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is this a template ??


Yes indeed, we really mean it. It is HTML5 template with some variants inside the pack.

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hello :) all fonts folders are empty is it normal ?


Hi, we are not permitted to distribute the font files with the pack. It is mentioned on the theme info page as well as documentation. You can see the links for the fonts, it is mentioned on themeforest page for the template, just get font-face kits of those fonts (these fonts are free forever), copy the files to fonts directory. please see this PDF guide for a help http://www.designova.net/themes/font-help.pdf

Just some comments :)

—> I bought and customized it. —> design and functions are good (even I modified it a little bit) —> However I want to notice that the css use too much useless tags, made it much more heavy… even it’s not super important for a landing page.

Before to notice, I ll check your support.

I don’t receive any email after using the subscribe form :)

of course I followed your doc and of course I modified sendemail.php

Could you have a look at here: http://www.purebangkokparty.com/


Hi, thanks for your message. Our developers will look into your case and we will fix it. Seems like it will be some PHP version problems as we had experienced it in some of our scripts. We will try our level best to fix it. Please give some time to sort it up here.

Ok thanks!


Hi fbenghomari ,

Kindly download the PHP update to fix the email issue. This is the link http://www.designova.net/themes/updates/20092012Waow-phpfix.zip .

Ok just modified will check it tomorrow. Thanks for reactivity, I appreciate!


Pleasure :) Please rate the template if you love our work.

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Very nice design, like it so much and bought it a few days ago. Only I think you should include fonts, almost one, because we spend so many time re-configuring all css, fonts and html to do ir work more or less like on your demo. I think we may see the web like your demo when install it, isn’t it? I hope you re-up all pack, like in the demo ;) Thanks!


Hi, Thanks for your message :) we will surely re-pack it with fonts and upload for user’s convenience. Anyway please find the update we had already released – the fonts pack:

Fonts Pack is now available for Download (23 oct 2012):

Please Download it Here. Extract the ZIP , copy all files, paste in the local FONTS folder in the theme directory.
upango Purchased

That’s a great notice… another ting, I can’t configure the mail inscription, I supose we have to modify some code on php files, isn’t it? I can’t find it in the documentation files… I did what you say about sendemail.php but it doesn’t work yet. Waitting your answer. Thanks again!

PD: you can see the landing page working at www.energyzate.com


Hi, thanks for your response. Glad to see your live site. We hope we can fix the issues, please send us the whole project pack as a ZIP via email to: info@designova.net .We will revert within a day or two as our developers are on schedule.

Holiday Notification:

We are setting up our new office and our developers will not be available for next 3 days. We will surely process your support requests on next working day, that is 8th November. Thanks for understanding. Please be in our circle. See you soon.

:) We are back on track after holidays

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I get the error

Error: Class ‘Mail_mime’ not found in /home/co…sendemail.php on line 32

when sending a email (subscribe button)


Hi, You have missed a previous update hooked via themeforest page (please see), anyway please download it here

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Is there documentation for setting up the twitter section?

Any tips on getting the countdown to work?


Hope you have checked the documentation. You just need to add the date of release in script file.

problems with send mail :(


plz help


Email your issue to wordpress@designova.net. Our developers will assist you once they are back after the weekend. Do not forget to mention the theme name and purchase code

Twitter feed is not working and the “Subscribe” button is cut off, can’t see the letter E


We will look in to that matter soon. If you need support email with purchase code data to wordpress@designova.net

The whole point of this beautiful template is having the subscription form properly working and it’s not doing so. “Error: Class ‘Mail_mime’ not found in /home/co…sendemail.php on line 32” Obviously there is no Mail_mime.php file in your pack.

Please, provide a proper answer/solution right here regarding this issue!!! Thanks.


Thanks Ron. Please check your mailbox. I´ve just sent an email to the address you provided above.


Hey there. Hi Ron!!

I can’t thank you just enough for your great & kind help support mate. The subscription form is now working fine as expected!! :)

Yep, we knew & saw before that Twitter recently changed their API app and creation procedure policy. So we’ll look into that too to get this also working asap and then will come back here reporting.

Thank you again.



:) great pleasure.