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jele2 Purchased

Is it possible to replace post categories with post tags under post summary in category archives ?

Hello jele2,

Yes that is possible. Kindly send me your site URL and theme’s functions.php file at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.


Hi sometime back I asked about the sidebars’ position in responsive mode. You mentioned that sidebar B can be hidden when in responsive mode. How can I do that?

I’m using sidebar B on the left. So it looks weird on mobile as users have to scroll down 2 120×600 banners to reach the content. Please teach me how to hide sidebar B on mobile. Thanks

Hello easyjack1,

Kindly add this rule at the end of user.css file:

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
.sidebar2 { display: none; }

This will hide sidebar B on devices less than 768px. If you want it only for mobile, you can change 768px to 480px.


Thank you!

Hi there,

How can I fix “XSS vulnerability” without upgrading theme to latest version?

Hello steeffie,

If you are using volt v3.0 or above, kindly replace includes/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php file with the latest one.


Where can I find version number of theme?


Inside volt/style.css file, the top most section where theme details are mentioned. Or simply navigate to Appearance > Themes, and click on the theme thumbnail > Details.


Hi SaurabhSharma, Thnx for the wonderful theme. I want to update my 2.4 theme. The problem is that my webdesigner add some codes in a few files. I can find what he add and where he add it. Whats the best way to update for me.

Thnx Stan

Hello Stan,

Thank you for kind words and feedback.

The 2.4 version is too old as compared to latest 3.3. The best way would be to keep a backup of current theme folder and then replace entire theme with the latest one. The changes can be placed back in new theme files. Please also be aware that shortcodes and widgets were moved in separate plugin. So do not access Appearance > Widgets, until you have updated the theme and installed the Volt Shortcodes plugin. Otherwise widget information may get erased.

Safest steps for update:

1. Log in to cPanel > File Manager and rename wp-content/themes/volt/ to volt_old. Similarly, rename volt/style.css file to style_old.css. (This will disable the theme while still having a backup).

2. Upload latest to wp-content/themes/ and extract it as wp-content/themes/volt/

3. Log in to WordPress. It will prompt you to install Volt Shortcodes plugin. Click on “Begin installing plugins” and follow instructions as they appear. Finally, activate the plugin.

4. Check the site again. It shall get updated without any issue.

5. If you need to place back custom changes, install and activate the volt-child theme. (This comes with the main download too). All custom changes shall be placed in child theme. For any further issue, you can directly email me at xconsau[at[gmail[dot]com.



Super amazing theme!! thanks a lot ..

I have a problem. The volt options dissapear from the admin sidebar. I logged like admin, but i canĀ“t find the options.

Please can you help me?

Regards :-)

Hello Appsolutwebs,

Thank you for kind words and feedback.

Theme options may not show if your account is non-admin, or you are using some plugin related to security or user roles. You can check this by disabling any newly installed plugin (before which the options were showing).

Kindly also check if the volt/includes/theme_admin_options.php file exists. This is required for showing theme options panel.

If using any caching plugin, kindly check by clearing all cache and modules.


hi there!

its resolved!!

Thanks a lot

Hello – Have enjoyed working with this theme for several years now. Wanted to see if it was possible to change the accordian style of the latest version with the old accordian style from version 2.3/2.4. (with the lighter text and the ”+” symbol on the right) Thanks.

Hello LeadSpark,

Thank you for kind words and feedback. Kindly add these rules inside volt/user.css or child theme’s style.css file:

h5.handle, h5.toggle {
    font-weight: normal;

.handle .ui-icon {
    float: right;
    padding-right: 2px;

.handle .ui-icon:after {
    font-family: Fontawesome;    
    content: "\f196";

.handle.ui-state-active .ui-icon:after {
    content: "\f147";

Next, clear browser caches and check the accordion page.


I am trying to mirror the VOLT magazine theme just as it is laid out in the live version and I am struggling with a few things on the main column, not side bar A or B.

How do I install the slider on the left hand side? How do I get the “trending this week” section? How do I do the split category column underneath the “trending this week” section”?


Hello travisrenn,

In order to create Home page like live demo, please check the documentation/index.html file’s section 6. Create Home Page. This covers all information on creating slider, post lists, etc. as shown in Home page. You can find this help manual inside the main download archive.


Hello, SaurabhSharma!

I can’t translate the “Previous” word after a post (you can see it at ). Can’t see it in the .po file via Poedit.

Could you help?

Will you answer?

Hello kcherikov,

My apologies. It seems this message got overlooked while marking all comments as read.

The word “Previous” is translation ready and is available in .po file. It will be required to re scan the .po file in poEdit by navigating to Catalog > Update all sources.

You can change this string directly into single.php file too at line no. 63.


Thank you!

Hi Saurabh

i am trying to use the following code: [slider query_type="tags" tags="tagname1,tagname2" num="2" controlnav="false"]

but it doesn’t work. Am i missing something?

Thanks in advance!

Never mind! I found it… I was stupid enough to have a space (“tagname 1”). So i changed it as: “tagname-1” and worked fine!

No problem, yes it will be required to use all lowercase letters separated by hyphens.


Hi again!

This time i cannot find a solution for this…

Is there a code or something for functions.php to exclude duplicate posts from showing at the same page?

Thanks for your prompt answer.

I have already used the tags for the 5 spaces, but my problem is that when i use Categories for the rest, the name of this category shows in meta tags along with the original category.

Is there a way to exclude specific category ids from showing in meta tags?

Thanks again!

i use this shortcode

[thumb_list cats=”3,5,6,7,9,11,-27” num=”14” offset=”3”]

is there a way to exclude tags inside this shortcode?

Hello thecrypt13,

Category names can be excluded from the post meta using some customized code and filters. For that kindly send me a mail at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you the code.



egyzzz Purchased

Hello, please help me. How to remove sidebar from this page?

Actually this is BuddyPress Forum Root.

Hello egyzzz,

Kindly add this rule inside child theme’s style.css file:

.bbpress .sidebar1 { display: none; }
.bbpress .content { width: 98%; }
#bbpress-forums { width: 100%; }



egyzzz Purchased

Thank you :)

Hi! I’m interested in your theme. Some pre-buy questions:

1) Do you have a demo account to see the backend (or screenshots of theme options, at least)? 2) Do you have examples of image with “captions”? 3) Any plan to color option for title widget background (or it already exists)? 4) Does the theme work with (or accept) Visual Composer?



Thank you for browsing the theme:

1. Demo account is not available, but you can see screen shots on this page by clicking on the “Screenshots” button.

2. Kindly check this page for caption example. Caption can be styled further in CSS if required.

3. Widget title colors and background can be changed using CSS. I can help with that.

4. Visual Composer is supported in theme. If there is any style conflict with any element of Visual Composer, that can be fixed.


Thank you for your kind reply!


ibzgoba Purchased

Hi Saurabh,

If I use my banner 728×90 in the header bar, then breaks down navigation menu: If the embed code of any advertising system, their banner can sometimes not be displayed. While Adsense is always visible. All this is happening even if I do not use user.css. Could you help me?


ibzgoba Purchased

I do not know why, but in “header_widget_area” banners link duplicated:


ibzgoba Purchased

I’m sorry, Saurabh. All Ok! It was my fault.

No problem. :)



BroArdy Purchased

hello suarabh, how r you?

I wanna know, how is the logic for popular post widget in volt theme? is it possible to drive it by people shared on social media? and how to do that?

Best regards, Fajrul

Hello Fajrul,

Popular posts are based on “most commented” criteria. For post based on most number of social shares, there was an old plugin : You can check if this works as intended.


Is it possible to represent with one or two sidebars individual Posts optional? So just two or three times with columns? In demo all posts have 3 columns!

Hello again,

Sidebar layout can be chosen for pages, not posts. However, we can hide sidebars using CSS on selective posts if required. If you have a particular post you can send me the link, and the required sidebar on it.


That’s what I thought! That’s not so good, especially for contributions to easily select the sidebar column for me would have been important! Since it may be different for each post, it would be too cumbersome by CSS!


A built in option will require some major modifications including addition of post options and managing those options for showing or hiding sidebars. I will give it a try in next updates.


Hey Saurabh, been using the theme for 3 years now and always been spot on :)

Recently updates have broken some features; Sliders Shortcodes – accordions etc

Ccould you advise please?

Thanks, Andy

Hello Andy,

There are some issues with JavaScript on your site:

1. A custom jquery library is being loaded (not the one from WordPress installation). Kindly check if any plugin is being used for adding jquery or jquery updater. That shall be disabled.

2. The theme’s required JS files like FlexSlider and other custom JS files are not loaded in footer. Make sure the theme is updated properly, including functions.php file.

3. As of latest updates, all shortcodes and plugins were moved in a separate plugin called Volt Shortcodes. Make sure this plugin is installed and activated. Upon theme update you shall receive a plugin installation prompt. If not, you can manually install this plugin by browsing it from volt/plugins/



I did have jQuery updater installed, which I have disabled. The theme was fully updated to 3.5 a week or two ago – is this the latest version? Volt shortcakes are already activated.

The issue still remains I’m afraid. Do you want access to admin to assist?

Thanks, Andy

Hello Andy,

Yes send me your site URL and login at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check it.



catoha Purchased


I’ve updated from version 2.4 to 3.5. I’ve activated the Volt Shortcode plugin. However, under the meny apperance; the “Volt Options” are no longer there. How can I get it back?

I’ve tried; - Uninstalling and installing the pluging (delete and copy the files again, and I’ve tried activating another theme and then volt again) - Deactivated all plugins to see if any was in conflict with Volt.

None of these helped. Please assist.

Purchase code: c14125bf-7220-4107-a768-21c93c6c9a88


catoha Purchased

Thanks for getting back to me.

file permissions was at 755 (so should still work). I’ve set it to 644. The line exists in functions.php.

Looks like you will have to take a look. I’ll send you login info.


catoha Purchased

Hi again.

Did you get my email?


Hello Cato,

Apologies for the delayed response. Yes I got the main and fixed the issue. It was due to define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true ); inside wp-config.php file. Kindly check your email for more details.



catoha Purchased


Hello everyone,

Due to sudden demise of one of my family members, I would not be able to respond until 25th of this month. I will get back to all support request as soon as I am able to. Thank you for understanding.

Regards, Saurabh Sharma

Dear Saurabh,

How can I change the font-size in the content of post.

Hello franzpc,

Kindly add these rules inside user.css file:

.single .entry { font-size: 14px; }

Or you can target specific elements like:

.single .entry p,
.single .entry ul,
.single .entry ol { font-size: 14px; }