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Hi there!

I’m loving your theme! My current server is PHP version 5.2.17 will this theme work on my site?

Best regards, Christine

Hi Christine, thanks! :) Yes, you shouldn’t have any problem with 5.2.

Hello! We are experiencing a lot of issues with Wordpress 4.1 and this theme. Will there be a new update soon??

Hello, we haven’t received any reports of incompatibility so far so might be some issue on your side. Please edit the forum ticket you had opened and add your WP login details and also specify what issues exactly you’re having there so I could enter and help you figure it out. Thanks.


I’m thinking of buying your theme and i’m just wondering if the book appointment form on the front page be removed easily?

Is it possible to trial themes?



Hi Gareth, thanks for your interest in Wecare. Yes, the appointment form is totally optional. Trial option is not available, I’ll be happy to answer any pre-purchase questions though.

Hi There – I am thinking about buying this theme and have read through the comments and support forum – I just have one quick question regarding the appointment bar – is it possible to put a different contact form in the widget instead of this appointment bar? Thanks for letting me know!

Hi, thanks for your interest in Wecare. The appointment bar is a sidebar where you insert the appointment widget so theoritically it can be anything else but note that it will need corresponding styling to go nicely with the theme.

Hi ,

I’m guessing the colours of the theme can be changed?



Hi Gareth, sure – there’s a 1-click color changer provided.


Anybody know how to keep slider one every pages?? It’s only on home page…


Hi, you should edit the page where you want the slider to appear and choose the slider to show from the “Head options” custom field.

Thanks a lot! :) You right! it was hidden on the bottom of page.

it, works, but just one thing… The slider is now exacly under the upper_menu, about 50 pixel below… Why?

Is it possible to add the ability to select a desired appointment time?

Hi, thanks for the purchase. I’m afraid it’s not possible as the appointment sidebar is a custom coded widget and to add appointment time the code needs to be changed accordingly.


when adding 2 tab groups in same page, the second group content does not appear until tab is clicked.

any idea?


Hi, could you please open a ticket in our support forum and provide your website link so the theme developer could assist with it? Thanks.

thanks, it is already opened here:


Like your theme so far. Just have a quick pre-sales question. Do you have the option to control the width of the website?


Hi, thanks for your interest in Wecare. You can switch between boxed and full width layouts with 1-click through theme’s admin panel.

Hey Premium Layers.

First of all great theme. Recommend it to anyone reading this.

Second of all I have a question. Where is the lines of the code located for the “make appointment” I want to make changes to it.

Thanks !

Hello Premium Layers,

I am unable to place a “read more” tag. It is showing on Wordpress backend but not making any change to the live version. Any suggestions ? Thanks

hi and thanks for purchasing our work, please open a support ticket in our official forum to get help from our devs.



I am considering purchasing this theme, but I was wondering, is there an option to change the menu (once it reaches mobile size) to a hamburger menu instead of a drop-down?

And one more question – is there any way to see examples of this theme in use, aside from the demo?

Thank you!