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Hi Matt, I would like to know if I can embed video and the video play straight from the page without redirect to another page? like the motion picture theme>

I very interested to buy this. thanks.

Not without making some manual changes to the templates, no.

What kink of changes we are talking about?

You would have to alter the homepage template to show the featured post’s embed code in place of the thumbnail. This is not something I can help you with, as I only offer support for bugs and such, not customizations.

Hi Matt,

I saw a comment from 2 years ago saying that the menu dropdown comes the embedded video’s. Now, 2 years later, it still does that. I am using Google Chrome on Windows. Can you fix this or tell me how to fix this?

Two years ago, things were quite different when it comes to how videos are embedded. Now a days, they’re mostly iframes, and you can’t layer anything on top of an iframe. Meaning, there really is no work around for drop down menus if the videos you’re embedding are in an iframe.

Ok So I guess i’ll just get rid of the iframe. Thanks

Hi, having some issues with thumbnails, featured images etc. I use this feature on other Wordpress blogs and it works fine.

On this theme I upload the image, click ‘use as featured image’ and I can see the image on the Wordpress post page, however, it does not show when I view the site.

I’ve tried adding the path to the images manually as well and that doesn’t work either.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for any help.

Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.

Hi, this theme supports automated thumbnails creation from youtube? I want to post videos from youtube but dont want to manually upload any image.

No sorry, you have to put in the thumbnail path manually, or upload an image.

Hi, I ‘m trying to edit/remove the “0 comments” which displays next to the post previews. However, editing comments.php doesn’t seem to change anything. Which file do I need to edit?


You’re looking in the wrong place. Open up home.php and index.php and look for the following tag. You’ll likely want to remove the span that precedes it, as it’s a vertical divider.

<?php comments_popup_link('No Comments', '1 Comment', '% Comments'); ?>

Hey Matt, awesome theme mate.

One question: How does the theme handle tablets? Does it look good? Is the theme responsive in case of different screensizes (mobile, tablets)?


Wave is nearly 3 years-old now. We weren’t even thinking about tablets back then. I haven’t gone back and added support for mobile devices to my older themes. Sorry.

Ok cheers that fixed it. By the way – nice template. Our audience engagement stats have started to improve since changing over.

Good to hear!

Hello I am interested in purchasing this theme. Does your theme integrate with Facebook comments plugins?

I haven’t tested it, but I don’t see why not. If you decide to go ahead and purchase the theme, then run into trouble with the plugin, I’d be happy to roll out an update to fix any incompatibilities. Feel free to contact me directly if you run into any trouble.

Hi, which files control the layout of the widget section in the admin panel? Somehow that page has become corrupted and now I can’t edit the widgets.

Will try replacing with the files from the original Waves download.

That would be the functions.php template. But if the widgets section in WP-Admin is broken, you may need to reinstall WordPress. Sounds like it might be a bigger issue.

Well I reinstalled the latest version of wordpress but the widgets page is still broken. Also tried replacing the functions.php with the file from the original waves download.

Any other possible files that may be involved?

There are files for each of the widgets, so you could try replacing those. They’re in a directory called “widgets” in the theme’s root. If that doesn’t sort it out, shoot me an email via my ThemeForest profile with a link to your site, and WP-Admin access so I can take a look. I don’t mind helping you troubleshoot.

Ok great thanks. Just mailed you through your theme forest profile.

For anyone else who might run into a similar issue, it was a third party plugin (Good Old Gallery) that caused this issue. Disabling the plugin corrected this issue.

Yeah the widgets page works fine now – thanks for taking a look and fixing it!

I see that you keep stating how old this theme is. That is to bad, I was going to buy this theme; like I have so many others on this site.

WE don’t mind buying themes that work and that are UPDATED to TODAY . Maybe you should update the theme and constantly make it better so that people will buy the theme no matter how dated it looks or acts.

Just a suggestion, but the fact that that there are issues and you come back saying it is three years old, may just keep people from sending money your way!


Thanks for the feedback, Doug.

You’re right, it might seem like I’m under-selling my theme at times, but I’m just being honest. While I’d love to pack every new feature and the latest best practices into every one of my themes, it’s simply not within my means to do so. Someone asked about it having a responsive layout – while it’s possible to retrofit an existing site with a responsive layout, it’s a lot of work, and can even require re-coding the entire site.

My themes are in no way broken or stagnent. I’ve been known to revisit them and add new features months or even years after they’ve been released (take a look at Imperial and Black Aperture, for example). But I’m going to be honest with people when they ask if a theme supports a certain feature, and why it doesn’t, if that’s the case.

I’m planning to get back into theme development in the coming weeks, which I’m actually super excited about. And one of the ideas I’ve been kicking around, is releasing successors to my more popular themes (Wave included), and retiring the original themes. I’m listening to the feedback my customers are giving me and taking notes. In fact, just this morning I asked a Wave customer to give me a “wish list” of features for a video theme.

The “Follow Me on Twitter” button on the home screen goes to instead of!/mytwitteraccount. Is there a way to fix this?

Appearance -> Settings -> Miscellaneous Settings -> Twitter URL

Thx! That was easy enough!!

Hi Matt,

Before I purchase, is this theme translation ready and how easy is it to change the backgrounds?


No on both counts, sorry.


How can I exclude certain categories (like Featured) from showing in the Latest Videos section?


Not easily, no. In early versions of Wave it was possible. But I changed how featured posts are flagged (via checkbox, instead of category) which made it more difficult.

I there mattbrett. I did buy your template. Thank you in advance.

In the settings when i put the url of my facebook:, and click on it on my blog, the url instead of going to my facebook account it goes to (error 404 Not Found)

Can you please help me fix the problem?

Thank you, Duartini

Make sure you have http:// at the beginning of all of your social media URLs. That’s the issue.

Ok mattbrett thank you. The problem with facebook it´s fixed.

Do you have a tutorial of making a post of a video to match exacly like this post

In my post i put the title, the embed code on the Video embed code box, the width because you say it is required (why it´s required?) and the featured image. But with only this information the video doesn´t show on my site (it appears an error 404 page not found). Can you please tell me what should i fill in order to be exacly like your post?

Thank you mattbrett and keep up the good work. Duartini

Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.

Hi Matt, Having a similar problem to calangoqueri where the custom logo only appears on the home page – if I do make it absolute as you suggest it disappears from the home page as well.

If it’s showing up on the homepage and not sub-pages, the path is incorrect. That’s all it can be, really.

Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.

If you’re using Wave and enjoy it, you may want to take a look at my new theme Conduit. The layout is quite similar to Wave, and it’s backwards compatible. Meaning, your videos will be in tact.

There’s also all sorts of great new features, like a responsive design, 2x images for high resolution displays, 2 styles with light and dark variants, custom accent colours, dynamic homepage, simply yet powerful theme options panel, translation ready, and much more!