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Hi, since this is a template issue I guess it is more appropriate to discuss it in this section.

In cart rule, when a percentage discount voucher is given, say 10% off, the percentage would change as a customer switches to another currency. The percentage is presented according to the exchange rate of the currency. This is seen only in my voucher tab in the customer’s own account page but accurate in the final invoice. According to Prestashop, they have remedied n their own templates in v., but I have no time to check.

In product combination pricing, when a discount is given to a product, the percentage is accurate only for the default combination but not for the others. A dollar amount is deducted basing on the same dollar discounted for the default combination. Again this is display error only, and this one on the product page. In the final invoice, it is correct. PS says their template in has corrected this, but I have not checked.

Both display errors are in the relevant Warehouse templates.

please contact by mail send your access data to ftp and backoffice and upload explanation screenshot to

I never before had such report, and theme do not modify any voucher/discout behavuor in compare to default theme of prestasop, so if there is issue it comes directluy from ps.

Also latest theme version contains all fixes from ps


flyhead Purchased

That has always been an issue since PS 1.6. It happened to other PS users. I did email you in support many months ago and never had a solution from you. You said similar things at that time. Perhaps you should more carefully check the issue yourself. I shall seek solutions elsewhere as before. I stated it here in comments simply because I think loose bits such as this should not exist for an otherwise good value theme as yours.

I do not remember such report, you can contact by form

but in fact it looks like prestashop issue not of theme, and I’‘m not able to fix ps issues with theme. anyway i had not reports from other customers aobut issue like this

btw your support is expired

Does the template allows modules of infinite scroll?

when lazy load is on, page is loaded without waiting for product images, so for example when you scroll, it load images instant which is faster, same for rollover in latest version

the most popular plugin for infinit scroll from addons works fine with warehouse theme, with switch off lazy load, if you need lazy load then please extend your support becouse it expired and contact by form

Thank you for your reply. Sorry but I do not understand. Why you said if I need lazy load must renew support. I will renew in some time. But for the moment I will only need to know if this module “infinite scroll” is supported by theme.

Swith lazy load off is enough for new module works or do I need some code modifications?

Thank you

Infinitescroll works with theme, but only when lazy load is switched off. if you want to implement leazuy load with infinite scroll there is custom modification needed in theme which in fact is normally not part of support. There is policy of 6month support here on themeforest so if you want me to help you with more time consuming feature you need to extend support

hi on theme number 6 i got a white bar above the logo and menu while in your demo all is transparent how to make that bar transparent ? thanks

contaced by mail

Le meilleur template pour un site d’e-commerce complètement customisable. Je vous le recommande. merci,


jefathey Purchased

i just installed this theme but in LATEST NEWS FROM IQIT-COMMERCE.COM nothing its empty ?

just go to you will be able to download styles


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Webcangoo Purchased

Hi i need to have category page as “homepage”, how to do that? i have just try to edit code in indexcontroller.php but sorting button product dont work (url do /#) Thanks


it is not related to theme, it is custom modification of prestashop core

  1. is becouse of layered navigation, you may try to remove code to allow blocklayed load own files on homepage
if (Tools::getValue('id_category', Tools::getValue('id_category_layered', Configuration::get('PS_HOME_CATEGORY'))) == Configuration::get('PS_HOME_CATEGORY'))

from modules/blocklayered_mod.php in hookHeader function


vistoh Purchased

Module IqitContentCreator is not in cache? I am using CDN and all images (products, categories,etc), CSS and JS are been used well by the CDN server, even images used with module “Simple Lightweight Slideshow” are used by CDN server. But images used with “IqitContentCreator – Unique homepage generator” with de Banner option, are not changing automatically their url to the CDN domain.

Maybe it will be something to improve in a next version

i will check that, anyway you hive absolute path in iqitcontencreator so you can give absolute path to your cdn server for banners instead to your site


mariusvdm Purchased

Hi, Are you doing bespoke development? I have a requirement which will fit well in with your theme, but is not currently part if it. Would you be interested in bespoke development?


sabacom Purchased

Hi all, since i Updated to last version I Have problem with mails, the short codes {emailconf_contact}{emailconf_about}{emailconf_facebook} {emailconf_twitter} {emailconf_vimeo} {emailconf_youtube} {emailconf_pinterest} {emailconf_google} {emailconf_instagram} {emailconf_tumblr} dont work in mails.

Then i have reinstalled responsivemails module, but then dont send mails, in debug mode show me this error: Strict Standards: Declaration of Mail::Send() should be compatible with MailCore::Send($id_lang, $template, $subject, $template_vars, $to, $to_name = NULL, $from = NULL, $from_name = NULL, $file_attachment = NULL, $mode_smtp = NULL, $template_path = PS_MAIL_DIR, $die = false, $id_shop = NULL, $bcc = NULL, $reply_to = NULL) in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 274

Fatal error: Class ‘Swift_RecipientList’ not found in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 69

Anyone knows? Ty


sabacom Purchased

I have to remove /httpdocs/override/classes/Mail.php and it work again, but the same error in mails with short codes

responsivemails module editor is not part of template since 3.2 relase and it is not supported anymore

anyway you can contact by mail and i will send you mail.php which works fine with altest

You should not use responsivemails with ps 1.6 ;)