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Hi Matt,

I am interested in buying this theme. However, I must say I am concerned about getting it up and working properly in a short period of time , as it seems that nearly everyone in the comments section seems to have issues with getting it to work.

I will hire someone to get it up and running , but DO NOT want to spend extra money & time if there are known issues with this theme.

Please let me know (you may even PM me…) thecurrent status of this theme and any known issues.



p.s. has anyone successfully uploaded this theme and has a URL to share?

Hey Mo,

The vast majority of people having problems with this theme have not read the help file and/or haven’t followed the directions properly.

Posting a support request here is just another example of not following directions, as I specifically state in the item description and in the help file that I will not reply to support requests left as comments on my items. I do however, answer support emails sent to me via ThemeForest at the very least, every other day.

If you’re familiar with the WordPress admin and can follow some simple instructions, you shouldn’t have any problems with Wave.

Wave is actually the only theme I have available that has never received an update. This is not because I’m ignoring it. It’s because there’s nothing to fix. There has been one bug to date which only affects Firefox on Windows, but a fix is already done. I just have to finish up the update and release it. Speaking of which, there are some nice new features coming to Wave in the next version which will be available soon, free of charge.



I already got the main part configured but I do not know how to place the alrger image in the first part of the blog and also do not know how to place the images of the second part with the java script. The other images beneth this show up and clicking on them the video also shows up and plays without any problems. The images are being rezized.


Miguel Winge Sao Paulo – Brazil

How do I add the 5 stars as in your demo?

Hi, does this support Youtube Videos?

This to me does not really seem like a Wordpress theme when you actually have to manually add category ID numbers and so on

A proper theme works natively with any wrodpress database and variables etc – you should easily be able to switch between themes – that is the whole idea of WP themes.

Bought this one expecting a little mod work, but adding category ID’s by looking at the status bar …. etc ….

Love the look, but very disappointed in this theme setup procedure and really, I got better things to do with my time than major mod work on a “Paid for” theme just to get it to display(layout) correctly. In fact it makes me a little concerned about the amount of work to keep this theme up if it is not 100% WP compatible and potential issues with WP plugins down the road.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to tweeking, but it is usually to get a certain look or plugin to show somewhere… not to get the theme to work???

Especially when I am paying for it.

Great looking theme, but I think more work should be done to make it a seamless install into existing WP blogs (switching from other themes).

And really, it should say something in the features list that some detailed mod work is required before this theme will work.

Hate to see the average blogger trying to get this one working. I have 12 years web design under my belt and can do the setup, but even with experience, I look at the setup and think – what? You want me to do what – I just paid for this thing?

I’m looking for a video playing widget, custom field, or or plugin for my wp-site; but without changing my theme. Is there a way to use yours this way? If not, do you have a suggestion?

Hi Matt i really appreciated your video theme i’m having some little problems with it. hope you’ll be helping me.

1) in the home page i dont’t manage to post things that i’m adding in the year 2010. do you think there can be a problem with the date?

2) i’d like to post things on the blog, only there, without putting them in the home page but i don’t succeed… even if i post it only as a blog it appears in the home page.

3) i don’t succeed with the twitter plugin. can you help me explaining me better how to manage the entire thing?

this is for now in case i forgot something i’ll write you back

hey matt regarding what i was forgetting. can i rename the video category in portfolio category. how? please let me know ;)

Hello Matt,

What happens if GD Library is not compiled with PHP ?


You can disable dynamic image resizing from the admin in this case.

Hi Matt,

I just purchased this as a template for a personal site for my church youth group ( I am in the process of setting it up and following your manual. However, when I try to post my first video, I get this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: str_ireplace() in /homepages/40/d283061206/htdocs/church/youth/wp-content/themes/wave/single.php on line 48

Any ideas?

Thanks and I love this theme!

str_ireplace is a PHP5 function, and you’re likely running PHP4 . There’s usually a way to select which version of PHP your server is running, even on shared setups. If not, you might have to contact your host about it.

I’ll have to make a note of this moving forward, and do a backwards compatibility fix.

Thanks! I completely overlooked that! One more question, as I can’t seem to find the answer; If you visit the site (listed above), you will notice a “News & Events” section. When I post to this, I keep getting a video thumbnail and then I can’t read the full text when I click the title. Is there a way to make posts show up without the video? Visit the site and click “News & Events” and you will see what I mean. I posted a test in that section.

I have to echo some of the sentiments here. This is a wonderful theme and worth far more than what you’ll pay for it. I know enough about CSS , html and PHP to make me dangerous! :) I’ve been able to resolve most of my issues on my own.

However, regardless of what you say, I did read the manual and online version as well, many times and still had to work hard to understand setting this up. I feel the instructions could be written much clearer. Mainly being sure you include the names for things that are unique to this theme. Took me forever to figure out what the heck a Sidekicker Thumbnail was…

I think this is typical of many coders putting together a project. Each one has a way of thinking that makes total sense to them and it works perfectly. Just as there are any number of ways to do the same thing in Photoshop. All are different and all are relevant. It’s about getting into the mindset of the designer. Once you do that, it all starts to come together.

I did notice a few things right off the bat. The demo theme is slightly different than the “out-of-the-box” theme. There is a middle column where the Skyscraper ad goes (again, what the heck is a skyscraper ad?). I discovered that you had modified the width of the video post in the CSS . Once I figured that out, I was good to go.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to get the star ratings to show up? And the footer in my download is completely different than the footer in the demo. I prefer the demo footer.

Also, I’d like the option to add more than 4 ad buttons. I was able to edit the sidebar widget, but the theme options only allows for the 4 buttons. Being able to add more would be a nice feature.

Well worth the money spent and I’m sure I’ll figure out the customizations and getting it all to work. The READ ME file mentions a support forum that does not exist. I tried to contact the designer through his website, twice and have not received any responses. I can see from his Twitter updates that he’s there and doing personal stuff, but it’s frustrating to be left to your own devices.

All that being said, this is easily one of my favorite themes that I’ve purchased in a very long time. I like it better than any of the Woo Themes I’ve purchased. Good investment and great designer.

Thanks for the constructive feedback, it’s much appreciated and a rarity around these parts.

You’re noticing some differences between your site and the demo site because there has been a new version released since you downloaded it. You can update for free, simply by re-downloading it.

You’re right about the documentation. Much of it makes assumptions about the user’s knowledge of how the theme works, which is not the same as my own. I’ll have to make some adjustments there.

RE: Support Forum I shut it down due to a huge number of support requests coming from people running pirated versions of my themes which had been tampered with. I was wasting tons of time with those people, and decided it was best to stick with having people contact me via ThemeForest so I can verify they’re customers.

RE: Contacting Me I see one email from you received January 18 in my personal inbox – that’s probably the last place you should contact me regarding anything TF related. I have filters setup in my mail client which priotize and sort incoming mail so it gets attended to. My personal inbox is the last thing I check and receives very little of my attention. Where as TF emails get dealt with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday like clockwork.

Make sure you download Wave 1.1, if you’re still using the theme. It will be a lot easier to work with if you’re making customizations, along with a bunch of new features and such.

Thanks for the information about the update. I just purchased this theme, so the update must have come out a few weeks after that.

I have the theme installed, running and have made a lot of customizations. (well a lot to me). :)

I’m assuming that if I install this update, I will have to make those modifications all over again?

I do have some specific questions about tweaking the code, but am not clear on the best way to ask my questions to you specifically. Is this comment section the best way to do that? I’m new to Theme Forest, so I’m not clear about contacting you any other way. I don’t want to turn the comments section into a long diatribe about making modifications.

I was able to add another 4 ad buttons by copying the code in the sidebar widget and then editing the functions.php so that I could populate the sidebar with image url’s.

One of the things I’d like to do is integrate the Max Banner Ads Pro plugin into the sidebar so that the ad buttons rotate on refresh and I can track clickthroughs, etc. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. Yes, I’ve opened a support ticket with them.

I feel stuck in the middle on that one. The designer doesn’t offer support for the sidebar plugin (understandable) yet the plugin developer doesn’t offer support for integrating into a theme (also understandable) and very frustrating!

I’m at the point where I’d be willing to pay for support on this topic alone. :)

Thanks again for your help. This is one of the most brilliant themes I’ve used in years. The more I use it (for our video blog project) the more I appreciate the brilliance of this theme. It’s truly remarkable!

If you want to see what we’ve done with it so far, please visit our test site:

Please note that it’s filled with dummy, placeholder content for testing. So far we’ve modified the ad-button sidecar widget to accept 8 ads, instead of the default 4. We’ve also modified the functions.php file to allow us to enter the ad-button information in the theme settings, under Appearance.

We also took out the sub-feature section as we felt it was too busy and worked better for our purposes. It also keeps the ads higher, which may be important to our advertisers.

What we’re stuck on is implementing the Max Banner Ad Pro plugin. If I disable the ad-button sidebar widget, I can get the Max Banner widget to show up, but it’s not styled as the theme ad button sidecar is.

Not sure if I should modify the theme sidecar to accept the Max Banner code or the other way around. Right now, this is where I’m stuck on a nearly perfect execution of this theme.

The more I use this theme and test it, the more impressed I am. Very, very well thought out. If your other themes are this well designed, I would purchase them in a heartbeat.



So sorry to post this in the public comments section of Themeforest. Since there is no real way to contact you privately or through a public support forum, this is the only way left to communicate with YOU , the developer. Plus, I think it shows any potential buyers that you do support your designs AFTER the sale.

I’ve filed a support ticket with the Max Banner Ad Pro folks. They are very slow in responding to this issue.

Honestly, I think it would be an amazing upgrade to this theme if you offered implementation of Max Banner Ad in the sidebar as you do for Twitter Tools.

The theme is already styled for ads, why not take it further with this free plugin? The Pro version is $40, but all that offers you is the ability to take the link off of your site for the Max Banner Ad folks.

I’m stuck here. If I turn off YOUR sidebar widgets and use the Max Banner Ad Pro implementation, yes, I can get it to show up, but it messes up the theme. The styling gets all messed up.

If I use your theme as you designed it, I can’t hook the Max Banner Ad Pro code into your sidebar widgets, functions.php and the theme appearance section where you add the ad button code. It all falls apart.

There must be an easy solution to this? Use the Max Banner Ad Pro widget and then style it somehow in the CSS to work with your theme, or use your theme as is and implement the MBA Pro code.

Any advice, insight or recommendations on making this happen? I am relying on your expertise as the developer and hoping you can either offer a solution or perhaps consider implementing this plug-in or last suggestion, offer an alternative.

Basically, Max Banner Ad Pro allows the Ad Buttons to rotate randomly with each page hit or refresh and it allows you to track stats on click-throughs and such. Very powerful fool for a site that offers advertising.

Thanks again!

To reiterate once again – I don’t often answer support questions left as comments here. I’ve stated this on all of my themes for sale here on ThemeForest, and in the help documentation. Further more, I don’t have time to help people with customizations, which is what you’re doing. I have the capacity to make sure people can get my themes up and running out of the box. But customers are on their own with any modifications.

That said, if I was going to make my themes compatible with an ad plugin, it would be AdRotate.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to embed a featured video on the homepage?

Not without manually editing templates. You would have to hard code it, or re-write the loop to embed the videos directly.


I’m not clear on your question. This theme is designed for video content. As you create posts, with embedded video content, it’s added to the feature section.

You create a category for featured content and by selecting that category, it’s placed into the featured section of the blog theme. By default, the most recent is the most prominent. I’m sure there is a way you could make that a sticky or simply change the date so that it’s the most current time.

Is that what you are trying to do?

I’m a little frustrated right now with the lack of support and any way to get in touch with the developer in a timely fashion. I don’t want to flame the guy here, but it would be nice if he’d show up more often than he does or offer some other way to get in touch with questions.

Randy, you keep saying that there’s no way to get a hold of me directly, but I’ve stated in a message directly to you that sending me a message through ThemeForest is how you reach me for theme support. There is also a note on all of my themes and in the documentation for every theme that further outlines this point. I also mention that I will not answer support requests left as comments on my themes. On occasion, I will jump in and answer some questions, but it’s very rare. Where as, I handle support emails 3 times a week at minimum. To quote myself…

Please send me a direct message via ThemeForest if you’re having trouble with your theme, and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient, as I work freelance full time and do not have dedicated time for theme support. I will not answer support requests left as comments here.

Hi, I purchase the template and seem to be running in to some trouble

I get an error on the home page where Im trying to post a vid

I have the latest flash player and my js is enabled.. so Im really at a loss to why this is not working

Thanks for your help

CAMEL -E-CARD Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 | 1 Comment this is just the begining Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page] document.getElementById(“player1?).style.display = “”; var s1 = new SWFObject(“”,”player1?,”780?,”463?,”7?); s1.addParam(“wmode”,”transparent”); s1.addParam(“allowscriptaccess”,”always”); s1.addParam(“allowfullscreen”,”true”); s1.addVariable(“height”,”463?); s1.addVariable(“width”,”780?); s1.addVariable(“file”,”/wp-content/uploads/Camel-E-card3.flv”); s1.addVariable(“image”,”/wp-content/uploads/Camel-E-card3.jpg”); s1.addVariable(“link”,”/wp-content/uploads/Camel-E-card3.flv”); s1.write(“player1?);

This is happening because there is no excerpt of short description set for your post. The theme is creating its own excerpt and the first bit of content you have is the embedded video. The excerpt function strips all of the HTML , which is why you’re seeing the error message.


I appreciate you taking the time to leave your comments here. My apologies for clearly upsetting you. I’m sure it must be frustrating.

But let’s take a look at it from my perspective. My original download had a readme file that CLEARLY asked that you not ask for help in the comments section of ThemeForest. Fair enough. I did as you asked.

You indicated that we use the forum on your site or leave you a message. I went to your site and discovered that the “forum” was no longer there. No explanation of what to do now, just not there. I sent you three emails through your site. I took the time to be very concise in my request for information BEFORE making a purchase. You never responded.

I liked the theme enough to just buy it outright and hope it was going to work for my purposes. When I did have questions, because the documentation was not a clear as it could be, I left a comment here for help and clarification.

I’m new to ThemeForest. If there is a way to contact you directly somehow through this site, I have yet to figure it out. You should take that into consideration. Like you, perhaps MORE than you, I am a busy working professional. I don’t appreciate wasting any of my time. And while I understand you are busy as well and have clearly asked that support questions not be left a comments, you certainly don’t make it easy to locate or get in touch with you.

I also understand that you don’t have time to answer questions from people who have illegally come into ownership of your theme. I PURCHASED your theme. I don’t do coding for a living, but I have done it enough to know my way around CSS and HTML more than anyone I know in my circle. I would consider myself an advanced user. And as the other commenter stated, you certainly aren’t clear in implementation.

People are scrambling for work these days. I know you also do work for WOO themes, I’ve seen your name on their developer page. That gave me confidence in your abilities and backend support. I’m not happy with your indifference and grumpy responses to me here. If this is happening over and over, then perhaps you should get a clue and figure out a better way to provide support to the people who PAY for your theme!

I suppose you could say I’m asking for help in customization, but I see it as clarification and help enhancing a FEATURE you provided. Why can’t I ask about that?

This is a great theme and it was perfectly suited for my purpose. A side project that I hope to implement and get some passive income. Surely YOU of all people can understand that?

YOUR theme includes ads. Lots of ads. This indicates that you designed this theme with an entrepreneur in mind. Using that logic, it’s clear this was not designed for a 16 year old hobby gamer who wants to share his reviews on the most popular XBox and Playstation titles. It’s designed for someone who wants sponsorship. That’s a VITAL aspect of this theme.

Given that, why would you not make it easier to ADD more ad buttons? Only 4? You want to talk about customization? I figured out on my own that I needed to open up the sidebar.php widget and modify the code. In addition to this, I figured out that I needed to also open up the functions.php file and modify the code so that my additional ad buttons could be configured in the theme appearance in the Dashboard. I was not asking YOU to do that for me. I was merely asking for a way to implement a plugin.

For a site that is clearly targeted at including ad sponsorship, this is NOT a customization, it’s an OVERSIGHT !

In the time it’s taken you to repeat over and over that you don’t provide support in the comments section, you could have easily answered my question and come off as a very supportive and understanding developer. Instead, I’m dismayed and frustrated enough to call you out publicly. The end user needs to understand that forking over the money for this template means you are on your own. Hopefully, it’s designed well enough that you can make it do what you want it to do. If I had a track record with you, a previous purchase history, then I’d know, but this was new to me.

Support is everything. I don’t care how great a product you have, in the end, support is what will ensure success for you. I’ve seen this time and time again both personally and professionally in my line of work.

You implemented support for a Twitter plugin that you fancy. Honestly, who cares about an ad sponsored site displaying twitter updates about your back hurting from moving a desk into your 100 year old home office? The ad sponsors want to know about click rates and ad placement on the page. Again, the LACK of support and implementation of more ad features or documentation is clearly an oversight.

I’d apologize for the long review here, but I think it’s important for people to know what they are getting into. Any my post will also reinforce the lack of support through comments. As a new user to ThemeForest, I have yet to figure out how to contact you directly. My bad?

I do think the theme is wonderful and very well designed, but I don’t appreciate your comments and inability to answer what should be a very simple question and request for clarification.

I’m not going to comment on each point you made, but I will address a few of them. Hell, I was inclined to write “Too long, did not read. ” and call it a day. But you’ve roped me into wasting even more time. It seems you’re my 1% that causes 95% of the pain.

I went to your site and discovered that the “forum” was no longer there. No explanation of what to do now, just not there.

I did have a message up at one point. But I recently moved servers and forgot to migrate the old forum over.

I sent you three emails through your site.

I just searched through my mail client across all accounts, and have only found 1 email from you dated January 18, which was sent after you purchased the theme. Unless you sent them under a different name, I never received the others.

Since you’re new to ThemeForest, perhaps you’re not aware that authors are not required to provide support for their products. If they wish to, they can. I do provide support for my customers on a regular basis (at minimum 3 times per week). All I ask, is that they contact me via my ThemeForest profile. Making sure my products work out of the box as they should is something I feel is important, which is why I provide the support I do.

Expecting me to help with modifications is something I’m having trouble wrapping my head around. If you wanted to mod an Xbox 360, would you call up Microsoft and expect them to help you with it? What happens when you take it upon yourself to modify a physical product you’ve purchased? It voids your warranty and removes any chance of receiving support from the manufacturer. This situation isn’t all that dissimilar.

I suppose you could say I’m asking for help in customization, but I see it as clarification and help enhancing a FEATURE you provided. Why can’t I ask about that?

They are one and the same. You can ask all you like, but I don’t have to answer and likely won’t. Often enough, I will point people in the right direction, if I happen to know what that is off hand. But once again, I barely have enough time for support emails, let alone helping people with mods. Scratch that, since I regularly spend evenings and weekends handling customer and client communications, I don’t have time for support requests.

For a site that is clearly targeted at including ad sponsorship, this is NOT a customization, it’s an OVERSIGHT !

There is no oversight here. As an author, my goal is to provide a product that suits the needs of a wide audience. It’s impossible to meet everyone’s needs, so I go with what seems to be the current standard. A block of 4 125x buttons is extremely common among websites and themes alike, unless you’re TechCrunch. If you need something more than my theme provides, you have to make that modification yourself. That’s the bottom line, and something you’re having a hard time understanding.

The funny thing is, you seem to think that this theme, that is catered to presenting video content should be housing a powerful ad server out of the box. Or at least, be extremely easy to tack one on, should you need it. And because you need it, this is something that just should be. You’re the first customer to raise this issue, across all of my themes. Of the 1500+ customers here on ThemeForest, you’re the only person who has expressed a need for a more feature rich ad solution.

You, the customer, are wrong. You are expecting too much (from a $35 theme, where support is not a requirement), and you failed to communicate through the appropriate channels. And if the customer is wrong, they’re no longer your customer. Please don’t purchase any more of my themes, and keep the rest of your comments to yourself. You will not receive any further replies from me, in any capacity.

thanks for the quick response :) Just had one more quick question The site is not letting me load more than 2mb files through add new media.. it works if i just go ahead and load the file up to my ftp but i prefer not to have to do that. Is there a way to fix this.

That’s an issue with your server. You need to increase the max upload limit, typically via the php.ini file. Contact your host about it.


Must be nice to have such a calloused attitude about people who step up and spend their hard earned money with you.

I asked for help. I don’t think it should have been anything more than YOU indicating how it could be accomplished. I was not asking you to do it for me. Just put me into your head as the developer.

It’s sad that you feel that way about your customers. All your points are valid and I’m sure you feel justified in reacting the way you have, but honestly, why not just answer the question and GAIN a customer for life?

You have a horrible attitude and I suppose if business weren’t so good, you’d be more interested in better support.

I know it’s easy to get jaded in the digital age. I fight the battle of copyright daily. People stealing intellectual property. I tried to respect that and purchase your theme. I don’t think my request for support warrants a diatribe about being a problem client.

My experience with your lack of support was merely frustration which continued to mount. Your reaction tells a lot about you as a person. None of this warrants additional time. I will agree with you on this.

There are thousands and thousands of themes out there just as robust if not more so. Heck, I’d spend as much money as it took to get what I wanted. I even offered to PAY you for your time. Guess you missed that little detail.

Wordpress is very powerful. Your theme is merely added functionality. It’s widely supported and your window dressing of a theme should support the robust community of plugins and updates. Period. Your high brow attitude serves no one but yourself.

I will go on record as appreciating your theme. It really is wonderful. I’m sorry that this has soured your experience with a client. I was merely looking for a solution here on ThemeForest. Guess I stepped into the wrong end user experience with this particular developer.