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Hello, can you please confirm whether the theme is WPML ready? If not, do you have plans to make it so… I think it’s an essential ‘feature’ in this day and age –

Thanks, Paul

You’re right Paul, being able to translate a theme is key for a lot of people these days. Wave is nearly 5 years old, and WPML wasn’t a big priority back then. If I do another big update, I’ll be sure to add localization support, but at this time I don’t have any such plans.

I’m trying to change the color of the background. Is it a image or a color? Can I change it in the editor window?

There are several images that make up the background of the theme. You’d have to write some CSS to change them.

Hi, i wonder how it would look like if there are more sub categories for 1 category… For example. Videos->Music-> Pop, rock, country. How it would look like?

Regards, Jakub Miha?o

Sorry, only two levels is support in the main nav menu.

Hi, I haven’t worked on this site for this client in a while. When we went back to create a page non of the text formatting is there, the whole menu is gone. I have tried to disable the plugins. Can you help?

Hi! Thanks for nice theme. I have now search and look everywhere for some answer but dont find it anywhere. I have one question.

When i make a post with embed videopost my content and the date is on the right side of the video. How i move it to under the video?

Thanks alot man!

Thanks!!! :) very glad! Can i ask you 2 things more? 1. How do i remove EMBED: and URL: on my posts? 2. How do i change “newer posts & “older posts” to swedish?

Thanks alot! Man

And change THIS VIDEO IS TAGGED WITH: to swedish to? pls thanks

Sorry, this is an older theme and it’s not translation ready. You can make these changes yourself fairly easily, though.

For the “newer posts” and “older posts” links, open up index.php and head to line 95. You’ll see them there.

All of the other stuff is in the single.php template. There are two instances of each, since there are different layouts.

Hope that helps.


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Hello Matt, loving this Theme !

Just wanted to know : I just add a new page but now the menu bar is on two line. It doesn’t look really good : what can I do ? Reduce the police ? Here’s my website to show you exactly what I’m talking about :

I’d also love to be able to have the police in my article more big : do you know where I can change this basic setting ?

Thanks again for your work !


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Thank you for your answer Matt. Sorry my english is far from perfect : Yeah, I’m talking about the font size ;) Nice, thank you for the tips on the menu bar, work like a charm. Yes, I’d like to make the text bigger


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Arfff except that i can’t click on the last menu : “articles” :s

Add z-index: 100; to the #nav custom CSS, and that’ll fix it. So it should look like this…

<style type="text/css">
#nav {
    width: 800px;
    z-index: 100;

Can a user post youtube videos on a site using this theme?

What if the youtube original is deleted?

Will the posted youtube link videos be pending for admin approval?

No, you will have to use a plugin to allow for user submitted posts.