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:O Really nice template good luck with sales

Thank man! :)

really beautiful, clean and stunning.. excellent job!

Thanks mabuc!

Hi there, I’m very interested in purchasing but have a few questions.

Firstly, is it possible to have a 3 column style for the portfolio page? Not sure whether you can select this in the admin.

My main reason for purchasing will be so that I can display a lot of my videos on there. Is it possible to have Quicktime and .FLV files playing in the lightbox? (using the JW Player for the flvs) I see you have YouTube and Vimeo on there.

Finally, when in the portfolio you can click the posts title (which brings you to the posts page), is it possible to have the image of the video there and when you click it, the lightbox will open and the video will start playing? Is this possible?

Thanks, Matt

Hello Mat,

To answer your questions:

1. The portfolio is developed to work on 2 columns, you can make it 3 columns only if you modify a significant pieces of code.

2. The video section is developed to work in the lightbox. You can have .mov and .flv files. You just have to insert the link to the specific video.

3. That’s possible only if you modify some code, that’s easier. Please contact me by mail if you cant succeed and i will make it for you.

Thank you,

Great theme… one question before I buy it - is there a way to place a slider like LOF (any of the four) above the blog posts if you select the blog homepage option ? Like a short code or something that can be added ?


At the moment you cant, but it’s a good idea and i’ll make an update tomorrow. So on Friday it will be live.


Thanks for the reply about the videos etc, I forgot to ask some more question earlier.

I see in the styles you have an alternate blog home page. I like the idea of this but is there anyway to integrate the two homepages. As in I like what the normal homepage looks like (with the slider etc). But would it be possible to have everything the same as the normal homepage, but instead of where the coffee widget is, it displays the latest blog posts?

This would look much better and it should be possible. I’m hovering over the buy button as we speak.

And is it easy to apply the lightbox (prettyPhoto) to any image in a page or post? For example you just create a link and add the rel= and it will make that image a lightbox popup?


As i replied to the previous user i will implement this option tomorrow, and will be live on Friday. (the verifying process of the webmasters take a little time).

As for the images, yes that will work.

You can wait until Friday or you can download the theme now and after the release of this patch, just redownload and overwrite the files. Your choice :)


Really awesome Theme! Well done!

Thanks man!

Simple yet elegant theme, this is good. Good luck with the job well done.


Thank you! :)


I have purchased your theme .. great one!

Do you offer color customization to your theme as to match my logo color?

Thank you very much.


Yes i can do that. Please contact me via email with details.


Great Template. Just purchased about to install. I have the same question about color customization to match logo? I need a deep red.


Yes i can do that. Please contact me via email with details.


Your docs say there is a “add portfolio page” at the bottom of the portfolio page tab (in order to auto-configure the sub portfolios).

I cannot find this button anywhere. I’m experience with WP dashboard, controls, etc. and I don’t think the button exists.

Am I looking on the portfolio page, down at the bottom? If so, button is not there.

i can change the template manual, but looking for your auto-generated sub portfolio pages for video.

Any insight would be appreciated.



Please see.. It must be there.

View image.


OK. Found it Thanks.

Another quick question. I am wanting a services page, like found in the demo, but when I set the template to “services” (with read more button), it comes out looking like the “sponser” page from demo instead. Are they the same, or am I doing something wrong again?

Also, I noticed the sponsors page is not working well in IE. Even on the demo. Works half the time. The other half of the time, Things are turning and disappearing. or just not being there, with just shadow.

Any ideas on why this is happening? You may have to test it a few times to see what I mean. Maybe it’s just me?


I stressed the sponsors page on IE and yes after about 100 rapid fire clicks i managed to see what you noticed. But, hey it’s IE :). At some point the browser is not capable to manage the javascript. This only happens if you want to kill it, clicking at a much higher rate than a normal user does.

I think it’s a compromise….

Thanks for noticing.

Hello, I have 3 questions

1. How can I change the color of the font and shadow of the heading_background.png?

2. I want to control the logo place, more high, where in the code is that?

3. The comments in the blog are not working, every time I try to write a comment it redirect me to the homepage, and the comment is lost, is not place in the database.

Thanks for the help… Very nice theme!!!


To answer your questions:

1. You can change the color font by modifying the body color from style.css . To modify the heading background please modify the psd.

2. You can control the logo in the theme options, from the General tab. Please use the Overwrite logo image CSS : textarea. If you need to place it higher use negative margin. For example margin-top:-10px;

3. Yes, indeed it’s a bug, i cant belive i missed this. I already updated the files, they’re in the process queue. If you need this now, please open comments.php and modify the line 121, this one:

<a tabindex="5" href="#" class="more-link" onclick="document.forms[0].submit();return false;"><span>Submit</span></a>

with this one:

<span class="more-link"><input tabindex="5" name="submit" class="submit" type="submit" value="Submit" /></span>

Thank you,

Please get back to me via email if you cant manage.

Thanks for the answer!

I know that to change the color of the font is in the style.css but where or what line inside the style.css? To change font color and shadow color.

Thanks for the help!!!

Hi, great theme!

I am wanting a services page, like found in the demo, but when I set the template to “services” (with read more button), it comes out looking like the “sponser” page from demo instead. Are they the same, or am I doing something wrong again?

I also have fears that “team” page will likely do the same. How can I differentiate between the page templates?

Thanks a million!


Did you choose a page template from the attributes panel (when you created a page) ? Every page created must be left as default and then assigned from the theme options.

Let me know. Thanks!

No – but did that now and it worked – thank you for your response, great theme and great service!

I cant get any posts to show on the home page when using the slider even though i have what cat to use set.


That’s not working because that option doesn’t exist yet.. the updated files are in queue. Please see the previous comment.

Thank you.

Thank you for the reply earlier. Has the theme been updated to give buyers an option to have a slider if we select the blog homepage option ?


The updated files are in queue for review. It has been more than 2 days now, i don’t know why it’s taken so long. (i’m 7)

I guess tomorrow will be on.


Hi disgogo,

a great theme, in fact, this theme was the reason for registering here. :-)

Now I’ve got two small issues I can’t find a solution for.

1.) I have the fancy slider activated, but somehow only two images are used to display, out of four. I really would like to have aroud ten images there, in best case randomly selected, to show my work.

2.) The category of the slideshow pics is not excluded from the blog page, even though it is not selected in the list.

Am I missing something there?

Thank you and cheers



Can you please post an URL or better please contact me via email with a temp admin login to see what’s there.


Glad that all is working out.


Thank you very much for your superb support disgogo. :-)


What kind of localization support does the theme have ?




At the moment the theme does not have localization support. You can translate directly into the files.