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Really beautiful theme!

This is real nice Template… love to see more of your work matt. good job

Finally a Video Theme! Def buying this. Keep it up!

I apologize for my ignorance but how do you add videos on the site? Do you embed code from 3rd party sites or upload .flv into wordpress?

Awesome theme btw! :)

Very excited to see this! Purchasing now.

hey matt this might be what im looking for. if i buy this, do i need anything else to get it working?

if i dont want to link let say facebook, can i hide the icon?


Thanks for the kind words. Glad you guys are liking it!

@rramroop: I assumed most people would be using a video hosting service, but you could definitely use your own content as well. There’s no player bundled with the theme, but adding one wouldn’t be a huge undertaking. This had crossed my mind, but I’m tight on time at the moment and left that feature on the wish list.

@TMW: All of the buttons in the header are conditional, with the exception of the feed icon. So if you don’t enter a URL for them, they don’t show up.

Really like this Matt, infact you have inspired me to make some gaming themes!

Really nice, keep up the good work!

How detailed are the instructions for installing this and actual implementation – please advise

Is really a good idea, I’m trying to discern just how complete this actually is. Keep up the great work.

good theme bookmarked to buy

Respect! I Bookmark you! :-)

WOW ! I love this theme! Great work!

Going to purchase this any moment now!

Hey Matt..Great theme..

I’ll change my movie trailers sites theme soon and i think your theme is great for it..But i’ve a question..

I use movie posters for thumbnails on my home page and they are like 166*250 for now..You can see here: Gösterimde

If i want to change the thumbnail sizes to sth else to fit a poster size(except the hero image) is this broke theme layout ?


I forgot to mention sth else..

The dropdown menus in the header hides behind the videos on single pages..Im using FF 3 .0.11..Is there a solution for it..

And lately about the question i asked above..Its enough if the sub-feature and thumbnail images are fits poster dimensions..Hero and sidekick images fine this way..

Thnx again..

thank you mattbrett

Great work! The ThemeLoft.com Team

Is it possible to post videos from vimeo or youtube too?

yes arturs you can..

Sweet I am feeling it big time!