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Might purchase it later on, it looks pretty good.

@Noctiluca: You would have to change the dimensions of the thumbnails in the templates themselves, but having them resize to fit movie posters would definitely be do-able.

I’ll look into the Firefox dropdowns issue you mentioned. Must be on Windows, since I’m running Firefox on Mac and it’s fine here.

idragit Purchased

Hi Matt

Can you please advice on how to activate “From the blog” preview on the right hand side of the template under Twitter like you have it on your demo site and screenshot. Please advice. Thank you.

Hello Matt,

I am deciding on a theme for a video on demand site for local businesses. I will upload all videos as the admin so I can maintain control for this particular site.

I want to use the JW FLV player (from Longtail Video) and I want a clean look. So, do you foresee any issues with the JW player and is there a way to preview the “clean” look for the WAVE theme?

Thank you, Lindsey

@idragit: I’ll reply to the email you sent.

@lindsey9: I haven’t tested JW FLV player, but I don’t think there would be any issues with it. You would paste the embed code in the Video Embed Code field, just like you would if it were hosted by a third party. As long as you can handle installation of the player, everything should work just fine.

There’s no easy way for me to run both styles on the demo site, so the screenshot is as good as it’s going to get.

really nice buddy.

not nice at all :)

Hello Matt,

Did you see the menu [HOME – BLOG – VIDEOS – ABOUT – HELP ] when embed the video YouTUbe?

View > http://is.gd/1epb1

It is cut!



Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to fix this yet. It’s specific to Firefox on Windows, so one of those brain scratchers. I’ll get to it eventually.

Hey Matt..I just buy the theme..I hope i can handle the modifications..

Thnx a lot..

Matt, having quite a few problems. When I click on any of my post they all lead me to the contact page. Having trouble with the videos showing up, they aren’t. Following your instructions pretty closely. I’m pretty familiar with putting sites like this together but this has been quite the doozy! And when I click on my sub categories the url isn’t showing up properly. The forward slash in between the .com and category isn’t showing up when I click on it.

I’ve figured out since that last post. My permalink was off and slowly figuring out more stuff.

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How can I make the sidebar Twitter widget work? how about ratings for videos? and Where I can find the source for the video post page, in page.php? want to change some css there… (clear:left on video details)

Hope you can help me

Great theme!


I explained the Twitter support in the help doc, but forgot to mention the ratings plugin. It’s WP-Post-Ratings. You need to install both if you’d like this functionality.

Code for the actually video embed and details is in header.php.

This lloks like what I need for an upcoming project but I have no experienced in wordpress…is it easy to install? Whathost allows Wordpress with an Adult theme? Is it easy to add a shopping cart? How much would you charge to do all of that for me?


Hard to say how easy it would be if you have no experience at all with WordPress. I assumed everyone using my themes would have at least basic knowledge of WP.

I can help with customization – I’m offering a paid service for customizing themes very soon. Please send me an email via ThemeForest if you’re interested.

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I’ve got a problem with this theme… all of the sudden it don’t show the images from Post Image Path. The images are still in same place and nothing was changed in the theme code. What could be the problem? The site is www.itselfcare.com


Images were working and now they’re not? Did you upgrade Wave to the latest version? If so, is that when images stopped working? If you could email me directly I can try and help you with this.

wolkomir Purchased

Hi Matt Great theme, Short Questions, I use mac and win, on the win i use IE8 . it works good on these. Yesterday downloaded IEtester ( great App to check different vers of IE )

when i tried my site there, i saw that there were a couple of JS errors ( pop ups, in IE6 and IE7 ) i thought it might be some additional issues i added, so then i went on and took your example from : http://themeforest.net/item/wave-a-video-centric-theme-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/45855

And opened in IEtester … same issues, when ever you go to a Video post and you play with the mouse on the screen, JS errors pop up Furthermore in these versions the Jquery tooltip wont work ( in the feature section in the main screen )

Awaiting your reply Thanks


Strange, I don’t recall those errors before. Not sure what is causing the error, since IE returns a generic message, but I’ve added this to my to-do list and will get to it ASAP . Wave is due for an update, so I’ll try and get to this sooner than later.


On the video page the main menu is hidden under the flash video. (viewing in firefox v3.5)

I’ve uploaded a screenshot here


That’s a known issue with Firefox on Windows. Doesn’t happen in any other browsers, oddly enough – that includes Firefox 3.5 on Mac. I’ll investigate ASAP .

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Have you had a chance to look into the menu z-index issue, sorry to hassle you again.


I like this theme, but before buying i have a question.

Can i use another video player for my youtube videos? Like this one


or this




Sure you can! You would just paste whatever code those plugins produce into the video embed field, just as you would if it were a third party hosted video.

Hi Matt,

I’ve purchased a couple themes in the past month or so but have continued to run into problems. I’m considering your wave theme for wordpress I think it would be the right fit.

Before I do I want to know which plugins would work best to add ecommerce functionality to this theme. My goal is to use this theme to showcase and sell my stock video footage and stock photography images. As well as use it as a portfolio site. The last thing on my wish-list is to create a paying subscribers/members section for my HDR images and HD footage.

Like I’ve said I have ran into some problems with the plugins not working with the themes I’ve purchased. WP-Ecommerce, Gold Cart Members module from Instinct.

I would appreciate your assistance and recommendations.



I couldn’t tell you. This theme was not made to be compatible with any e-commerce plugins.

for Video Category ID: what do I put??

I have a category of Videos - which is in the nav at the top with sub menus

videos from submenus are not showing up…..when i click on them

opppsss my bad…i figured it out…didn’t tag the category videos!!! :)