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Hi i have updated visual composer to the last version, then my homepage shortcodes not working anymore, i sayed i m not the only one on this page … and on google Example on google

Exemple on a customer website

Please what i have to do to make it work its urgent,


So we can not update visual composer to have the benefit of new functionnalities ???? Is there an other solution please


Latest version in package, what update you need?


Sorry i did not have this version in my package, thank you very much

Hello Author,

first of all, congratulations for the beautiful theme. I was looking for a map solution to my web site, and Progress Map was definitely the best one. Unfortunately, I was able only to configurate the map in my wordpress dashboard. When the plugin is active, I can’t use properly any of my post views, and the plugin view is not working too (on posts). I thought it could be some incompatibility with others plugins, but I deactivated all of them, and yet, is not working properly. Can you help me figure out a solution for that, because I really like the plugin, and would be sad if I couldn’t use it.

And I was looking for the theme features, and doesn’t look WARWICK have any google map API on it. And all my plugins who had it (i had 2 of them…I was trying before), I desactivated and deleted! After that, I reinstalled the Progress Map, and still getting the erros.

The errors: Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function post.php?post=5369&action=edit:1897

13 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hasClass’ of undefined wp-auth-check.js?ver=4.0:96


“Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function” in the code bellow (between line 1897 and 1898)

- (line 1897) $(‘input#codespacing_search_address’).livequery(‘click’, function(e){

- (line 1898) e.preventDefault();

I tried with the default theme, and it worked! So, I think is a incompatibility with the WARWICK theme. My website is: www.demalaemochila.com.br. Can you help me? Sorry about the bad english! It’s not my native language.

Thanks for your time.




Hello, sorry i don’t support all plugins, if plugins conflict with theme you must disable him! Default Views counter works in single posts on your site. About any questions you can write me on email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com

Oh my god… this is horrible. The version of visual composer included in the package is awful. Work very badly. Is it possible to use the template without this monstruosity?


Just tried it on another Wordpress installation, another server, another everything… no plugins…nothing.. and it’s the same results. Doesn’t work.


Thanks. The latest version works like a charm.

I/m trying to make this work, but it is impossible and very frustrating, the Visual Composer won’t work, if I try to click on any option when designing the home page and it will send me to the top of the page and do NOTHING, I have the latest version, if I try to use the FRONTEND composer will just stay there “loading” but nothing happens



Maybe it’s conflict of plugins, try disable all plugins and check!

Also use VC only from package, don’t update this plugin, because this is other plugin!

When we install all the plugins provided with the package… the Add Media won’t work anymore. I’m starting to think that this theme doesn’t worth my time trying making it work. I don’t even want to think about what will happen when I will instal additional plugins… and even worst… the next version of Wordpress..


I give up!



try deactivate all plugins and check, i don’t have any problems with plugins from package )

I purchased your warwick theme and so far I have everything working on it. The only thing that I noticed is that in the “live demo” when you hover over featured pictures or featured video the image have swirl effect. The theme is installed and I can’t seem to get the swirl effect to work.. Does anyone know how to get this swirl action to work? Thanks

Hi. How did you add a custom sidebar on Woocommerce shop page? I tried to add a new sidebar on Widgets page but nothing happens.


Can you write me on email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com

and i send you instructions!

Just purchased the template. I need a photo gallery. Does this template has one? or do i need to get a plug in photo gallery for it?



Gallery with category posts? or custom images?

home shortcodes example here:


custom images you can build with VC Extension plugin, watch examples in Media menu:


ok this is really testing my fuse, how do you remove the disqus from this them, I have comments from random people on my website that I can not get rid of no matter what I do.



i don’t quite understand your question, your comments doesn’t display?

can show your site?

write on email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com


its ok I have sorted it now

- Can I upgrade the wordpress to version 4 without problems ?

- The demo seems to be a bit slow to load . A very heavy site . I disabling some functions can be faster ?

- I will need some customizations . You make services ? Would be few other features




1) Yes

2) Because i installed many plugins, they also include many scripts and styles, you can don’t install all plugins, and site will be faster.

3) Sorry, don’t work freelance)

Having Soome Theme Issues

Have to deactive theme and put on new theme in order to edit home page with visual composer.

Also in post when tring to cick on status plubish to change it from not being publish isn’t working.

Add media button is also not working.

All these things work when another theme is installed and then when we reactive this one the changes do show, but we can not deactivate and reactivate a the theme every time we wanna do a post.

Theme Issues

Have to deactive theme and put on new theme in order to edit home page with visual composer.

Also in post or pages when tring to cick on status plubish to change it from not being publish isn’t working.

Add media button is also not working inside of post or pages.

All these things work when another theme is installed and then when we reactive this one the changes do show, but we can not deactivate and reactivate a the theme every time we wanna do a post. Can you please advise on what to do as this seems to be an issue with the theme it’s self and not any puglins?

Nor can we click on Visual from Text inside of post.



i think it’s can be conflict of plugins, try deactivate all plugins and check again!

can show your site?

write me on email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com

maybe i can login and check it?


OK, Thank you so much, my guy sent you the email.

nizers Purchased

Hi, I need your help. I am trying to load these theme template pages to my website using Warwick theme.

I check the original and the update and I can’t access or find these template pages below. Please help by sending me link or download to use. I have a Wordpress tech designer I hired. Times is very sensitive. Please help, thank you.

Warwick template pages I need:

http://royalwpthemes.com/warwick/homepage-content-4/ http://royalwpthemes.com/warwick/homepage-content-6-2/ http://royalwpthemes.com/warwick/homepage-video-portal/


it’s you sent me on email? page template switch only Home featured slider, home content you should change from Visual Composer!

Hi! Awesome theme! I would like a self-hosted video option instead of the youtube & vimeo options. What would you suggest for embedding self-hosted video on the post pages? Thank you.


Hi, theme support only vimeo or you tube video, but you can hide thumbnail and insert your embed video code in post text

Hi, I’m working on this theme for a friend who purchased it, but something is wrong with carousels in the homepage I’m working on http://www.tgnazionale.it/homepage/ (for now it’s not set as website home, is just a page with “homepage” template). Am I doing something wrong? Why carousels slider don’t display correctly? Thank you in advance


I use warwick from 6 months. Now I upgraded my website to Wordpress 4.1: last versions of warwick and all plugins.

There is a REAL problem: I cannot change/use the Wordpress editor because there are errors with your jquery code:

I supposed they were plugins errors but not also without plugins the same errors occur.


and I can use again the visual composer and switch from visual editor to text editor, use tinymce etc..

Please fix it because it’s urgent for me.

If I can help you, send me an email or reply to this post


Ok I just sent you an email with a test website:

- Last wordpress version - Last warwick version - Last visual composer version

There aren’t other plugin installed. As you can see, the error still occurs :)

Hope my report can help you to fix it :)

I sent to you the FTP and admin access


Problem fixed. For who have my same problems:

open includes/meta-box.php and remove this script:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”’.get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’).’/options/js/jquery-1.8.0.min.js”></script>

Hello. How do I change the font of the homepage?



you can change font for all headings only in General tab

I just updated the visual composer plugin and now im getting not able to add elements or prepend tabs, anyone else having this issue?


Hello, yea seems you have also this problem,

open includes/meta-box.php and remove this script:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”’.get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’).’/options/js/jquery-1.8.0.min.js”></script>

i try to fix it in next update ;)

Does your event feature allow recurring events? Also, can you show how gallery posts look with this theme? I don’t see an image gallery on any of the sample pages.


1) It’s other plugin, i mean what i use on my demo, EventOn ) no, other events plugins i didn’t tested yet.

2) You right i didn’t show it, demo here:


3) I hided wp-admin, you can register and login here:


Thanks for the quick responses.

Last question: Is there an author page for this theme?


Not, there is not author page

Are the events a PLUGIN you are using ?

Is there a way that only ONE event is displayed in detail at the time ? Right now if I click on an event and then on another one, the previous one still stays up.

Please advise.



1) This is EventOn plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/eventon-wordpress-event-calendar-plugin/1211017

2) I think not such option