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Hi! I have purchased your theme .. verry nice! Thanks.

i have send your a mail whit my ask. Sorry for my Tarzan-English.


Could you respond to my 2 questions … Even in your forum, there is no response.

I can’t understand why i cant place recent posts in main page like on your preview. I see on Vivi options theme “Main page” Show Posts, when i select the category to show, nothing shows up. I tried to enable widget area and add “vivi latest post” but no image appears on the main page nor excerpt…. please tell me how to resolve that issue. I just want to add last 3 posts from a category like you’ve done done on theme preview…



Hi everyone,

This website I have build using this theme has been live now for quite some time but they owner has contacted me to inform me that a lot of users are complaining that the website is taking a long time to load pages and navigate around.

Is there a reason for this that is obvious and I am not seeing?

Here is a link to the website : www.llandaffnorth.com

Is it the theme, is the content that has been added to the theme?

When I view the website on my mac it works fine apart from the main slider at the top loads in a really odd way – sometimes it loads downwards first and then sorts itself out andgoes horizontally – any ideas as to why it does that?

Also when I add a gallery to the match reports pages as seen here:


The images load in full size first before sorting themselves out and fitting in the correct content shapes.

I would really appreciate some guidance on this as its causing me no end of a headache.

I look forward to you response.

Other than that – everything is grand!

on my website iamxiv.com, I want the footer on the homepage to be the length of the entire screen as it is on both the portfolio and polaroids sections. Instead it is minimalized and cut off. Can you please show me how to do this? Thank you so much

Great theme! How do I change the background color of the entire site?



i cant seem to get rid of the white bars on either side of my page here


ignore all my posts above

Is there a way to embedd videos into the blog wide?

instead of stacking horizontally, my video posts are stacking vertically. How can i make it work like in the documentation?

Hi there!

Great template! I absolutely love it!

I have a question for you… If you look at the screen capture of the VIVI theme, it shows 3 separate sections for the main page widget. How do you create that? Is it a text widget or is it pulling from a category or page?

Thanks! kristina

Hi there

I have bought a regular licence of this elegant theme, and it works pretty good. Anyhow, after some time, I started got a mistake with the contact form, that you can find here:


any ideas why? what can I do? I never upgraded the theme, could it be a good think to try?

I’m waiting on responses!


Marco Terra

Is there a help file or a walk-thru on how to use this. I have been experiencing problems with it and would like something to go buy while I am adding content. Please let me know what you can do to help me make this work for me. Everything is installed correctly I just can’t seem to get it working properly and the slideshow option is very difficult to figure out.

email: andrewneiderman@gmail.com


Thanks for your purchase!

The theme has documentation, it’s in “documentation” folder. There is a tutorial on how to configure the slider.

If you still have problems, please contact me and i will resolve it for you.

Best, Cristian

in the main menu,

when I go a menu item it become black but when I take back the cursor it dont become white suddenly. it waits for a while and it become normal.

how it can be fix?

The menu just turned into a white font. How can I make it black again.

Basically the black box that is suppose to go around the menu options doesn’t appear.

can not seem to get the “CONFIGURE MENU ” to work…any idea why??

There is no DROP DOWN Option coming under CONFIGURE MENU …

The rest are fine

it is a NIGHTMARE to work with this THEME ..if one thing works the other does not…now the slideshow is not working…have followed everything as shown in the Documentation..

Slideshow is not just coming up…

I like this theme, but I’m just wondering is this theme current? This theme was made around 2010, I presume. I am wondering is the theme “responsive” to mobile phones?