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is it possible to add Dailymotion to the social network lists of the blocksoaicl_mod?

I’m sorry there is not dailymotion icon in fontawesome library, but you can edit css of blocksocial_mod module and put own icon, and put url to dailymotion as url for another social which you not use

Thanks guys…

I’ve just asked Font Awesome to possibly add the icon to the set… If/when they will do, I’ll edit the css :-)


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Is it possible to sort products with the “Display products as tabs on hompage” module?

it is not, but if you update to latest 3.6.2 version, you will use iqitcontentcreator insted tabs module, and in this module you can set own order


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Thank you :-) This module looks fantastic and just what we need


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Hi, the the rollover images on the category pages was working fine for the demo content, but it doesn’t work on our development site with the client products, even when we add several images? Is there a way to turn this effect on/off?


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you can view subcategories? (perhaps with images …)

yes, it is possible to enabled it from themeeditro, you can set how many thumbs per row to show too

Be aware of translation / multilanguage. Just installed the theme and after switching to language there is a lot missing. (seems the theme does not pull even half of default prestashop language pack to translate in ny language). In default bootstrap theme about 95% is translatet right form the language pack but in warehouse theme not even 10%! So I just have wasted 70 dollars and need to look for another theme as I am not gonna work days to translate hundreds of missing language strings…

I think you improted translation wrongly, there is need to change folder name in language package, otherwise it will not work corectly becouse prestashop language package is prepared for default-theme, but it works with warehouse after folder name change. Please contact on e-mail and send me your ftp and backfofice access data and I will take a look

Appreciate your reply. Important for me to be able manage the shop/theme and if I even can`t change languages myself won`t be happy. Hope you underdstand. Please can you post a reply with instuctions or update your instructions link in your first comment and tell how to change and which folder name. So it may still help me and probalby others too as the theme is very popular…

it is writen here “You can use default prestashop translation: Extract downloaded package and change theme name from “default-bootstrap” to “warehouse” and then upload it on ftp”. If youhave troubles with that contact on e-mail

I will record tutorial video for that later this week

I need update , but my version 3.2 i can update one time, or i need update first 3.3 3.4 3.5???

contacted by mail


Ik heb net deze theme gekocht maar ik zie geen theme onder theme.

Ik heb volgende instructie gevolgd.



I have just tried to upload the theme zip but it doesn’t show in my theme section.

please help.


solved by mail

Hi, i update prestashop and theme for last version , but HOW I USE TEXT BANNER ??? I need this so beautiful and simple , i put enable, but no can see

maybe you unhooked module from it hooks, please reinstall it

The following module(s) were not upgraded successfully:

Text banner hompage module :
    No upgrade has been applied
    To prevent any problem, this module has been turned off

I try reinstall ,but i see this

please contact on mail and send your ftp and backoffice access data


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Can iqitcontentcreator module use for prestashop

no only ps 1.6.1+


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hi, In style 13, can you position the category filters vertically, or only horizontally? thanks

yes, you can, you just need to enabled left column on category page


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Front editor in IqitContentCreator doesn’t work in my redirects to a page that says: controller not found.

please reinstall module, seems something wrong during install, if not help you please contact on e-mail


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Hello.When i enabled memcached or file system, showing the same products in all categories.I report it my hosting service.They report it prestashop and i am still waiting for solution.May be its because theme.can you check that ?

It is not theme related for shure


kullraith Purchased

Any option to change the size of Subcategory Images in the subcategories list (not in product list pages)

yes if you are using latest theme version, you can set subcategories per row in themeeditor > category. you can also change image size for category_thumbs in preferences > images

pls help! how to remove Left column and fix this page. thanks

you can enable/disable columns this way


I have a questions,

Create a vertical menu and see this form,but extend the 3th menu is not align with menu top….

Please view this photo, i try to explain,it is posible to insert a code for align top all extend menu?

Thank you.

Try with this custom css code

.cbp-hrmenu.cbp-vertical .cbp-hrsub-wrapper{
top: 36px !important;

I try but not work corectly,

II can transmit data admin and try to make it?

Payment for this modification if needed.

pleae contact on e-mail and send me your backoffice acess data


EvilOni Purchased

I have a feature suggestion.

I think it would be a great addition and value add for you to enable the Facebook Tracking pixel code directly into the theme, Should be trivial(ish) as the theme author to do and i’m sure a lot of the owners can benefit from it.

i will check that


EvilOni Purchased

Cool, thanks much, i was looking into it myself but my PHP fu is weak i’m like 90% there but smarty is beyond me


EvilOni Purchased

Adding the tracking pixel is super simple, the code to pull the order value is where i’m stuck.


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Hi Marcinz,

I want to remove the little stroke around product images in grid view in category pages but I can’t.

I could do it for the homepage sliders, but not for category. I want the images to look like in your style 1or in my homepage.

Could you help me please ?

My homepage : My category page :


themeeditor > products list > border


kepass Purchased