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Hi, can you please go through our website, if possible. Getting errors after updating to from Backend running perfectly, whereas front end is giving some errors, hence website is down. Please HELP.

contacted by mail. theme works fine with ps 1.6.1 issue caused by updated process


fpopiku Purchased

Hello, I have done a tone of modifications to your theme, and modules, is there an easy way to move them to a new instalation ? thx for your support

Please contact on e-mail and describe more specific becouse I’m not 100% shure what you mean


1stbuy Purchased

The theme is quite functional and recommended to everyone who is using Prestahsop platform for their ecommerce website.The technical team is quite supportive regarding any functionality of the theme.


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reposted bellow with correct format

contacted by mail


stickitgr Purchased

Re-posting with correct format

Hi Marcel! At an earlier version the attribute value (buttons, not list ) was next to attribute name .
e.g , Size: o S o M o L
Now the attribute value is under attribute name e.g

o S

o M

o L

Is there a way to fix it , or you can add a setting option at BO?

Even better , can the attribute values be in a raw , and if the row it is not wide enough to fit them all , to continue at next row?

eg Size: o S ? M o L o XL o XXL o? M

            o XSM o XXXL o etc

(The goal is to save some space for products with big short description, lot of attributes and long attributes names … Now, the add to cart button is far down :( )

Thanks a lot


contacted by mail


I want to upgrade to prestashop Is it a good idea to do it now (100% compatibility?), or is it better to wait for an update of the theme? If so, are you actually working on it ?


1. if you start you can install 1.6.1, if you alredy have warehouse theme then keep and wait for official update


EMSWT Purchased

Hi, When will you release the update?

Thank you

This week is still possible but not 100% shure. Next week is 100% realase week!


EMSWT Purchased

Thank you :)


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Module: Advanced EU Compliance – It seems that your current theme is not compatible with this module, some mandatory templates are missing. You will not be able to use all the available options.


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hello, it is possible to show on home page in the left or right side categories with subcategories or any other modules ?


yes, check this and then you have to use blockcategories module or vertical menu option in iqitmegamenu module


shah34 Purchased

Hi I cannot install warehouse theme. Is there other way to install it.


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I’m wondering if you are planning to add a good sing-up/sing-in option (with modal window option will be great), with captcha, e-mail verification, etc.

I can’t believe that prestashop doesn’t have this basic security feature

Thank you in advance! Daniel

I’m sorry there is no such plans becouse for that are needed modification directly in ps core files


leinto87 Purchased

when will be available the next version ?

This week is still possible but not 100% shure. Next week is 100% realase week!


exmx Purchased

Hi, I just downloaded it and try to install . i mported the ZIP .. the system load until 100% but after i m always on the page to load the template and it seems that the template is not install… ? Is there another way ?


kundan1947 Purchased


I try to upload theme on my localhost and shows error “bad configuration file”, and when I try this on online it shows nothing just refresh, please help me. Thanks with regards,


kundan1947 Purchased

same issue is same as exmx above

Products rows are not complete when product with no picture occurs. Trying to rebuild the default-home pictures with 212×248px and rezise the default-home picture to have the same size but some rows are not filled completely in the middle. And some crazy layout with one column occurs when rezising the window. Can you help please

Is there any compatibility issue with Prestashop


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Great theme

Hi, i made a lot of changes from you’r template and i wonder how can i update warehouse template without affecting my current modifications? Thanks.

hello it-commerce,

I have two questions:

  1. is it possibile to have the vertical category menu sticky?
  2. and how about a horizontal sticky menu in mobile view?