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And for the record, if you read the article you posted, which I’m already aware of, it states NOT to be rude. I don’t think my request for a response from you warranted the diatribe that followed.

You did not fulfill your end of the agreement. It was a simple matter. It is YOU the client who is fired.


Hi Matt,

I agree with you concerning the poster randykepple. For what I feel is a small fee for what is a great template, the guy wants you to spend hundreds of dollars of your time in consulting with him on how to modify what you have provided for a very fair price.

I purchased a video template elsewhere several days ago for $75.00 … it came without instructions and there are NO replies to anyone’s emails. And look at what Matt has to endure here from an overbearing client who expects major design consultation for the thirty plus bucks he spent.

And to Mr. randykepple .. I’ve repaired and designed many technical projects over the years and all it takes is one person like you to make someone wish they had picked another profession in life. I hope that Matt continues designing the nice templates I see here as he is obviously talented and cares enough to answer questions, but after your whining, nasty public post he more than likely won’t… thanks randy.

And …oh yea, I also read what his instructions were “HE DOESN ’T ANSWER TECHNICAL QUESTIONS HERE ” YOU HAVE TO EMAIL HIM THROUGH HIS PROFILE EMAIL LINK . But randykepple, you post here anyway and tear the guy down on a public post when you didn’t follow what he ask you to do in the way of communications in the first palce.

I think if you didn't follow his instructions in this area you more than likely didn't follow the others he presented also. I don't know Matt personally, but I feel his pain as I've run across a few "randykepple types" in my life and I just had to lend my support.

Keep you chin up Matt as you are appreciated by people who recognize you as a straight kind of guy.


Thanks for your support and understanding. It’s much appreciated.

It can definitely be overwhelming dealing with upset customers, but thankfully they are so few and far between that it only phases me for a short time. Given that Randy is only the second or third person to cause a significant amount of trouble in the 9 months my themes have been available, I’d say I’ve had a pretty good run so far.

In any case, authors tend to only hear from their customers when there is something wrong, so it’s nice to hear some praise. Thanks again!


I was wondering if I can put our own flash ads into the template.. Right now I think you can only use google ads. Is there a way I can load up regular swf ads into the template?

If so, how would I go about doing this?

Thanks for your help


Yes, you can. But you’ll have to upload them yourself and drop the necessary HTML into the ad spots in the Theme Settings panel. Whatever is put in those boxes is rendered out as straight HTML , so you’ll need to use embed code to have the Flash banners display properly.



Im still having a bit of trouble This is the code im using


but the .swf is not comming up and when I click the ? mark icon it takes me to http://mysite.com/%22/wp-content/uploads/728×90.swf/%22

so it looks like it is adding %22 :(


Please send me an email via my ThemeForest profile, and include a link to your site so I can check it out.

Hei there mattbret, i purchased your wordpress theme yesterday, and i must say it gave me a little bit of trouble. I did follow the instructions in your help file, to be honest i think i learn it actually from the so many times i;ve read it. Anyway, i did manage to make it work about 60% and after i gave it to a php developer he politely refused to help me becouse he said ” it would take me a lot of time”. You have the theme working 100% in the demo page, so i’ll never say the theme doesn’t work. But with regrets for your work i WILL NOT recomend this theme to anyone, UNLESS they have very good wordpress skills, and basic knowledge of php, since me and my friends did found some bugs with the plugins integration. I won’t use this theme for the project i was going to .. instead i’m going to keep it until i manage to learn more about wordpress and php.

Thanx for your time. Best regards.


Sorry to hear you had trouble getting Wave up and running. What issues in particular were you not able to overcome?

I expect all customers to have general knowledge of WordPress as a publishing platform. If you don’t know your way around WP-Admin, you will definitely have a tough time with it. But teaching customers how to use the platform is not something theme authors are responsible for.

Look guys… just like Matt, I’m not wanting to come on here and defend myself. I was very clear from the beginning that this theme kicks butt. It’s very cool and well designed.

I think Matt would agree that the documentation needs a bit of updating to make it more friendly to the novice end user. I was able to get it to work, but it took more than a cursory knowledge of php and css and html.

My grief with Matt was simply that he could easily have answered my question or given me a direction to find the knowledge I needed to make it work for my purposes.

Good deal for the money! Of course! I’ve spend over two hundred dollars for a theme I use for my professional business. However, it was extremely well documented and the backend dashboard is unlike anything I’ve ever seen done in Wordpress.

Matt spent no time helping me. He wasted his time arguing and defending his lack of customer service. This theme is exactly what it is and nothing else. It never hurts to ask when you need help. For the most part, I find that programmers, coders, developers are very generous in their willingness to help lend a hand. I’m perfectly happy Googling all day long to educate myself. I was frankly taken aback at Matts response.

For the record, I work with a programmer who runs a Flash theme site. He’s created an open source ticket support system that’s available to you Matt. This type of scenario is unfortunately pretty common and easily avoided.

And to follow up with you, Max Banner Ad Pro does have a support ticket system and they have provided a solution to implementing their code into your theme. Took less than 48 hours and everyone walks away happy.

It’s easy to go on a witch hunt on the internet. It’s frustrating for both of us to be misunderstood. Your theme is well worth what you are charging for it. I’ve ALWAYS said that and will continue to support your efforts at development. However, your lack of support to those who PAY you will give me pause in the future. There are simply FAR more options available to the consumer. Good support goes a LONG way towards developing and keeping a long-term client base.

Important note for users upgrading from previous versions – the blog, video, and featured categories will be reset when you install Wave 1.3. As soon as you active it, head to the Theme Settings panel and select the appropriate category for each from the new pull-down menus.

Another small update has been released which fixes a critical bug introduced in version 1.3. Be sure to upgrade to 1.3.5 if you’re running 1.3.

Great theme and perfect for a video blog. Bit surprised by some of the comments here, Matt has been more than helpful and very quick to respond to queries and offer assistance.

Thanks for your help Matt, much appreciatied :)



Thanks for the kind words Jennifer, and you’re welcome.

dc913 Purchased

Hi Matt. 2 questions:

1. How can i change font size, style and color?

2. How can i add squares to the nav buttons so they match what im building

check out the site here:



This was answered via email.


I bought a few days ago on Themeforest the wave theme and I’m trying to make it work with my website: Xtrail.com

I’m trying to upload some videos but I’m having some problems. I have this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: str_ireplace() in /hsphere/local/home/martinur/xtrail.com/wp-content/themes/xtrail/single.php on line 53

Would you please help me,

I just launched the website and I hope to make it work very soon. If you have any plus that will help me to make it better I’ll glad to hear it.

Thank you Matt,

Have a great weekend,

Martin Ureta


Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.

It’s amazing how many people don’t read directions.

webtilia Purchased

Hello, I need help, we purchased and installed the template, we can not achieve upload videos on the main page, I need to resolve this urgently, or video will have a reference manual to help us ..


Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.

This is a great theme. Probably the best I’ve come across if you want to start a video podcast website or you plan to post mostly videos. Thank you Matt, Great work. Made a few customisations, check it out: Here >>

If you guys are looking for a Youtube Social-Icon set to go with this theme instead, I created one here.

Download link:


Myspace.com has been replaced by Youtube.com

It’s not the best edit but it works for me.



I’m thinking about releasing a dev kit for these icons, as I find myself re-using them, even in client work…



Cool stuff man. First time going to dribble.com

I like it!

Do you know if it’s possible to add the gravatar author on the side of the post on a category?

I already emailed you about single.php but curious if it can be placed on a category like this.


Have the author’s gravatar on the side of each post?

Thanks man.


Yes, it’s possible. I don’t have code for you off hand, though. You’ll have to refer to the WP Codex.

Hi Matt, what a best way to add some e-commerce to your nice theme to sell some own hosted videos… That option would increase your sales as well… Thnx ;)

joessw Purchased

I buy the theme Wave and i have a doubt about it. I don’t want two sidebars. I only want the right sidebar, how can i make this happen?

Off course the space from the left sidebar i want to give it to the content.




This was answered via email.

joessw Purchased

Hi, is your theme ready for Wordpress 3.0?? Can i make the upgrade without any problem??

Thank you



Yes, all of my themes have been tested on WP 3 .0. There are no problems, but Wave doesn’t support some of the new functionality (yet).

Quick question… Does this theme have a gallery option as well? It meets 90% of what i need but I plan to upload some pictures and need a way to display them. Is that possible?

Thanks a bunch

gambpark Purchased


For add a new video, i have to put all the code from youtube or just when the embed code begin ?


Because nothing is workimg :S