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Hi! Vivid looks like a great theme. Is there a page in the live preview that shows what the standard typographic elements look like? I’d like to see drop caps and blockquotes in particular before I purchase.

I cant loginto to forum. The signup page doesnt accept my purchase receipt. I have checked it multiple times. How can i get access? Can you help please?


Please send us an email to support@bluthemes.com, make sure to include your purchase code.

Any changes from within Customizer removes all Sidebar Widgets



Sorry for the late reply, we’re catching up on a lot of support requests.

To be clear, when you save anything in the Customizer it resets all the widget settings?

Is it possible to create Review posts with a graphic design able to show different criteria and scores for each?


Hi, terribly sorry for the late response we’ve been extremely busy the past few weeks.

Unfortunately there isn’t a review functionality built into vivid, we do have that in our Particle theme however. There are also plugins available for this feature as well

Hi, lovely theme. It’s almost exactly what I had in mind, except, is it possible to create a second tier / sub category from the drop down menu? Like:

Menu Item 1
Drop Down Item 1
  Sub Category A
  Sub Category B
Drop Down Item 2


One more question, is it possible to do a side-bar right with a multi-column blog?

Thanks again!

carasmo Purchased

I am amazed that there are not more sales. This theme is Bad Ass.


Haha, thank you carasmo, we think so as well! :)

Regards, Arnar

carasmo Purchased


On the http://www.bluthemes.com/themes/vivid/2014/02/11/vivids-customizer the side bar post slider doesn’t work on the right column, it just stacks the images.


Hey there, sorry for the extremely late reply the past few weeks have been really tough

I’ve fixed it, it was just an embarrassing demo javascript snippet :$

Sindris Purchased

I just got this error when trying to install the required plugin:

The plugin does not have a valid header. Downloading install package from http://wordpress.org/plugins/force-regenerate-thumbnails/…

Unpacking the package…

The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Sindris Purchased

The main text is missing on the front page, i have latest post displaying on the frontpage. you can see this in this image:

Sindris Purchased


Þakka svarið. Ég er búinn að klóra mig fram úr þessu með…

b) Breytti opacity á .entry-content (sem mig grunar að þurfi ekki eftir að ég lokaði á social counterinn)

A) instagram widget lagaðist við að sleppa því að nota social counter widget-ið

Ég fékk þetta bara til að virka og var ekkert að spá í þessu neitt frekar.

En nú er ég að taka upp þráðinn aftur á þessum vef sem verður fyrir dagur.is

Annars flottir hlutir sem þið eruð að gera :)

Sindris Purchased

Smá smáatriði, en þá meikar meira sens að hafa streningina sem eru í newsletter widget (takkinn og inní fornu) á bluth text domain, í stað bluth_admin þar sem þessir strengir birtast á framenda.

línur 117 og 118


Auðvitað á það að vera ‘bluth’ domain, kippi þessu í lag, takk fyrir að benda á þetta!

Hlakka til að sjá vefsíðuna tilbúna, naumast heiðurinn að borgarstjóri Reykjavíkurborgar sé að nota theme-ið okkar! ;)

aLaaah Purchased

Hello, I grabbed this theme but I’m wondering what happened to comments, they are not showing up neither on your test site, I was thinking that it was something setting related, but seems that this is not the case.


Hmm that’s strange, we actually disabled the comments on the demo page, make sure you didn’t do the same somewhere in your settings.

Let me know if that’s not the case and I’ll look into this

Best Regards, Arnar


Is there an option to keep the sidebar widgets (ex. archive) to stay folded-in by default?



Hey, sorry no that’s not a feature, but you can try to add this to your Theme Options -> Custom CSS, something like..

.widget_recent_entries > ul, .widget_recent_comments > ul, .widget_meta > ul, .widget_archive > ul, .widget_nav_menu > div > ul, .widget_categories > ul, .widget_rss > ul, .widget_pages > ul, #side-bar .widget-body, #footer-body .widget-body{
    display: none;

Hi, when active bluthcodes i recived this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bluth_pullquote() (previously declared in /www/wp-content/themes/vivid/assets/plugins/bluthcodes/codes.php:13) in /www/wp-content/plugins/bluthcodes/codes.php on line 17

Thanks for help.


You don’t need to install the plugin, it’s already inside the theme. We only included it in the main zip archive so people can switch themes later on and still have their shortcodes working by installing the plugin on their new page.


I have uploaded a user photo under theme settings and have a gravatar associated with my email address, why isn’t the author photo showing in the post footer photo?


Hey there – seriously considering this theme, but there are a lot of bugs on the mobile version (especially with external-services based widgets such as Twitter and Instagram). People spend more and more time reading on mobile so that’s a shame. How quickly and often do you fix reported bugs? (happy to provide you guys with a list + screenshots)

Thanks! Anne.

Nice theme but terrible support, I am waiting for a response for 14 days… Nice themes but terrible terrible support.


Can I put the hour, author, etc. information in the bottom of the post title, like in Keilir?

Can I put a slider at the top?

Hello. Pre-sales question here. Could you point me to deployments of this theme with ad displays (adsense, etc)? Thanks!


Hey there, we don’t have a deployment with ad displays but the ad spots are the widgetized areas of course (the sidebars) and we have three available Ad spots on the page, they are:

Ad spot #1 – Above the header.
Ad spot #2 – Between posts
Ad spot #3 – Above the content.