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Hi Swalian,

Beautiful theme.

Just a few questions;

1) Does this theme support video? 2) Is the theme optimised for seo 3) Does it come with clear instructions on how to set up all the features,etc?



1) Never test for videos yet, on which page do you want to show the videos?

2) Yes, the code is optimized for seo

3) Yes, the instructions is clear in the documentation



Swalian perfecto sir! Good Luck!

Thank you external :)

Hi ,,,is posible Dropdown Menu

Hi, we will consider to make dropdown menu for this theme… thanks

Hi, thanks for such a great theme. I’m new to this theme forest and need some help uploading and editing the theme. I have wordpress installed and a live domain. I uploaded the files in the vivee folder to wp content/themes. When I log into wp, the theme is not there and I am unable to activate it. Can you please let me know what I did wrong?? I would greatly appreciate it, Daniel.

You should upload the ‘vivee’ folder to ‘wp-content/themes/’ , not the files inside ‘vivee’ folder.

For more info, please check at http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/how-to-fix-broken-themestylesheet-missing-wordpress-theme-issues/23755

Thanks for pointing that out and for providing me this link for support. I converted the vivee folder into a zip file and it uploaded beautifully. I appreciate your quick response. Have a great day and thanks.

your welcome :)

I have one more question. All the parent pages did not load automatically, only the home and about page are uploaded is that because I uploaded the theme as a zip file? Can you please let me know what I should do to fix this? Thanks a mil, Daniel.

Yes, when you installed the wordpress and theme in the first time it only show the default home and about pages… you have to setup all the other pages by yourself.

Hello… on the services template, how did you format the sample services page on your demo that show an image and text?


We format the text in the page content area, please send me a message via my profile page then I will send you the code to put in the content area. thanks

I just purchased this theme Swalian – it looks sweet, but what made me hit the “Buy” button was how fast it loaded!

I can’t wait to dig into this later today.


Thank you! Please enjoy :)

Hello, great theme. I am having a few issues. If you look at my site on the home page you will see that I loose the page curl effect below the featured slider. How do I get it back?


My company name as you can see will not allow me to put t’l. every time i save it I get t/l.

Is there a way to put the navigation links in a different order?

Your help is appreciated.




Have you fixed this issues? I open your site, but don’t see the problem that you mention…


hello I want to translate this theme turkish. is it possible?

Yes, this theme is compatible with internationalization, you only need to create the .po and .mo files.

Love the theme. One question: On the demo About Us page, above the main content, there is the “A little about us” header with content to the right of it. How can I add similar content?

Also, how did you make the header say “A little about us” instead of what is being using the title of the page (i.e. About Us)


When add new page, add custom field named ‘page-title’ and ‘page-desc’.

I just check the help file and I think I was forgot to include this instruction, I will update the help file.


Love the theme…One question how do I get rid of the text ‘Our Latest Work’ on the front page?


Open the slideshow.php and see the code on line #4 then remove this code:
<p>Our Latest Work</p>


Great theme, I love it.

Question 1.) When I add the categories widget to the sidebar, it displays the “slider” category that was recommended in the documentation. How can I remove that category from displaying?

Question 2.) How do I make the Latest Projects images on the homepage link to the project/post?

1) You should use this widget so you can exclude the slider category: Extended Categories Widget Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/extended-categories-widget/

2) When you clicked the latest project images in the home page it only linked to the url that you enter in the admin (usually portfolio/project page). It can’t go to individual posts…



Client purchased this theme, installed correctly but the colour/ formatting isn’t working. No matter what I try the colors do not change nor do the images/ backgrounds load. What gives?


Please reply with the account that purchased this theme or please me a message via my profile page use the account that purchased this theme. And also include the site url…


great template!

wanted to make the green darker color green and or match to my logo i would assume that i could make this cahnge in the style css ?


Yes, you can change the color is css, but you also should replace the gradient background images…. thanks

How can i get the page ID so that sub-pages can be entered into the “menu exclude” field and suppressed from the main menu?


After you’ve logged into your WordPress dashboard, Go to Manage > Pages and from the list of Pages hover over the Page title you want to find the ID of. Every time you hover over, your browser’s status bar will show you a URL ending with a number like this.


The number with which the URL ends is the Page ID (9 in this case).

You can make the dropmenu in the theme? If you can email me euluism at gmail dotcom And I Purchased the theme.


We are working on the dropdown menu, I will let you know when it done… thanks

The drop down menu is done, please see the demo…

I can’t get the slider working on the home page. I did the import of the .xml file and upload the images. None of the images would show in the media area so i uploaded again thru Wordpress and changed the link name. Still no images in the slider. http://agdev.ca/sestproject/


I see you have setup double folder for the vivee theme: ‘themes/vivee/vivee/’, please fix it.

To make the slider images work, please change the folder ‘includes/cache/’ permission to 777.


I fixed the double directory and permission issue, but I still can’t get the images to show in the slider.

To make the slider images work, the custom field name should ‘slider-image’ not ‘image’...

i am having an issue with the slider as well. i am probably missing something simple, but would appreciate the help.



I see some code missing, maybe you accidentally remove some code when you modified the theme, please try to revert back to original code.


Is there anything more clear you can tell me? do you know what’s missing – as the only thing i changed in your theme .php files is the size of the header?

It looks like the slider code is missing… before you change the header.php, is the slider works?

Please send a message to me via my profile page including this questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

I will check in detail and reply via email.