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Sorry Matt,

is it possible to change the with of the leaderboard?



Just about anything’s possible, but you’ll have to take care of it yourself. Open up /css/screen.css and look for #leaderboard.

Im trying to install the theme and Im getting an error code. I uploaded it to /wp-content/themes/wave

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/44/d317692549/htdocs/xlurbanmedia/wp-content/themes/wave/functions.php on line 191

Can you please help me?


Does your web host support PHP5 ? It’s required for WordPress 3.0+, and there are some PHP5 functions in Wave as well.

Hi Matt,

I have resolved with the problems of which I had spoken to you in the 2 preceding questions. I now wanted to know if it is possible to visualize a youtube video in the first box on the top, I have tried to paste the embed code but is not a good solution..

thanks in advance.


Hi i’m having a problem of getting items to show up in the Latest section. is there a tag or something?

First off, great theme. Installed in minutes. So I’d highly recommend it.

Question, a sweet option or possibly easy tweak would be to allow for adding two or three sub-feature rows. Is there a way to do this? Even if I have to go in and code it I will—any way I can do this?

Thanks again for the great theme!


Try adjusting the number of posts in the query_posts call for that section. I think they will simply fall in line below, to create another row.

morbat Purchased


Can I install the demo content on my template ? just for a start…

Many thanks


Replied to this via email.

dnicaj Purchased

This theme not have Theme Settings, wtf???


Yes it does. Theme Settings link at the bottom of the sidebar in WP-Admin.

dnicaj Purchased

Do you a have plan to make Dark version of this theme?


No I don’t.

Hey Matt,

Frist of awesome theme :_)

A short question on the licensing:

Is it possible to sell our OWN sevices using the regular license?



I’m not really sure what you’re asking. What are your services?

Hey Matt,

We’ll be providing a service to help music enthusiasts.

So the question is if the regular license will suffice for our needs?



It depends how the theme is going to be used. Basically, if you’re running a network install with multiple blogs running the theme, you need to purchase the extended license.

hey matt, i just purchased the theme, well, is it possible to make the header a feature video that is scrolling or something? instead of having 3 featured videos (default) that is on the left is large, and 2 small on the right side..can i just make it like a full featured header and make it scrolling?


Answered via email.

is there any page-views plugins that works with this template? =/

and why is this happening on my embed link ? vimeo works fine though, but when i tried other video host like, videoweed and novamov, it shows like this..


i wonder why?


I haven’t tested any page view plugins, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work.

Looks like the embed you’re using is an iframe. I haven’t tested with iframes, only the typical embed/object method.

Hello, I am really interested in buying your theme and I have some questions…

I want to translate the theme, is very difficult to do? I can do from somewhere quick?

I want to use this theme for a web of movies online, it is possible to put more than one part of video (a lot of times the movies are separated in 2-3-4 parts) in the same post?

In the homepage I see in the up 3 features (posts) and down 5 sub-features, this are in some order? like the latest posts or the posts with more ratings or how?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english, Dani


Sorry for the late reply, Dani.

My themes don’t include language files, so you would have to manually make the necessary changes to translate. Fortunately, there really isn’t much static text and I believe it would only take a few minutes to translate it.

Wave doesn’t support multi-part videos.

The homepage features are in order by date posted, descending. But posts have to be flagged as featured in order to show up there. So not every post is displayed in the featured area – only those you mark as featured.

Sorry, I have one more question, it is possible to ad the plugin for have related articles at the final of the post? and to have “friend links” or “recommended pages” for do backlinks?



You could use a third party plugin for related posts. Otherwise, you could always use the Links widget for the other types of link lists you mentioned.

Greax Purchased

I do not get to install the theme is the first time you use WordPro and I like the wave theme for my site but I can not install I want to be like the demo and then modified it to my liking xd

Hi Matt

I am looking to buy the theme, is it possible to add music as well? just to upload MP3 music and have it displayed in a sort of list or something like a music player?

Is there a plugin for this for your site?




Wave is built for video, not audio. You would have to find a third party plugin that handle the audio player functionality you’re after.

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Hi, I just bought this theme and I was wondering if you could help me fix some bugs I found. One bug is that the large featured video thumbnail hyperlink only works around the edges of the video and on the fading white strip. Is there any way to make it so the whole image is clickable to the link.

Another issue is that the white fading strip on that image became lighter than usual, making it hard to see the description writing. These bugs are shown on your live demo site as well.

Please let me know any fixes to this, thanks!


It sounds like you’re using an old version of IE. Is this correct?

Ruchu Purchased

Hi matt,

I’ve bought your theme and i have a problem. All is working fine except the menu. I have no idea why the menu don’t toggle. I have a category with two subcategories and never shows those.

Could you help me?

Ruchu Purchased

Hi again matt,

Forget i’ve spoken. It was a own mistake.

hi matt, how can i use the “subfuture-border.gif”, sidekick-border.gif and the hero-border.gif?” I need the play button in all the thumbs..



Wave originally had the play buttons on thumbnails, but it made it overly difficult to customize the colour scheme, so I removed them. I left the images in tact, in case anyone wanted to make use of them, but you would have to do a bit of manual CSS work to add them back.