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Hi marcinsz101,

I need your help, i have sent you email some days ago but never asnwered. i have error with autocomplete form in responsive mode.

NOTE: you just answered it. thanks

you just answere it. thx

Hi, I like your prestashop theme, but before buying it I need to know one thig. I already have an online shop (tienda.faberplast.net), and I need to know if this theme would accept a vertical menu in the home page, because, as you can see, I have 17 categories and I canĀ“t put them in groups. Maybe you can give me advice :) Thanks



Yes in theme editor you can switch on left column, and then just put block categories module on left column


Forget it. I faund where is it. 10x


This theme is superb for me, clean design and responsive features. Though, it’s all new stuff for me so I have to know some things about it:

1) Header\Logo. Would I be able to put the logo of the site and not the text via menu\preferences without code editing or stuff like that? Like an appropriately sized png?

4) Also is it possible to lock the header and filter so they won’t move when scrolling down?

5) What preferences the filter has? Is it easy ajustable?

6) Can I change background via preferences?

7) Would I be able to get some help\advises in case some third party module will break some visuals? I plan to use Loginza add-on and intergrate YouTube clips

Thank you in advance)

P.S. Sorry if someone asked this stuff before) Best regards, Georgiy Shevchenko georgiyshevchenko@gmail.com


1. Yes you can upload logo by backoffice of prestashop 4. It is not possible by backoffice, only custom modifications can do that 5. It is default prestashop layered navigation, you can assign your own filter templates to categories 6. Yes 7. Yes

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Nice and professional theme, five star support, I recommend this to everyone!

hi my programer bougth me this theme for my website but it was before the update of the theme editor module,,, can i get it????


Yes you can do this, just download from themeforest download section,it is free But you have to be logged with accout which was used to buy theme

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Thank you for your help Marcinz. He was really helpful. definately recommend :)

This theme looks great. I imagine that it is possible to vertically resize the simpleslideshow slides home page in terms of vertical height, or to eliminate it altogether, placing other content there or having the homepageadvertise content appear directly below the menu… correct?



Height of slider depenfs from images which you upload, width you can modify by simple costom code. You can also easly deleta this module by backoffice

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Hi .. How I can disable the root category (Home) in the main menu bar?. I just want to show the rest of top-level categories. Four in total. I tried with “disabled” option to none in “Home” category optnios, but nothing happens. Thks.


You need to go to modules, find top horizontal menu and configure it

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Thks a lot.

This theme is the best fluid theme available on Prestashop. With its theme editor module, you can configure all the essentials to make your shop look like it should. Good support.

Very nice theme, i have a presale question!!! Can i have the products to direct to another websites as part of an affiliate program? Instead of the add to cart button it should say the name of the other website and once clicked to take the customer to the affiliate website. Is it possible? Another question is can i add a blog to the theme?



1. It is not possible by default, maybe there is some third-part module for that, 2. You can do this using third-part module


Very nice work.

I’m interessted by the theme. Please confirm back the following:

1. Is the template fully translated to frensh. Referring to the demo, in the main page “Cart” “Add to Cart” “Featured products” “New” “New Products” are note not translated to frensh.

2. A quickstart zip file is available?

Thank you in advance for your support.


1. Template using default prestashop translations, but some sentences need to be translated, you can do it easly in backoffice, 2. yes quickstart zip is avaiable

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hi No mail notifications No test mail, is it related with theme? my shop has no response(emil) for ordering and customer messages


It is not theme related, you have to check your e-mail sending configuration

Hi i like your theme, and send you a list of questions direct to you but never got an answer – so now i try here and hope you would answer at least the 3 most importan questions I have - can your theme work with more frontends in different languages and different currencies and only one backend (multistore function) as I will sell in different eu contries? - i have a very simple product (coloured contactlinses) and WILL NOT have an account / login – is that possible? - I have free freight and will therefore like to have a one-page-checkout – is that possible? Hope you will answer soon so i know if I should buy or not :-)

best regards Henrik www.ok-linser.dk


Hi it seems i do not received it. 1. Generally it is work, they are some issues, byt they will be fixed with next theme update(very soon, maybe this week) 2. It is not possible to switch off account creation by backoffice of prestashop, but it will be possible to hide it my custom modifications 3. You can use opc


hello again I just send you a email to you via your profile Best regards

One question, before i buy:

does the download file include a Photoshop file with the overall design of the website?


Yes it is include .psd file

Internet explorer is displaying a wrong font (probably times) – except on the home page. Do you know why? Other browsers are fine.

I installed with the 1.6.1 and PrestaShop


Hi it is probably becouse you do not enabled CCC for CSS in Advanced preferences > performance

Actually I fixed it: I placed the Theme Editor Module first instead of last in the header section… or would this create other problems?


Theme editor should be last, you need to enable CCC for CSS and JS in Advanced preferences > performance


ok thanks! your solution works

Hi my friend.

I am interested in buying that your layout: http://themeforest.net/item/warehouse-responsive-html5-prestashop-theme/3178575

But I wonder if you could help me set it in the color of my site, I use the default background color #FFF and color # 333, see here: www.shipstore.com.br

how would you make this layout based on the colors of my official website?

I am very interested in buying this product.

Awaiting you return.



You can manipulate with colors and other things using included themeeditor module

Hello, I am planning to buy this theme, i have few question though. 1. Can I remove the Main Slider from the Main page without affecting the visual appearance of the website ? 2. Can I add more more rows of products, for example after Featured Products, New Products, Sample category 3, Sample category 4 and so on.. 3. Will i be able to use other modules without breaking up the website ? Thanks in advance.


1. yes 2. There are two sliders module created, it is possible to use more but it is need to develop it 3. Yes, but somethimes third-part modules need some modifications for reponsive design