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Understood !

I had to choose “video category” and “sub category” both ! If i choose just my sub categorie it doesn’t work

Thanks !

hello! great work!

i wanted to ask if this theme is working well with wordpress version 3. thanks!

ok, i saw the answer in a previous question :)

Version 1.4 – Released: 07/29/2010

Important note for users upgrading from previous versions – the blog, video, and featured categories are no longer relevant in Wave 1.4. Video and featured posts are now assigned by checkboxes within each post, and everything else is treated like a blog post. More information on this can be found in the help documentation.

  • NEW WP 3.0 Menu support for main navigation.
  • NEW Option in Theme Settings to hide row of 5 sub-features on the homepage.
  • NEW Icons displayed on the post thumbnails that represent the post type (video or blog).
  • NEW All sorts of awesome new CSS3 frills. Works in all modern browsers, except Internet Explorer.
  • Changed how post types (video, blog, featured) are handled. They are no longer category dependent.
  • Removed some of the custom widgets which no longer work due to the post type handling change.
  • Added the center column back to the homepage.
  • Fixed a bug with Subscribe to Comments checkbox placement.
  • Updated post meta box and broke it up into 2 boxes. Looks nicer, and easier to manage.
  • Updated fancy tooltips to work with the latest version of jQuery.
  • Updated Theme Settings panel with cleaner visual style, new colour picker, and made it a top-level item – now appears at the bottom of the navigation menu instead of under Appearance.

Hello, I really like your theme and I’m interested in purchasing it:

1) Did the set up / install of the theme is still as “complicated” as some of the users mentioned? it is very concerning…

2) Did you implement an easy way to set up the theme? (I do have a very limited knowledge of WP).

Best Regards, - gmcoffi

Things just got a whole lot easier with the release of 1.4.

Before, you had to setup a category for video posts, and another for blog posts. Each post had to be in one of the 2 main categories, but that’s not the case anymore. Now, you simply check a box in the post if you want to make it a video post. Everything else is considered a blog post.

Making a post a featured post is also as simple as a ticking a checkbox.

Great upgrade m8. i just upgraded and i am no started to update the posts and nav menus.

How ever, there is one thing that is letting it down now and thats the nav menu.

Is there away to allow you to have more then 1 nav menu showing? I could do with about 4/5 menus showing on the home page with there sub menu

This would make the theme spot on.

I’m not sure I’m understanding what the issue is. But it sounds like perhaps you’re not setting up the Menu correctly. Take a look at the demo site – is that the sort of thing you’re looking for? A few top level items, and sub-menus for each.

Anyone having any trouble installing this theme on wordpress. I have been trying to install the zip file and it keeps failing. I am able to install other themes though. Has anyone else had this problem? Please let me know if there is something I am doing wrong during the installation.

Have you referred to the help documentation? There’s instructions for installing the theme in the first section.

i cant the home page to ahve the wide feature bar appear how to i do this?

Thanks matt, for the email reply. I was trying to set it up wrong. LOL

I now sorted it and thanks :D

Amazing theme! Being used here:

It’s a brazillian construction tv show.

Really good Theme

i used it 4 my blog – :)

Is there any way that there can be a view counter on each video page. I think that would be great

@sheedboy321 wp views plugin might do the job

One question, can we use tubepress plugin with this theme?

Nevermind I have purchased it :)

Anyway, I belive you use GD star rating on your live preview, how did you set up the stars on front page?

Nope, Wave supports WP-PostRatings out of the box, as mentioned in the documentation.

Is this guy still alive?

Indeed, I am. I don’t work on weekends (unless I absolutely have to), and tend to theme support 3 times a week. This is the last place I look, which is why I tell people to send me a message via my ThemeForest profile for support requests.

Don’t be upset, was just too imaptient to get this theme working and it is now, and it’s greeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Hey Matt, I’ve got two questions:

1. Can I make two parent video categories (like “Series” and “Sketches”)?

2. Is it possible to remove the text from the logo (but not the grungy texture) using the included .PSD? I would like to use it to make a logo for my site.

Thanks for you time, Matt. Love your themes! Hoping to buy some soon. :)

Sorry, I only answer questions like this from people that have purchased my themes.


Nice template. Question for you: Is it possible to create a photo gallery in this template?

There are no styles in the theme for handling galleries, but with Wave being a light theme, they should look okay.

Live preview gives error, no database connection.

Please fix

Hi Matt,

really nice work! How can I do to visualize the first letter of the months in “capital”? example: no september but September



The month is capitalized in the templates. Can you show me an example of where it’s not?