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Hi, I need the information. In the “Module Size guide chart” How can I combine multiple categories to display the product list? The products may have a size like s, m, l, etc., or 40, 42, 44, etc. Without this feature only part of products will have visible sizes.

update to latest theme version, in latest theme 3.6.2 version you can select multiple attributes which are showed as avaiable sizes


vdidion Purchased

Hello ! i buy the theme for the style number 15 with left side menu. I would like to remove my footer only on the home page but don’t i don’t know how i can do it. Can you help me ? thanks

contacted by mail

hello problem with test order (using paypal sandbox) i’m italian but create an USA customer accoutn to test form ABROAD the problem is that i receive in that account emails in italian and in english rando (the email confirming the order or to track…) I’ve checked the emails and have the correct translations and i do not know why an USA customer receive different translations (perhaps it recognise the IP address in Italy where i tested all the process )? thanks in advance GREAT MARCIN Another thing I see the title of the emails: e.g. title in italian but text in english or vice versa title in english and text in italian :(

contacted by mail, not theme related


in the left colum I have the categories list.

I saw that during mouse hover on categories, the category’s description is shown because it is automatically inserted into the “title” tag.

Is it possible to remove this feature, please?

Infact it can generate duplicate contents over pages and it should be avoided.

Is there an option to disable this behaviour, or should I edit the category template, please?


blockcategories is default module from prestashop not from iqit-commerce, so only way is to remove it from tpl file

Thanks for reply!

Where can i edit the size of awesome font – sizeguide – to enlarge it and change the color…. already go to front.css but cant find a way. need the icon more larger.. ty

You do it wrong just add custom css in themeeditor

  color: red !important;
    font-size: 18px !important;

Does the revslider current version supports youtube videos? I’ve read that youtube changed the api. Thanks

if needed contact on mail and i will send you latest revolution slider version


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Hi, how to change the word “Navigation” in the top of vertical Mega Menu? Thanks

When is new update coming?

Later this year, I had recently some heatlh problems but I had surgery yesterday and I’m back to work normal work now

Dear I installed the latest version of “Warehouse” but:  - Do not you see the product page   – Only in the home I left column on other pages not, why? I thank you in advance

I disabled “Products ratings on product page” and now I see the product page without column. Why “Products ratings on product page” does not work?

it is on faq if you have not productcommnets instaleld you have to disabled that module, or install productcomments module becouse they are related


I have another question: where can I translate Products element from IqitContentCreator, especialy labels “Reduced Price!” and “New”? I have tried in Translations (modules and Frontpage) but it is still in english.

Hi, is it possible to have collapsibles/accordion on the productpage instead of ‘normal’ tabs ?


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Hi Marcin, is the current Warehouse version still compatible with no issues on the latest Thanks


denkisa Purchased

Never mind just upgraded to and all works like a charm with the current Warehouse version. Thanks


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Hello Marcin. I spent days trying to make work the BLOG for Prestashop. It has erratic behavior such as: 1-Won’t show the products for some categories in IQITCONTENTCREATOR. 2-error 404 when click on any categories under blog 3- blank product page unless I deactivate the module Blog for PrestaShop – Related Posts v1.1.1 May I request to provide the latest version 1.5. Now I am using the one provided in warehouse 3.6.2 which is 1.4.0 from june. Thank you.

Hi, i have 3.1 version installed, how i can update it to latest version?

In folder you have items for update for 3.2 in advance, but not from 3.1