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Hello, I’m interested in this theme, is it possible to add some information under the videos on thumbnail? is it possible to add a page “about us” for instance where we can add some information about us? Thanks

Not really sure I understand the first question. The demo site shows where content is positioned is relation to the thumbnails. You can put whatever you want in the content areas. And yes, you can add an about page.

Hey man, does this work with a non-vimeo/non-youtube player, like the HTML5 one or JWPlayer? I need an answer real soon. Thanks.

There’s no integrated plugin. I try not to do this too much, as there are so many choices for plugins available. I’d rather leave the choice up to the user.

So I used the FLV Embed, but I’ve got a problem – everytime I hit play the loading screen shows up and it just goes round and round, nothing happens. No matter what plugin I use, no self-hosted video will run. Is that because I’m running a local server?

This sounds like a plugin issue, not a theme issue.

If the player is not loading the video, I would guess that the path you’re putting in for the video file is incorrect.

As for it being on a local server, I really don’t know if that would make a difference. I don’t see why it would.

I would like to be able to share my videos on Facebook. However if I attempt to do so the video image is not used but instead one of the ad images are offered. Before switching to this them I was able to share video posts to facebook and it always displayed the video thumbnail. Any advice?

This is happening because there are no Facebook open graph tags in the theme. I’ll add a to-do for this, but not sure when I’ll get around to it. In the mean time, there are several plugins you could install that would add the open graph tags. Many of them will use the post thumbnail, which will solve the thumbnail issue you’re experiencing.

Wow… Considering the popularity of Facebook and the fact that this is a video theme I assumed that having the ability to share the video posts via Facebook would be a given.

Thanks for the quick reply though, I appreciate it

OK then, I have attempted 5 different plugins and wrestled with the settings and havent been able to get anything to work. I suppose I should do a bit more research in the future before deciding to spend money on a theme. Completely disappointed and have wasted much time in developing this theme for my site, but it is my fault for assuming too much.

Sorry, it’s an older theme (over 3 years) and I don’t update it much these days. I have plans to release a successor later this year, at which point Wave will be retired.

Did you try this plugin? Once you have it active, you can test your site using Facebook’s debug tool. If you’ve been simply pasting links into status updates as you’ve been testing plugins, that won’t show you accurate results.

Yes, I did try that plugin. Nothing shows up on the page for sharing with any that I have tried. I have been testing in two ways. Copy and paste the url into FB and look on the pages and posts for the share icon. I appreciate your time and effort and I dont mean to give anyone a hard time but when a person pays for something they dont really want to hear “sorry it doesnt work as it should it is old” If I cannot find a way to resolve this I will have to abandon the theme, chalk up $40 as being lost and start over.

After 3 years this is still one of the best Video Themes for Wordpress! I see that it was recently updated 2 weeks ago. I just bought this theme and love it!

Thanks Matt

Dear folks

I have an issue with the fantastic Wave theme, purchased via ThemeForest and used on

After changing hosting providers and migrating the website properly, video previews do not appear properly. Very strange because the image links seem to be OK but images just not show up, also for new posts.

Re-uploading/updating the theme seems not to be possible with WordPress.

Hopefully someone can help me out.

Many thanks !

If the thumbnails worked previously, but not on your new host, then it’s likely a permissions issue. Make sure the cache directory inside the theme’s directory is writable by the web server. Typically, it should be set to 755 or 777, depending on your server’s config.

ps, as a temporarily solution I have deactivated the image resizing script and don’t add new posts, when I reactivate this, images are not visible.

Pretty nice, one question before I buy, does your theme let you up load pictures as well as videos?

Yes, you can use photos. You don’t have to use video content in Wave.

Hi mattbrett I buy wave theme ,but it not work , Can you help me? Thank you a lot

Hi there, two important question before purchase:

1- is the “video post” a normal post with more features? I mean, if I install All in one SEO tool, will I find the plugin box as in a normal post? I’m asking you because I’ve purchased a video-theme which use “portfolio post” to add video instead of having normal post with video capabilities and it was really useless as most of the plugins for the post weren’t working. All I really need is a normal post with video features (which it seems me to be in your theme).

2- You wrote that this theme is 3-years-old. Are you going to dismiss it or updates (mayor) will be assured?

Thanks for your time! Hope to buy Wave to (if match with my needs).

1. Wave uses regular posts with custom fields, not a custom post type. So you shouldn’t have any trouble using plugins that are associated with standard posts.

2. As long as the theme is for sale, it will be maintained.

Hope that answers your questions adequately.

This is a great theme, one of the best video themes for WordPress. But how do I remove that build-in Specific Click and Scorecard Research Beacon crap ? I really dislike having that tracker garbage in my website because I want to keep it clean without any hidden funny stuff.

Hopefully somebody here can tell how to locate and remove it.

Thanks !!!!

Regarding the previous post:

Specific Click and Scorecard Research Beacon trackers appeared to be NOT a part of the theme but in Sitemeter


Thanks for following-up.

Great theme! Is there an option to have users upload videos via a login/password – or support a plugin that does?


This functionality isn’t built into the theme. You would need at least a couple plugins to handle this sort of thing – one for the user end, one for uploading videos, and one for local video playback.

Hi there,

I want to know if you can remove the date stamp of the posts that appear on the home page?

Also can the colour scheme be amended?

You’ll have to edit the home.php template in order to remove the date stamp.

And no, the colour scheme cannot be changed beyond the accent colour setting.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and advising on the date stamp.

I really need the background to be white? Is there really no way I can edit this – my client is adamant about needing a black and white theme.

Of course there’s a way to do it, but you’ll need to write some custom CSS to override the backgrounds.

I would like to translate this theme in french, is it possible ? Do this theme contain mo and po files ?

Thank you very much.


It doesn’t contain language files, sorry. The only theme of mine that does is Conduit.

i am french, and i did not find the documentary in the zip file Where can I get the documentary for wave theme ?

As per the installation instructions document…

“Help documentation is located in the /www/wave/help folder, and can be accessed from WP-Admin once the theme is installed.”

Hi there, I just purchased your theme and i had 1 question for you. Instead of having the “older posts” button – am i able to have a “pagination” instead ??

I haven’t installed it yet, so if this is already built in, sorry for the dumb question :)

Yes, Wave has support for WP-PageNavi out of the box. Simply install the plugin, activate it, and you’ll have pagination links on your posts indexes, and on the homepage.

I’ve enabled the plugin on the demo site, so you can see it in action.

Do you have paging on this theme

You mean pagination of posts? Breaking posts into multiple pages? No, it doesn’t have the required tags in place for that. It would be easy enough to add yourself, though.