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akelys Purchased

I’m really glad I bought this professional theme. I had an issue and the support is great, they are quick and solved the problem for me.

Wish you luck guys!

Khelios Purchased

hi, i have install warehouse for a project client i have follow the documentation but i can’t view the flexslider images (stay loading state) on console i have a error : “Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘flexslider’ “

and i can’t install “plugin adder” module “Unable to install overload:” can you help me please?

This theme is the best that i’ve purchased so far, and marcin is extremely helpful with my queries. I’ll definitely recommend this theme and look forward to purchasing other themes from this company.

Thank you for your help marcin!

I just wish Prestashop was able to do a BLOG ! with Share buttons..

Marc2i Purchased

Very good theme and very good support!

Thank you very much!

soo5 Purchased

is it possible multi-shop with this theme,and how?


It is possible as with default theme, but there is some issues with theme editor so right now you have to have two shops styled the same way, it will be fixed soon

Great theme, great support, all is very good !

Thank you Marcin

andral Purchased

If I have Prestashop 1.5.2 installed, can I upgrade to the last theme 1.6.1 update?


yes but it is recommanded to have

Preview isn’t working on my end….not sure why.


You mean theme preview? there was probably some hosting issue

KarlB00 Purchased

Hi Marcin,

Im trying to disable the Tax in the Checkout but dont seem to be able to. I want the back office to make the correct calculations with tax for my benefit but dont need the customer to see it, just the total price as none of my competitors show it to the customer.

I thought that you could use the ‘Display Tax in Cart’ option in Localization – Taxes to turn it off, but it doesnt seem to do anything. I can turn it off completely but that doesnt help me.

Any thoughts?


eviscar Purchased

Hi great theme ! Thank you.

I wonder if it is possible to make a tab on the home page with “Featured Products” and “New products”.

Can you help me ? Thanks in advance !


It is only possible after custom modifications

KuB00 Purchased

Hi Marcin,

which is the logo dimension ?

by the way… great theme ;-)


i’m not soru about what logo dimension you asking

Hello Marcin, does the theme support product ratings? Viktor

HaMoo Purchased

Hi, sorry for my English.

I will set “Registration process type” to “Only Account Creation” and set “Phone number” to “yes” (customer will have to provide at least one phone number to register.)

In front of authentication page. When customer need to register. That form not showing “Phone number” box. And if continued to register then show error “must least one phone number”.


This is a prestashop bug, i read that is already fixed in developer version so it will be fixed with next version of prestashop

andral Purchased

Thanks Marcin for your support with my category issue. I know I can reky on you if I need help. Great and fast support Thanks again! :)

lukach Purchased

If I open Translation of installed moduls and Warehouse theme, there is “blockcart” and “blockcart – Kopia” there – is this OK? Updated from 1.5 -> 1.6.1, following Update instructions 1_6.


I seems i do not remove my backup file :) , it is nothing to worry about

mdsoft Purchased

hello, installing you warehouse, have i to delete all preinstalled module?


No you do not have to

Hi, I’ve purchased these theme, but I have 4 problem. I will send you email. please fix my issue.

Sorry for my English.


Contacted by e-mail

ecoprest Purchased

Hello, Is it possible to put 2 blocks homepageadvertise in the home page to change the graphics ? Example: 3 pictures per line and below 2 pictures per line? Thanks ….great theme .


i’m sended you e-mail with cloned module

Hi ecoprest, I just did this exact thing by creating a duplicate module. Make a copy of the homepageadvertise folder then rename everything in the various files that says homepageadvertise with homepageadvertise2 or whatever you want to call it including the folder and filenames then upload it via ftp into Modules. It works great.