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RTDetail Purchased

great theme and the best service after purchase

iurbano Purchased

Hi, When I add articles to the cart and after I quit all of them, I continue watching the lines Shipping and Total. Shipping with free transport and Total with 0,00€. It is normal?. I think that in before versions when I emptied the cart these lines did not appear. (I refer to the cart in right upper corner).

Thank you, Isro


I’m not shure whar you mean, please contact on e-mail

kepass Purchased

Hi Iqit,

I am using Warehouse on my Prestashop I figured out a little issue I am note sure how to find.

My transactionnal and account mails have this problem :

The header looks like this : And the footer looks like this

Could you tell my what I am doing wrong ? Thanks.


you need to install reponsive mails module if nto helps then contact on e-mail

Love this Theme!

I was wondering if the next style could be very similar to this;

Warm Regards, Robin T


thank for support RTL

can you add rtl lang like “persian” or “arabic” in all of your live demo to see and choose it?!


rtp support all styles


i know but i want to see in your live demo

intuerie Purchased

Good morning,

Sorry for the insistence, but it is urgent.

I bought the template, but not the “old money” strikethrough appears. If you add to cart, if it appears.

Please, I need help. It is a matter of face imporntante rebates.

That I can do ??

I look forward


contacted by mail

Hi, Is it possible to add product in cart without leaving the page? if is it possible please share. Thanks.

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When someone contact me via contact form, I get this in the body of the message: “Hi {firstname} {lastname}”, how can I change it please ?