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Hi. Bought the theme and installed it for oc 2.0 but where do i find the blog? Can’t find any blog module.


This template is integrated with PavBlog, but this module isn’t updated to OC 2.0 yet.

Guys, nice theme! I have only a question, but it is pretty important. Every time I load the website with your theme, all icons and shopping buttons stay offline. They start to work when I click at anything on the page. This issue is blocking my validation to credit card companies, and I need to implant a good checkout on the website. Please help me, my website is cipria.com.br. Thanks in advance

The speed of the my site is too slow. Look at the site: www.roserosestore.com Result of analysis by Google PageSpeed ??Insights, Mobile 45/100, Desktop 55/100. I hope this situation will be improved by you so soon Thank you for your support.


This template has a lot of options, so it have a lot of lines of code, files, images etc… This is a cause of such speed. none of these?

Quickview Swap image effect Zoom image effect 3 widgets Module category wall Fixed header Autocomplete search option off Cache megamenu Code JS and CSS optimized


Yes, this template for OC doesn’t have these features :(

Hi, is this theme compatable with oc version 2?


Where can I find how to set proper dimensions as in your sport theme? In your instructions you have nothing about it…


Sorry, but I don’t know what do you mean writing “proper dimensions”.


in your instructions your don’t have specifics for sport theme, everything is fit for the other themes…

if i activate the “megamenu” it doesnt appear .i checked everything i dont know what should i do?


Please install the data sample in the module Vitalia Theme Options.


i did it. thats why happens like that, please look my support ticket i wrote my user/pass please take a look .

in responsive menu there is title “NAVIGATION” how can be changed? i want to write on my language


In the design settings in the module MegaMenu you can change this text in the field “Navigation text”.

cjaeks Purchased


I had to buy you a theme to 11:30 November 18, 2014 in I downloaded file named themeforest-6095631-vitalia-responsive-opencart-template.zip and Documentation / index.html Guide Theme was to complete the installation.

However, when I run the guide file , any theme setting-related images did not exist

Please send me a guide document that don’t have errors.

Note that I am using opencart 2.0.0 version.

list of no image

1. Configuration 2. Camera slider 3. Filter Product

Hello Emirates 7,

I’m going to purchase. Could you confirm with me whether Vitalia can set to meet my requirements as below?

1. Hover the shopping cart top right, the list will show. Instead of click the icon.

2. Hover the main menu, the drop down effect could be table list instead of float, especially on mobile page.

3. Click the Add to cart buttom, ajax hide automatically on the top right position instead of popup. Click once more is not the efficient way in my opinion. And the add to cart function works perfect with different browsers. Right?

4. The product Grid page on mobile need the add to cart visiable without hover, is it availabe?

Thanks very much.

Hi, I liked your theme Vitalia Sport. and i want to buy it. can you install to my Server for me. I want like a demo vitalia Sport demo Version 2.x.. i will do ready for you database and will upload all files.. thanks for your answer



I can do it for you.



Hi, i bought it. and send me your email or Skype. then i will send you my Server info.. i created database and all files on my Server.. ready for you thanks

Hi i bought your theme and i registered on your Support ticket page and all my Server info i send you 4 days ago. you said you will install but i didnt heard from you.. thanks

check my tickets. i created a ticket all my Server info . http://emirates7.ticksy.com/ticket/325944 please check and install it how yousaid.. thanks

Hallo one week ago you said me you can install and then i bought your theme but i received nothing from you. if you dont want to give support, write me. all my server info i send you. all files and database ready for you but you dont answer more.. will you do it or not?? give me answer please thanks


I have not purchased yet but have some questions.

Can I add an inquiry form to each product?

Can I add a .pdf file for download to each product?

Please answer promptly as my client is waiting for a reply.

Thank you

The template has been updated to OpenCart :)

Is ready for download at the moment?


Yes, is ready for download :)


Can you fix this? Tue Dec 16 00:53:39 2014 [client] File does not exist: /home/tinybibi/public_html/catalog/view/theme/vitalia/css/images/ui-bg_glass_75_e6e6e6_1×400.png, referer: http://tinybibiya.com/cloth-diaper Tue Dec 16 00:53:39 2014 [client] File does not exist: /home/tinybibi/public_html/catalog/view/theme/vitalia/css/images/ui-bg_highlight-soft_75_cccccc_1×100.png, referer: http://tinybibiya.com/cloth-diaper Tue Dec 16 00:53:39 2014 [client] File does not exist: /home/tinybibi/public_html/catalog/view/theme/vitalia/css/images/ui-bg_flat_75_ffffff_40×100.png, referer: http://tinybibiya.com/cloth-diaper


Hi I bought this theme and I found several bugs in the Standard Layout.

I posted to the Emirates7 support over 1 week ago and got no response (even though the site says they’ll respond within 2 days)

These bugs are fully visible in the demo:


First bug is really obvious on the product pages e.x. here:


If you click on the big camera image you’ll see modal popup with the big image that says 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 etc. when you click the arrows.

BUT the images for “1/4” and “2/4” are the same! Essentially the first image is doubled up.

This happens in all product pages.

The second but is also on the product page on all android phones (and possibly other phones too) – you can’t drag over the big picture image (you can drag around it, but NOT on the big picture).

Other that these bugs the theme is very nice – if these bugs could be fixed it would be amazing!


UPDATE: I just checked the openCart 2.0 demo and it looks like these 2 bugs were FIXED in the latest version e.x. here:


Can you please provide a quick fix for these 2 issues for the Vitalia 1.6 version?

Hi there,

I bought your template and using it now. Like it so much! Quick question: So when a client clicks on product’s “Add to cart” button it shows a dialog box which let’s a client to choose to “Continue” or “Checkout”. How can I change this so it will take a client to his/her cart instead?

Very nice theme! Thanks! But is there a way to change “SALE” badge to percentage badge so it would show exact % of a discount? That would be realy grate.