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Hi, i watched the live preview on my iphone but the responsive not work, also the mobile navigation – whats the reason for this?

...sorry for my bad english & thanks for an answer… pit


it should be working, on what device you made your tests?

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi, i made the test on my iphone 4s, IOS 7.0.4 pit

I’m not sure why it’s not responsive on your device but it should be, I assume it’s device related issue, maybe some settings are configured wrong.

Best, Cohhe

I purchased the Discussion on Viva Hotel | Premium Responsive WordPress Theme however after install it is not exactly the same as the demo… How can I make it like the demo site…

also error on loading xml

Failed to import “Be the change you want to see in the world.”: Invalid post type landing-page Failed to import “John Doe”: Invalid post type testimonials Failed to import “Norma R. Cook”: Invalid post type testimonials Failed to import “David B. McClinton”: Invalid post type testimonials


please check “Demo Site XML import file” section in documentation. It’s a step by step instructions and will walk you through this process. You have to install some plugin before import and you will find that information in that section.

Important: Please delete all data you imported before to avoid any errors about duplicated content.

Best regards, Cohhe


great Theme.

I’ve a problem: I can’t provide subpages. I have added the sides properly in the menu, but it opens no choice to itself in the menu on the website. What can i do? :(


thanks for the quick help. I still have a question: How can I change the URL’s accommodations?


unfortunately you can’t change them by default, but you can try some plugins which offer to change url’s for custom post types. Like this one http://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-type-permalinks/

Best regards, Cohhe

HI, I cannot reach your support portal, it doesn’t verify my user name, also I entered it as well as my license code


please send me email you are tried to register at our support forum and I will check it. You can send me your email using contact form on my profile page here http://themeforest.net/user/Cohhe

Best regards, Cohhe

I’ve imported the demo XML file, send set the slit slider like specified in your documentation. Your documentation says: “Text and title of each post will be shown on slider as a cool scrolling text” – however I do not see it on the slider. Can you help?


please check that you have configured Slit slider category on Appearance -> Theme Options page Also make sure that you are using featured images for slit slider posts and not adding them into editor. Editor should only contain plain text.

Beset regards, Cohhe

I did, and it’s not working… shell I open a support ticket?

Yes, please open a support ticket at our support forum http://cohhe.com/support

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi Cohhe, I’m David I would like some information regarding the “make reservation” “google maps” “weather” because they have been activated but not working or displaying bad

the theme is installed on: www.greentonic.it/gombit


Hi David,

please check this topic regarding reservations form http://cohhe.com/support/forums/topic/booking-form-it-looks-bad/

for google map to work you have to configure it on Appearance -> Theme Option page. See “Javascript Settings” section in documentation. You can get your google map API key here https://code.google.com/apis/console

please use weather widget from “recommended plugins” folder. You can find more information about it on documentation section “Compatible plugins”.

Let me know if you need more help.

Best regards, Cohhe

HI there, I’ve created an accordion layout from your shortcode. how do I make the first line closed? it’s defaultly opened. thanks!


I’m not sure what do you mean. Can you please provide a screenshot? Thank you!

Best regards, Cohhe

Hey there. Nice theme. I have a client and they have purchased this theme. I need to make the Events page on their website look like the one on your demo. I am having trouble figuring out what to do. I never get stuck so I am actually quite frustrated. If you could please help me that would be great.

Here is the website:

http://www.eventspacebooking.com/event-calendar/ http://cohhe.com/viva/events/upcoming/

I need those two pages to correspond with each other. Thanks for your help!


please use the Events calendar plugin. You can get more information about it under “How to add events” section in documentation.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi In using the Events Calendar plugin on our site.- How do I connect Expresso Lite (which allows attendee Registering for event and collect registration fee) on the Events Page. Thanks for you assistance.


unfortunately I’m not familiar with “Event Espresso Lite” plugin. Please use this http://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/ for events.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi, i would like the text on the slit slider appear exactly like on the demo page. i don’t like the black background it has. how do i solve this?


please check “Add home page slit slider” and “Slit slider settings” section in documentation. Slit slider style by default is the same as on demo website.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi, how can i do the “Accommodation Features” site like you’ve done in the demo. I can’t find the icon list and don’t know how to use Accommodation Features tab.

please install demo content to your website, it will greatly help you to understand how Viva theme works. Please check “Demo Site XML import file” section in documentation. Also please check “How to add accommodation” section and this thread http://cohhe.com/support/forums/topic/booking-form-it-looks-bad/

Best, Cohhe

i can’t seem to find the reservation plugin on the plugin folder i only have awesome weather and landing pages.

You can download it from http://easyreservations.org/

Best, Cohhe

On the theme preview there is a cool promotion page, but I can’t find out how to built one in the documentation. How can I build one? From the dashboard, or do I need to instal a plugin?

Also I like the nice look of the reservation widget, but our hotel already had webRezPro, is it possible to have the reservation plugin from the demo and WebRezPro working together?

Thanks, Sebastien


you just create one under “Landing pages” section. See this http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e926lst48 that is how I configured the one that you can see in demo website.

No, I don’t think that they both will work together, you have to one of them.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi, I am using multisite. I installed your template but it seems that the page Theme Options have broken images or broken style. Anything that shows image is broken. I also am using custom directory for wordpress installation. The next thing is the menu. Even if i put in the submenu, it does not appear in the menu. You can see my website at www.yippie.my/agrofarmstay and see the menu Rooms. it does not show the submenu. Please advice.

Theme Options page is broken because of this file /plugins/wpmudev-updates/includes/css/notifications.css?ver=3.4.1 (It is related to WPMU DEV plugin)

it overwrites icons css class and that is why it looks messed up.

I didn’t see it installed under Plugins so I couldn’t deactivate it.

About permalinks: WordPress doesn’t allow to update custom post type permalinks once they have created.

Best, Cohhe

i can confirm to you by disabling the plugin WPMU DEV, the theme option look fine. but i want to enable the plugin. can u make it not overwrite each other?

You can just try to remove “icon” classes from notifications.css file I mentioned above to fix icons on Theme Options page if you want to use WPMU DEV plugin. Although this might fix it, unfortunately I can’t guarantee you that it will.

Best, Cohhe

Hi, nice work!

I have a little question, is there a way to make the accomodations filter by the order? I tried setting the order property in Accomodations, but doesn’t work.

Thank you


on Viva_Theme/functions/shortcodes/accommodation.php line 27 please add this code:

$query['orderby'] = 'menu_order';

that should turn on ordering by order.

Best regards, Cohhe

Thanks! Best regards

Hello , first I would like to congratulate you for the nice work.

Secondly, I would like to ask for your help because I have some small issues that I would like to solve.

1 ) If the options in the active voice retina is reduced and the logo does not overcome the pages but still remains too small. If I disable the function retina , the logo back to normal size but overcomes the page.

here you can see what happens : http://i.imgur.com/kp9frgU.jpg

2) In the footer you used a beautiful widgets for weather but I can not make it like yours? How should I set it ?

here you can see what happens : http://i.imgur.com/OWh8ziT.jpg

3 ) On the home page you rollover the image information with the icons that I would like to take advantage of it too. How do I put them ? Another thing : how can I change the word BOOK NOW ?

here you can see what happens : http://i.imgur.com/FEW2aEh.jpg

4) I have a problem with the gallery inside the rooms : I can enter a maximum of 5 mimmagini when in fact I need to insert some more. Can you help me ?

here you can see what happens : http://i.imgur.com/92jT3dw.jpg

This is the address to see: www.alghirho.com

Hello and see you soon .

Hi, thank you!

Re 1: If you are using retina ready option then you have to double your logo dimensions. So for example if you logo normally is 200×100px, then you have to create it as 400×100px.

Re 2: please check this thread http://cohhe.com/support/forums/topic/display-problem-viva-hotel-awesome-weather-widget/

Re 3: please check this thread http://cohhe.com/support/forums/topic/how-can-i-add-service-icons/ and this http://cohhe.com/support/forums/topic/book-now-word/

Re 4: please check this http://cl.ly/image/2q0Z450A3c0m

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi there,

Great looking theme! Before making a purchase I’d like to ask a few questions:

1. Can the theme take credit or debit card payments for World Pay, as this is what my client currently uses. Are there payment plugins that work with the theme or do you have your own system?

2. Is it possible for clients to pay a deposit and then pay the remaining amount online at a specified date?

3. Can there be individual booking forms for each apartment and when booked can this be shown on the website as unavailable?

4. Can background images be added?

5. Is the theme translation ready?

6. Is the theme paypal ready?

I look forward to hearing from you!



Re 1: this theme for reservations uses easyReservations.org plugin and a premium version of this plugin has payment gateways integrated. More information about which ones can be used you can find on this page http://easyreservations.org/module/paypal/

Re 2: This is excerpt from page below: “With the deposit function your guests can choose to pay a deposit of the full price after reservating. You can allow or force them to select from multiple or a fixed percenategs, let them choose the amount themself by a text field or let them choose to pay the full price.” You can get more infor about it on this page http://easyreservations.org/module/paypal/

Re 3: Yes you can create individual booking forms for each apartment. And if the apartment will be no longer available (full) then it will not be possible for your clients to reserve it.

Re 4: Yes you can choose between a background image or a solid color.

Re 5: This theme is WPML ready. More information about this plugin you can find on this page http://wpml.org/

Re 6: If you will purchase http://easyreservations.org premium version then you will be able to use its payment gateways which also include PayPal.

Let me know if you need more information.

Best regards, Cohhe


can i disable the payment step of reservation procedure? i want just receive a e-mail confirmation and that’s all. Thanks.



yes, by default payment gateways isn’t enabled and you just get en email about reservation. Payment gateways you can enable if you buy premium version of easyReservations plugin.

Best regards, Cohhe

I’ve notice a problem on my site, and it seams there’s the same problem on the demo site. In Firefox and IE10 the image in the Specials box at the bottom of the homepage goes over the text when the screen size is between around 770px to 1190px wide. Is there a way to fix it, and make the image smaller like it is in Chrome? Thanks!


thank you for reporting this! I will release a bug fix in next theme update.

Best regards, Cohhe