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can I put my google analytics code in the head section???

Question: Since there are 3 videos at the top…...featured videos i guess

HOW can i make it sooo the Newest Videos start at the 4th video…

basically I don’t want the newest videos to repeat the featured videos at the top. I don’t know if i am making sense here.

video 1 video 2 video 3

newest videos

video 4 etc…etc… not video 1 video 2 again.

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This is a great theme – I have 3 questions before making a decision to purchase it.

1. Am I able to replace some video content with images instead? I need a site which contains half video content, half photographic imagery.

2. The theme Forest ads on the subpages – are these removable?

3. I usually purchase the html templates on this site and have no issues with adapting the code to my needs etc. I’ve never used Wordpress before but need to take the leap some day. Would you reckon this would be an easy transition? I have basic knowledge of how Wordpress works at the moment.

Thanks in advance for your time. It’s greatly appreciated. x

1. I suppose you could. In the place where you normally paste the video embed code, you would put HTML to display your image. You’d have to use the img tag, then specify the width of the image in the video width field. So yeah, I haven’t tested it, but it should work.

2. Ads are completely optional and not installed by default.

3. Probably wouldn’t be an easy run, now. This is probably the most technical of my themes, since it supports video posts and regular text driven posts. There’s a lot of conditional code in place to differentiate between the two.

Hi mate, The theme was working perfectly and haven’t made a post or anything…came back from work and i see this “The file may have been removed or renamed. Be sure to check your spelling. If all else fails, you can go back to the page you came from, return to the homepage, or try searching (top right).” in the bottom section…Would you know what happened Thx

Please use my forums for theme support.

Hi, instead of videos can i use pictures?

See my reply to Cre8tiveSoul above.

Does anyone know what it takes to convert this theme to work with WordPress 2.8?

The forum theme support registration is closed??? Plz re-open!


No, I won’t be re-opening my forums. Was wasting too much time trying to help people that ended up having pirated versions of my themes, clogged with encrypted code.

I cant’ see videos when try to post, images too… is this theme 2.8.4 italian version compatible?

I must install 2.7 o 2.8.4 english version?


I don’t test my themes on any other languages, so I really can’t say.

Have you emailed me about this? There’s a better chance I’ll respond there, as I handle email support requests every couple days or so. I’ll need more info, though. At least send me a URL so I can check out your site.

I can’t seem to figure out how to get the thumbnails rotating on the home page like you have in the demo?

What do I need to do to get it to display properly?

I’m talking about the display of sub-feature images that are in a row below the featured display on the main page.

I can’t get this to display on my homepage?

Hi Matt I have a big problem! I can’t view the video or any content within a video post! Only the comments show up! HELP NEEDED !

Best regards,


Hi Matt I have a big problem! I can’t view the video or any content within a video post! Only the comments show up! HELP NEEDED !

Best regards,


Hello I want to buy WAVE because I think is really nice, congratulation. I noticed that you are offering customization service. What I want to do with this is to make a video site. I already have a site the name is is about Mexican wrestling. I have all the art, like logos colors etc. How much it will cost me to get WAVE exactly the way it is, but with my logo, colors, categories and ready to put in my hosting an use it. I will send you anything you need in any format or program, ok Please let me know the steps to follow in order to begin with this. Thanks, Rodrigo M

Is there a way to include a leaderboard beside the logo as displayed in your Live Preview and Screenshots? Obviously, it’s not achieved through widgets.

Dope as usual right out of the box Brett. This is the second theme I’ve purchased from you and you always deliver. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

Keep it up!

soulreaver17, you can add the leaderboard code from “Theme Settings” page..Sorry if you mean sth else..

Great theme,

Could this theme be modified to be used as a video directory for businesses?

Hi Matt,

Really liking the Wave theme. However, I just have a couple questions before I purchase, which I’m sure you can understand.

First of all, I see its currently a 3 column layout, I was wondering if it were possible for me to remove the middle column, who’s space is currently be occupied by the categories, large advert space and popular tags. And if it is, would it be possible for me to expand the width on the left most column, which is currently the “newest videos” section for the index page. Or would this start to cause adverse affects? I’m a web designer by nature, but thought I’d double check, just in case you’ve coded in such a way that prevents me from making large changes such as this one.

My second question is that of images. When an image is added via the cms, lets say for a new blog article I am posting… is automatically formatted with specific borders and pseudo hover classes?

My last question (for now that is), is for the blog section. I noticed the way you list your blog articles are without images and you prescribe little space for the height. Is it possible for me to change this formatting slightly by adding an image space below the title header and date of the article and above the article text? This way to give it a bit more volume and feel to each blog article.

Thanks in advance for your correspondence and again, very nice template.

cheers Sly

I have the same problem as Brulio, nothing shows up when I post video.

“I can’t view the video or any content within a video post! Only the comments show up! HELP NEEDED !”

Hi, Very nice theme! I’ll test it with some video content sites and see how it goes. Be back to you soon. Thanks Martin