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Matt is a real pro, if you need advice, tips, or help mod’ing a template he is there for full-support. Please consider him and support him on here, you cant beat the quality product and after-care he provides. :)


Thanks for the kind words! Glad I was able to help you out.

First wordpress video theme i’ve seen so far….and i’m definitely buying this.

I just have one question Matt. Youtube has this new iframe embed code feature (though still a beta version); I’ll like to know if iframe code will work for Wave?

In btw…thanks for this great theme.


No, it likely won’t, although I haven’t done extensive testing.

Hi Matt

I’m using this theme for a long time and I just love it! My version is Wave 1.3.5 and I would like to upgrade to the new version available but seems like I’m going to go post by post to set if is a video post or an article. Is there a way to do this in an automatic way or I have to do this by hand?



Unfortunately no, there isn’t really an easy way of doing this. Moving forward, you only need to flag video posts, otherwise they will display as blog posts. So you really only need to update the posts in your video category, and check the “video post” option.

Hi Matt,

I’m experiencing a problem with embedding videos from Vzaar.

It seems your theme is removing some of the crucial code when I paste the code into the designated Video Embed Code box on Wave.

However, when I paste that same code as Html in the “HTML Tab” above, the code works correctly.

If you check http://malakas.tv/?p=33 you can see both video examples. One as HTML in the paragraph box (which works) and the same code in the “Video Embed Code box” which doesn’t work correctly as the video is squeezed.

Is there any way you can fix this or any code I can add in the theme to make this work?

Thanks in advance.


Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.

Hi Matt

Im using the latest version of wave, and Im wondering why on non-video posts… images wont center or align properly.

could be a simple fix



Yeah, you’re right. Images don’t center properly. This is due to the style applied to images, and they’re required to be displayed as block items. I do know of a fix for this, and I’ll put it on my list for the next time I sit down to update Wave.

This is probably a really dumb question… on the home page, under the featured videos, on the theme preview their are several images horizontally in a row. I think I’ve figured out that on the theme preview it’s displaying from the “trailers” category but how do I set that up to display a category there? Love the theme though! Thanks!


The area you’re referring to is called Sub-features, and it’s basically an overflow area for features. Once you have more than 3 featured posts, they’ll show up in that row below the main 3. If you don’t have enough to fill that space, you can hide it from Theme Settings.

buttons at the top for Facebook, Twitter, etc… Is there one for YouTube? Like in Black Aperture?


No there’s not, but I will add buttons for some of the popular video hosting sites in the next update.

hey, i recently bought this theme, i cant find any option from where i can display all populat tags, and all categories on the home page as they are in the live demo, kindly guide me through Regards, jawad

and iam also having a problem, when you hover on the videos in the menu its drop down hides under the video see example on this page http://onemissiononevision.com/?p=17

Hey Matt,

Thanks for all the help your providing with this template. Its working for me exceptionally well.

I would like to know, how to create separate backgrounds for the home page, and post pages?


You would need to do some custom CSS work for this to happen. Wave doesn’t support custom backgrounds, and you would basically wipe out all of the structural elements if you were to use one.

I love this theme. Is there a way I can make my site look like the demo?

I’m a total noob when it comes to wordpress but not afraid of html.

I downloaded the wp-postratings plugin and trying to add the ratings to the video but its not working.

It would be nice if I could make my site look like the live demo except with my own logo and topics and videos ofcourse.


Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.

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Hi Matt!

Thanks to your theme my project is almost a reality!

It is WatchRecipe.com

But right now I am a bit stucked in 3 different points.

1. How to avoid not showing the site title behind the logo? It is annoying the fact that people cannot read it properly.

2. I am using a great plugin called Widget Logic in order to put different widgets in different pages. In Mozilla it crashes though and the sidebar gets lost. Any idea how could i tweak the css in order to make it work?

3. How the hell could i change css files? if i put code in the style.css file that is empty in the wordpress editor, am i changing anything!

Waiting for your answer! :)


Please send me a message via my ThemeForest profile and be sure to read my support policy.

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I have problem with IE, why? thank you :)

mayja Purchased

...my site is: http://www.roadtvitalia.it/

and, in IE, site is very bad.

PS: i’m sorry for my english :(


Try adding this to the head and see if it fixes your problems – http://pastebin.com/tncpD1cY. Newer versions of IE default to IE7 compatibility mode by default. This will force it to render the site as the latest version available, with standards mode enabled. You can add it to the head section in Theme Settings.

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I’ve just installed this theme on a clean install of the latest Wordpress.

The Twitter widget for example won’t work. It doesn’t show in the sidebar and when adding it, it says there are no options for this widget.

The same goes for the banner ad widgets.

Any ideas?


You need to first install and configure the Twitter Tools plugin for the Twitter widget to work.

For the ad widgets, you need to add your code to the appropriate fields in Theme Settings.

Matt, I need your help please. The custom logo appear only at home page. What can be happening? I wait for your answer… TY


Sounds like your path isn’t absolute. Make sure you have a forward slash before wp-content. So, it should look something like this…


Is it possible to make this theme work with WPRobot?


I’m not sure, I’ve never tested that plugin.

Hi mattbrett

Still loving the theme and got no plans on changing it as its spot on for our video review site :D

Just wanna ask if its possible to display the post Tags on the blog posts like they are displayed in a video post.

Video post: Shows the Tags at the bottom Non-Video Post: Does not display the Tags at the bottom

I think that be a good addon

Also its good to hear that you will be adding buttons for some of the popular video hosting sites in the next update.

Well i look forward to the next update :D


Damn, I must have moved the wrong file. Sorry about that! This one is good…




Thank you very much mate.


You’re quite welcome. :)

I’m really dissappointed that it doesn’t make a thumbnail image of the video. I thought I would be able to post the embed code for the video and would see a thumbnail of that video. Instead I see a frowny face which is kind of how I feel about the theme now. It seems that I can go make my own thumbnail and upload it and point to it but I could already do that stuff before. I thought a theme designed for video would have been more friendly about handling thumbnails for video.


I wish there was a universal way of automatically capturing a thumbnail, but unfortunately there isn’t. While this can be done for YouTube by simply entering the video ID, other services work differently. Wave is a generic video theme, not a YouTube theme, so I’m afraid you’ll have to add thumbnails manually.

Matt i have been using your theme, i must say good job, now i am facing a problem, with the auto generated thumbnails, i want to build a module in which a user enters a youtube link, and i can fetch the thumbnail by myself. I have made the logic, tested it on local host,works fine, http://i3.ytimg.com/vi/VIDEO-CODE-HER/0.jpg, I will generate via this link the thumbnail and use it for my video posts, now this process is really time taking as i went through the code, chasing the forms,variables,script etc, can you help me with this problem, provide a simpler way of doing this thing. Thnks


I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking here. If you want to use the YouTube image, you will have to use the “legacy image” method of applying post thumbnails, and add i3.ytimg.com to the allowedSites array in thumb.php.