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Awesome theme!!! Can I change the background to all-white?

Congrats! V.


Yup! You can change the background to whatever you want. In the demo, if you look at the “options” drop down, you can preview what it looks like with all white background (and much more).

Sorry, just realized we can upload our own bg.

(edited) and now I see you already answered :-)


No worries ;-)

Lovely theme as usual but pardon me for saying, I feel this and Politico should have been 30 dollar themes…you don’t even implement shortcodes, something almost no theme doesn’t do anymore. Plus, you’re using options tree plugin (not like you have a custom admin panel) and compared to some other themes, yours are relatively simply structured.

Don’t get me wrong, please, I love your work. I love Politico and this is a great theme as well, but I just don’t feel there’s enough features in either (especially lack of shortcodes) to justify the price.

Just my 2. Cheers and good luck with sales, just giving feedback :)

Please don’t be mad at me lol.


I appreciate your feedback.

Ultimately the price is up to ThemeForest, not authors.

OptionTree is supported by ThemeForest and was built specifically for authors to use so buyers have a consistent admin panel.

I actually like the OptionTree panel A LOT . It allows the buyer to take the theme and easily customize the admin panel even further if they want to. With the built-in admin panels, users are stuck with what they get and in most cases, it’s REALLY difficult for them to customize the panel for their clients’ needs.

And another side note, you’d be surprised how may (big) authors are using a re-skinned OptionTree plugin “built-in” to the theme ;-)

@Tonvie I often read here and there the comments in the items and today I came across with your comment.

I’m the reviewer of this item. We don’t judge a theme based upon those features you mention, we judge a theme based on ease of use, gorgeous design, well documented code, extensive documentation and such. We don’t set higher prices based on the option panel either, OptionTree is a great panel and is often better than most of the custom panels around TF, it was developed by Derek Herman (Envato’s frontend dev) and reviewed by Collis and the rest of the team. :)


And another side note, you’d be surprised how may (big) authors are using a re-skinned OptionTree plugin “built-in” to the theme

I hear ya ;) Thanks for being kewl about the honest critique. But get them shortcodes in your themes brutha ;) :D Cheers.


Updates are free, so if there is enough demand, I’ll definitely consider adding them… for free ;-)

Nice theme… totally worth the $5 extra bucks… heh :P

Just wanted to let you know that when you collapse the bottom expanding div on my browser (firefox 3.6.13) it makes this crazy flashing, blinking in the viewable area and it’s really annoying.

I’m not sure if anyone else notices this but wonder if there’s a fix for this?

I haven’t tested this in any other browsers.




Thanks! :-D

I’m using FireFox 3.6.13 as well and don’t see what you’re talking about? Maybe you have a FireFox add-on that could be causing some JavaScript errors? I’m not sure. All I know is that this theme has been thoroughly tested and works on all major browsers + IE7 ;-)

I can confirm what Nuvru said. Like you said Molitor, could be a plugin. I had to do it a few times, it doesn’t happen everytime…


It’s not a bug. I can confirm this is a PC FireFox Browser issue with the JavaScript rendering engine it uses. I don’t see this at all on the mac version: http://screenr.com/X76


I understand it’s not a bug. That’s why I said potential bug...because I don’t know…you’re the man on that and I take your word for it. Nuff said.


Much appreciated, thanks :-)

It’s a little hard to see in this video but basically it stutters or flashes…



Thanks for the video.

It sounds like it has to do with how the browser is processing JavaScript. The theme is using the built-in WordPress jQuery library, so between WordPress updating the JavaScript, or the browser improving it’s rendering engine, it will likely take care of itself. I can confirm I have no JavaScript errors.

edit: this isn’t showing in the Mac version of FireFox, so it appears to be a PC/FireFox specific thing.


I can confirm this is a PC FireFox Browser issue with the JavaScript rendering engine it uses. I don’t see this at all on the mac version: http://screenr.com/X76

Is there a feature in the admin to have the top and bottom expandable divs open by default?


Yup! You can see all the options available with an expanded view of the admin panel here: http://www.wpwave.themolitor.com/admin-panel-screenshot/

Awesome. And thanks for making the dropdown menus dropdown almost instantly. Slow dropdowns bug the hell outta me. great job again.


Thanks mate! Much appreciate!

I love this theme.. Its got real elegance… I have fallen in love with the design… Its just so perfect…

Good luck with sales…!


I REALLY appreciate that! Thanks so much :-D

kenspo Purchased

I just love the work from Chris, and i bought this without looking to much on the admin panel etc, cause i know this is quality. This is the third theme i buy from him and i know if there will ever be a problem, i know i get help from the author. Lovely work! :)


You rock kenspo! Enjoy the theme and thanks for purchasing! :-D

just my humble opinion, but making the menu bar hidden like that is a faux pas… it would be wise, in my opinion, to have an option where the menu isn’t hidden so you don’t have to roll over that + sign to see the nav menu… i like the fixed menu option…


There is an option to do just that in the admin panel ;-)

tinaerl Purchased

Hi – great theme but having a couple of problems with the category to page function. I have created a couple of pages and wish to have certain categories fill them as per your instructions… I have created the custom field of category and then am using the post categories to specify which should show up on each page but it is not pulling the pictures into the portfolio pages & grid layout as desired… I can’ figure out what I am doing wrong.

Also, the preview / lightbox function is not working for me either.

I have disable all plugins except those recommended by you… any ideas?

thanks, tina

tinaerl Purchased

Yes, I will email it to you but I got the portfolio working – I had not clued into the fact that I had to post each portfolio item of the page as a in individual post… but that’s okay.

I will send you my link but is there any way that I can turn off the “more…” on individual portfolio items within a page so that it is just a page that is a collection / gallery of photos?

Love your work and your support! 5 Stars my friend :) :)


Thanks Tina, I appreciate that :-D

If you just want images, it might be easier for you to just use the WordPress gallery option. Maybe give it a try and see what you think?

If that doesn’t work for you, you can remove the “more…” text by opening “page_grid.php” and removing the ancor tag with “more” inside it from the template file. If you’re using the grid with sidebar, open up “page_grid_sidebar.php” and do the same thing.

Hope that helps :-)


Thanks for emailing me a link to your site. I took a look at a couple of the images you’re using, and while the dimensions of the images aren’t too huge, the file size is. One image was 1236 KB, which is VERY large.

I recommend optimizing your images for the website. This is a good idea in general as it will reduce loading times of your site.

If you aren’t sure how to optimize images, Yahoo has a really cool tool that is free to use called Smush.it: http://www.smushit.com/ysmush.it/

Hope that helps :-)

Hey i right now bought your wordpress theme..! I´m very happy. Can you tell me please how i can install the demo_content.xml?

THX so far for your really great JOB !!! Andy


Thanks for purchasing!

You can install by navigating to “tools” > “import” and selecting “WordPress”. You will be prompted to install an import plugin if you haven’t already.

@themolitor – just have a quick question about the theme, mate.

I just watched your video on adding content to the slider and noticed you’re using the post category method as opposed to creating a custom post type.. and I was wondering how you went about excluding the slider category posts from the main blog page?

This was always something I had issues with before I was able to instead implement a custom post type. By default your blog loop would pull in posts from all categories and would be showing blank/empty posts from the slider category.. and you could easily exclude the category in the loop but when users install the theme on their own sites it’s harder to find the correct category name/ID to exclude as it’ll be different on each site. You might exclude the “slider” category and a user will name theirs differently, e.g “slideshow”.

Or does the blog actually just pull in these blank posts?



The blog page is a normal category page, separate from the slider category. This way users that subscribe via RSS can still see when new content gets posted. For example, if a new page is created (pages are excluded from RSS ) and a slide is created to promote that page, users get notified via RSS subscription.

tinaerl Purchased

Thanks again for all your help with this Brilliant Concept! LOVE the wave and am very happy with the result. :)

One upgrade to consider may be the ability to post text above a grid layout page as an introduction to the gallery… 8-)


Thanks tinaerl!

Feature request added to the list! :-D

Can the video player play .flv and .mov files as well?

Plus is there a way to have categories for the portfolio section? like photo’s, video, web etc.

Really nice design and layout!, would like to purchase, but I have a ton of content and being able to organize them well in the portfolio section is important to me, so that potential clients can see my work that much more easier. :)



You can have as many portfolio pages as you want with different categories for each page :-)

Currently the theme is setup to support YouTube and Vimeo content in the pop-up window.

Are there any problems installing plugins? i need multilingual website. I like a lot your theme


Thanks for your interest in this theme :-)

There shouldn’t be any issues with plugins. That said, I don’t provide support for plugins, so if you encounter an issue, you’ll need to use the proper support channels for that plugin. Hope you understand.

norit_78 Purchased

Thanks themolitor!

i just bought your theme! i´ll told u if i have any issues with pluglins!


Thanks for purchasing! :-)