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The navigation menu on my website suddenly disappeared. When I tried to re-add it, the menu tabs were showing vertically instead of horizontally as it did previously and as it does in the demo. Please advise on how I can correct the menu so that it shows as it does in the demo.

Thanks for the quick response….sending the login info now

You should be good to go now. I believe you changed the name in the swmenu component which caused the swmenu module to lose its XML data. I reinstalled the module and it appears to be in order now. If you need further assistance, just give us a shout through our profile. We receive those messages quicker.

thank you so much!

Hi, my website use Vitality template. Today, my site display the ICANN verification Notification on my home page. I think it’s come from the Plimun slider please help me fix this issue

how can i verify/update contact details?

Your domain registrar or hosting provider where you purchased the product will have that information. You might browse their support section or perform a web search instead of waiting for a response from customer service.

Do you have a Wordpress Version of this theme?

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, we do not have a WP version available. We will be happy to answer any of your questions for the Joomla 3 version prior or after purchase. We’re always available for support.

I am trying to install the template in localhost, I follow all the instructions and I am getting the follow message “The template for this display is not available. Please contact a Site administrator”. Please help!

Hi I have problem when I install this theme, this is my url:http://skinrepair.com.sg/installation/index.php# i cant finish install. Can you help me check asap?! thank you :)

We have responded by email. Please see the link that we included and also make sure that your server meets the minimum requirements for Joomla 3 CMS. If you have any questions, simply reply to our email and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible. – thank you

Major issue was resolved within an hour. This company gave the best support I have ever had on ThemeForest. I am totally impressed.

Can you tell me where the css code is for the menu. The font size in the menu was too small so I enlarged it in the djmenu_fx.css file and now I have to fix the @media query for the ipad.


The css code for the dj menu is managed through those extension files > assets > css > djmenu_fx.css and djmenu.css. The core bootstrap files are contained within the media > jui > css files. Any edits you make to these files will be altered if/when you perform a Joomla update. Be sure to make a backup/copy before you update…

Hi, am looking at the Vitality template to purchase and I consider the font size used is too small. Can this be enlarged easily through the css and if so can where in the css would this be found. Thanks.

Yes, the font size can easily be managed through CSS or the style.css file. Typically, you can change the main font size in the body tag, the page titles through the H1-H5 tags, and individual module positions by their module style class suffix. We could be more specific, but we would need to know exactly what you intend to change. There are many web developer add-ons for web browsers that can assist you on in finding which line of code needs to be edited in the stylesheet. You can try the web developer add-on for Chrome or Firefox. Thanks for your interest.

Thank you for your response.

If you have, can I get this template in normal, html template to make a WordPress theme easily from it?

Unfortunately, we do not have this template available in HTML. Unlike WordPress, Joomla only requires one page layout and we only have the home page PSD in our download package as a result. We cannot grant you permission to convert our existing theme to another CMS. Please be careful of any copyright infringement possibilities if you decide to continue in that direction. Please let us know if we can assist you with the Joomla version.

How do I remove the “Vitality Theme” from the contact email?

Contact form: You may need to change the site name/email from in the global configurations. If you mean the title above the map on the contact page, that is part of the article in content > article manager > “Contact Us – Vitality Salon & Spa” ~Thank You

Hello, I want to install the theme, but during the joomla installation it breaks up when “creating database tables” and goes back to step 3 of the joomla installation. Why the standard-quickstart does not work?

This is a common with the standard quickstart installation due to your server configurations regarding your php.ini and .htaccess file. Please see this article http://bit.ly/1gS5AcL for more information. If you would like to navigate around this, please try the Akeeba Backup version installation. This is the method we would use if you asked us for installation assistance. If you still need assistance, please send us URL, FTP login, and database information through our profile page form.

Yes it works after changing php.ini and .htacces file. Thanks a lot for your fast answer.

Hi Webdog, is the template compatible to joomla 3.3.x?

Is there a way to increse the size of the normal text, on mac or retina-displays the text could be to small for “older” people ;) ...

Thanks for your reply …

Thank you for your purchase. To make this theme compatible with Joomla 3.3+, you will need to do the following:

The new Joomla core update has a newer version of Bootstrap files that manage the front-end and admin template. To correct the issue, please locate the files in our standard installation quickstart package located in /media/jui/css/ and re-upload them to your file manager or server in the same location. You must move all files located within this CSS folder. Once you have done that, you might have to clear your browser cache, but the problem will be resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience.

As for the font size, you will need to open the style.css for the template color style you are using found in templates/yourcolorstyle/css/style.css and adjust as necessary. The main text size will mostly fall under the body tag at the top. You can adjust as necessary here. Some positions may have their own independent settings. This is where a css selector tool will be very helpful. We recommend the web developer add-on for Firefox or Chrome if you don’t have your own already.

Hallo , could you help us SAP, we have big difficulties to install the template, at the end, joomla 3. the Database doesn’t connect…our server meets the minimum requirements for Joomla 3 CMS. I could give You more information by email.. Thanks in Advance..

Hello, question, does it contains a layered psd of home page? thank you damiano

Thank you for your interest. It does contain a “general” layered home page layout PSD. It does not contain a highly detailed PSD with content as on ThemeForest’s PSD section: http://themeforest.net/category/psd-templates


ssdk Purchased

Hey, I want to integrate gcalender. But if I install the plugin, I only get a white display. Nothing more. Do you know the reason why?

Thank you for your fast response.

The blank white page is the result of a PHP error. There’s no way for us to determine what the error is on the page. You’re going to have to set your display errors to on/simple and then it will display text to let you know where the error is located. If this is only on one page, it is likely a problem with that specific extension. There are a number of Google Calendar extensions in the JED, give another a chance really quick and see if you have the same result.


ssdk Purchased

Hey, if you open the site with chrome or firefox, the size is normal. But if you open it with internet explorer (version 11 [11.0.9600.17420]), everything is much smaller. Do you know why?

Thank you for your response

All appears in order on our IE11 version. Can you take a screenshot and send it to us to support@webunderdog.com? Have you tried our demo website – http://vitality2.webunderdog.net? Have you updated the core recently? Feel free to send us a demo link if you have a live version. Thank you

Hi Webunderdog :) great theme…...do you plan to update the theme anytime soon ?

Cheers, Derek

Thank you! We do not have a timeline for that yet, but we typically wait for every major Joomla version release. Our quickstart package is Joomla 3.2.x and can easily be upgraded to the latest 3.3.x version with some small edits.


tommyya Purchased

Hi there!

Firstly, great template and looks fantastic… really glad I purchased it for a client project. Secondly, can you help me add ReCaptcha onto the Contact page please?

I’m used to enabling it in the Global Configurations, but I/m having difficulty in adding it at the bottom of the contact form.

Much appreciated!

Thank you for your purchase. I’m not sure that the contact form extension included in the package has the capability of ReCaptcha. You may have to grab another contact extension from the Joomla Extension Directory (JED). There are many free options available. ~Thank You

Hello, The Vitality template switches between pages incredibly slow in the live preview. We would like to purchase it, but before that we’d like to know what is causing this lag. A quick response would be highly appreciated! Thank you

Thank you for your interest in our theme. This is just general server lag. We have about 25 demos working on that one server and it has never been like this before. In fact, we have a shout out to our web host. ~Thank You

hello, Vitality supports VIRTUEMART 3 ?

Thanks for the interest. Unfortunately, no, this template was not built for VirtueMart. Last we checked, VM requires specific template code to run their extension which has not been implemented in our quick installation package.