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The content i insert in post isnt coming up on phones. The media player, download link or the featured picture. what could the problem be? website is www.mixxspace.com


i don’t see any problems with content, seems all is responsive, what you mean? can show on screenshot?

When you click on a post from a phone or tablet the content will not show up in the post page.. Not even the feature picture..

You mean all single posts doesn’t have post thumbnails and text? or absolutely all clear?

Try disable all plugins and check again

When I was notified of the latest update, I downloaded, sent back to the server and installed the new theme updated along with the plugin’s required only. But after such update, gave some conflict because now I can not edit or post anything the site stops responding and does not enter the page for new post or edit post or page. Checks for me www.rapnacional.com.br

I sent you on email

How do I do to show only the categories in filters in Smart Grid? Currently in filter appears categories and also the tags. Tnks

You talk about Home Smart Grid shortcodes or about Portfolio shortcode? example: http://royalwpthemes.com/warwick/portfolio/ In new version Visual Composer (in package) you have new Masonry grid posts shortocde: http://royalwpthemes.com/warwick/blog-posts/

Use instead

In Portfolio, i need to show only the categories in filters and no show tags in filters.

This doesn’t support such variant, as i said you can use new shortcodes which can support filter by categories and much more!

do you have a single.php where i can add custom codes? and style.css i see so many themes without these :(


of course i have single.php file :)

Hi, i have a problem when i update the composer to the last versiĆ³n included in the theme files. I upload to plugins/ and my site don’t work i only see white screen with nothing.

Any solutions?

I delete all my plugins, and update using the package plugins and don’t work. I see white screen all time…

can show your site?

maybe you can send me login details and i try to fix it,

write me on email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com

I prefer using the twitter widget that comes from twitter.com/settings/widgets. However, this code isn’t working on this particular theme. This is very important for my website because I need to show twitter timelines for multiple people and I can’t get API code for all of those people. The twitter widget I have always used allows me to create one and simply embed the timeline for anyone with a twitter account. The code I use for that widget is below…currently when pasted into sidebar nothing comes up on website.

>Tweets by @PMixtapes <script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?’http’:’https’;if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=p+


use Recent Tweets Widget plugin please:


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Hi need remove animation in category o more thumbail see the pic pls.


help me thanks

Hi, i send you instructions, write me on email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com


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This visual composer is very messed up. I have not installed any new plugins above and beyond what this theme came with. I am unable to add links to VC buttons, on the pasts page the buttons turns to text, I cannot move VC items around in the admin panel, etc. How can I fix this??


i think this is conflict of plugins, try deactivate all plugins and check again, plugins which can conflict with VC: Akismet, Jetpack.

if you still have this problem, write me on my email login and pass and i will check it: royalwpthemes@gmail.com

Is it possible to center the menu items on the menu bar? If so, how do I do that? I tried a few things but nothing worked.

In Mega Main Menu settings -> Alignment Of The First Level Items option

Hello, the carousels are enable on the theme setting but nothing appears… Do I have to add something in the articles for them to appear in a carousel?? Please help


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Hi, Comments section is not showing on either pages or post. Please help asap. Thanks.


can show your site? write me on email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com

Yes i know, EventOn plugin disabled, because after plugin activation he is connecting via SSL protocol, and that is destroyed site. I will try to find in what problem

Sorry for that, he is already fixed this bug, i will update theme and all plugins coming soon, all works ;)

I like this theme for buy but I saw just one menu is mega menu. I want all menu must be mega menu. Is It possible this theme?

No, only One area support Mega main menu!

ok but Can you Update All area mega menu?

What areas? why? can show what you mean on screenshot? my email is: royalwpthemes@gmail.com


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Hi not found home post carrusel for home page…

need help thx

Hi, Did you install Visual Composer plugin from package? js_composer.zip

see examples in documentation


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Hello! I would ask your help.

I put in the sidebar , Right Sidebar , a DFP code (Ads system) but it does not work, but when I put out the sidebar, directly on the code, it works. That is, I suppose it has a problem in the widget. The advertising works outside the widget but not within it.

Could you help me, already tested everything, even the plugin Custom Sidebar.

I await your reply

So, i use this. Box widget text. But does not work.. =/

but if I put right into the code, it works!

Other thing, my footer this deconfigured. widgets are on top of one another.

Plz dude help me. I need put my site on :(

Nothing on the site is a look at the other side of the category for example :(

Can show your site? better with login details, write me on royalwpthemes@gmail.com and i’ll check it )

does this have post offset?

How do I place the revolution slider on the homepage like the demo? When I try to do it, it shows up along side the side bar and not in the slider spot. I need help ASAP thank you

Good afternoon. Removing the effects of the featured images and categories on the home page? We want to reduce the maximum use of resources to speed loading. The e-mail answer is paulobraga@folha.com.br thank you

Hello, This is not a javascripts! This is css styles, they doesn’t take loading speed, don’t worry about that ;)

Many thanks for your answers. And what line of css file I can remove?

Open the folder css -> shortcodes.css file and find such code:

.mediaholder img:hover{ -webkit-transform:scale(1.3) rotate(10deg); -moz-transform:scale(1.3) rotate(10deg); -o-transform:scale(1.3 rotate(10deg)); transform:scale(1.3) rotate(10deg); }

Search the same scale effect on hover for all other shortcodes!

In style.css file the same.