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Es perfecto! Éxito!

Gracias mi amigo!

Thank you louiejie.

Newer! Tha’s good concept! :)

I desire to use for 3 business, if you can to make some more quickly, I’ll to buy 3 licenses.

Hi guys any newsabout the wordpress version?

Hi, we are in the middle of the development, it should be ready by the end of the month.

Wow awesome! can we expect Wordpress version of this? :O

Thank you. Yes of course, keep in touch.

Congratulations sir, well done !

Thanks Sisca. (._.)

Really nice!!

Thanks Big Elmo! :)

Search engine working or need something extra?

Yes. The search engine is not working yet, but it will be added shortly!

congrats bro and you have done good works… and i would like to follow you for new in the future… :)

Thanks mate.

I have problems with the color change still need the black template instructions but does not work thanks

Please, write to our support email: wballs.support@proteusthemes.com


I’m willing to buy this template if it can have a Wordpress Version. With many features (Forms, tabs, sliders, ...)

Your work is great

Hi, please follow us for news. Thanks your nice comment.


Great site but it does not display correctly in IE8 running XP.

Thank you, we always fix the bugs as soon as we can. Please rate the item in Downloads if you didn’t already ;)

Thanks your rate and feedback again!.

Sorry. I had to adjust my rating. I love the design of the site but unfortunately key elements of the site do not work IE8 as I had thought. Fast and effective support however.

Hello, This looks quite nice, but I can only see one header style. That’s okay if you happen to have a logo that fits the space nicely and if you want the apparently obligatory social litter and phone number on the right… if not..

Any chance of alternative header styles? One without the social litter and pointless search box, perhaps? And maybe some additional html pages with basic layouts for people to quickly adapt..

Also, there needs to be extra page/content separation. I know I can do it myself, but once you’ve looked at a few pages, everything starts to blend together – there’s not enough contrast between the menu and other page sections. Maybe a ‘higher contrast’ theme option?

Nice layout anyway. It almost fits a project I’m playing with so will be interested to see how it is developed.


The social icons and the search in the navbar are absolutely not necessary. Here I took the screenshot with the icons and search removed, everything still working smoothly, there are not any JS error triggering or anything: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0b61l9vk24 http://awesomescreenshot.com/0021l9vo94

For the “higher contrast”: it is easy to change the main color theme to any color if you install the Compass and SASS. Please take a look at the video on the item description. If the question is the light gray color for navbar, this can be changed in one line in CSS.

Thank you!

Great Design

Thank you. :)

Know why i’m having trouble running this through jekyll site complier?

Sorry, but we are not familiar with jekyll site complier.

Very nice design. Can we expect Drupal version?

Maybe yes. :)

hi i need to know if I can incio slider cocolar the pictures in large size I mean an image from side to side if this size is not a css or js thanks

Hello, can you please write on support wballs.support@proteusthemes.com and describe your problem in more detail.

I just sent the email I expect an answer thanks

will this template release in wordpress?

Yes, please follow us.

Where I change the width for boxed view in purchased files?

Do you have a wordpress version ?

Hi, please follow us, coming soon…

I bought this template recently but I DON’T RECOMMEND BUY ON THIS PRODUCT! Images are not included as shown in the live preview. All images are paid ones. If you are new to theme forest please stay away. I lost my money and trust.


We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we use the images for preview which are protected by licenses of the authors, so we cannot include them (resell). Almost all the themes does not come with the images used in the demo page.