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Hi there! Great landing page! I do not seem to be able to find the text of the confirmation message after sending a mail: “Your form has been submitted successfully. We’ll respond to your message within 24 hours. Please call 123.456.789 for any urgent queries. Thank You!

I want to change the phone number and a few things. Can you help?

Ah cool! thanks a lot for the prompt answer. I have a slight issue where the logo does not display at all at the moment… that’s all.

Please give me link to check :)

Also, how do I change the background of the sections? I removed a few sections, like the newsletter one, etc… and I want to add some grey or white background but cannot. Thanks.

Each section has unique ID, so you can add background through css. As to make colors easily editable, I used jQuery so you may have to add ’!important’ to your updated css while writing background-color. Can you give me link as well as let me know which section bg you want to change? Please email me through my profile page :)

I just purchased your Theme Voyage Tourism Responsive Landing Page, any chance you have this as a full blown Wordpress Theme? Whats the link?

Thank you for the purchase :) yes I am working on WP but I am not sure when it will be ready for sale.

I purchased it as a WP theme. it’s of no use to me. Can you please suggest a way out.


Hey tryambak, there is a big heading before description starts “Voyage is a HTML Template not WordPress Theme”. If you haven’t downloaded the template yet then you may ask for refund to Envato support here

WP Theme ASAP! Thanks

Work in progress :)

Hi! Can you tell me how to remove the animation from all sections of the page except the sliders?


Thank you heathermcinnc for the purchase :)
Open index.html and remove/comment this script at bottom: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/cbpScroller.js”></script>


admo Purchased

Very clean theme, saptarang. Well done.

Heads up: you’ve got a copy/paste error on line 30 of contact.php

It should read:

} else {$comment = ‘No comment entered’;}

instead of:

} else {$phone = ‘No phone entered’;}


Thank you admo for the purchase and letting me know :)

Hello and thanks for great themplate! I made a wordpress theme from it just for myself. I have only one problem: on IPads “Tour Inclusions” sections (flip-flaps) do not work: they open and immedately close again. Seems like toucheffects.js does not work in this case. Here is my site for testing: Many thanks for your help!

Hi katyatina1
I checked on iPad, it works but it open, close and open again. I am not sure but try this:

or may be try disabling toucheffect.js

By buying deliver the html code to climb as an entry or page in wordpress ???

I dint get what exactly you want to ask

By buying deliver the html code to climb as an entry or page in wordpress ???