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First I’d like to say that your work on the design and coding of this admin panel is wonderful. You’ve done a great job! I bought this a while back and have built an entire management system for my hosting company around it and I love it!

My question is about cookies… I use cookies to manage my user logins under a system I use in other control panels as well. It’s designed to keep the user logged in for up to 30 days, but for some reason, the cookies disappear after a few hours. I’ve thoroughly tested the problem and found the issue NOT to be related to the scripting or server, but to something third-party, most likely in your admin panel cookie management. I noticed you include a file called jquery.cookie.js into each page. Can you please let me know what cookies this admin panel manages so I can fix this problem?

having some issues with the elFinder connector, can you provide a little help on this?

Eu tenho um site com 2 formularios. ” gravity Forms ” Formulario 1 = http://meucondominiolegal.com.br/123/pagina-de-cadastro/ Formulario 2 = http://meucondominiolegal.com.br/123/lancamentos-de-creditos/

Você dá suporte para instalação e configuração ? Pois no Formulario 1 = tenho 4 possibilidades de usuarios Para cada usuario uma pagina administrativa de “assinante ” Com uma Tabela propria.

Eu posso alimentar a tabela com qual arquivo ? csv , xml, ....

Obrigado Edson

Hi, Thank you for a beautiful admin theme!

But I am having trouble with Chrome, specifically on the datepicker. It is using 2 datepicker. one i believe is the jqueryUI when cliking the left date and another picker on the right part of the input box. I uploaded a screenshot to show what I am referring to.

Please help me remove that dropdown datepicker on the right part of the input box. Looking forward on your quick reply! Thank you!


it’s a Chrome built in date picker. Try changing “type=date” into “type=text”


Or you can remove the little arrow used to trigger the date picker with the following style:

input::-webkit-calendar-picker-indicator { display: none; }

Hi, I am new to the themes here on TF. I like the vPanel template very much and would love to get it, but I have a question first… the specs are somewhat ambiguous, on this. Does vPanel require PHP on the server side or is it pure HTML/JS/CSS? I plan to run ASP.NET on the server. And, if there are two different versions of vPanel, one for PHP and one pure HTML/JS/CSS, are there any functional and/or visual differences?

When I click on the Live Preview button I’m brought to the developer’s website instead of a demo. Is this admin template still offered or should it be removed from ThemeForest?

Hi there.

This template is ready for ZF2?

Thank you very much.