


mauro26 Purchased

Hello i have a question, i see your theme is ready for opencart, is it ready for the latest

This template has been updated to OpenCart 2.1!

the mobile version is not legal shows the tablets products, have any solutions for this?


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When a payment has failed the customer return page shows the text about the fail but the text (div) isn’t centered. We have opencart running. What can I change to get it centered.


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Hello Emirates’m an error in the second address field when creating the account you could tell me how to solve? this is the link https://www.acasadoar.com.br/loja/conta/cadastre

Hi, how do I make my price live pricing ? or how to hide a price?

If possible we can pay you any payment you need to stream some price + margin = price for sale

What do you mean by live pricing? Currently theme does not allow to hide product price, maybe this feature will be added with next update. Could you explain in more detail or show example concerning “some price + margin = price for sale”

about the kitco gold price*gram weight base = actual price.. on how to change price calculation which php need to be change?