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Thank you @wptitans :)

Looks really good. Has this been build with Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 by any chance? Thank you.

Thank you. I will learn more about Twitter Bootstrap, now I can’t say anything about this feature.

I’ve just installed this under WP 3 .3.2, including importing the .xml dummy data, but the site is totally horked. Was this tested under 3.3.2?

Hi. Of course was tested. Do you have your site on-line? Please, write me using the contact form in my Profile page. There we could take a look to this closer. Thank you.

It’s all good to go. Excellent support. Was just missing a config option for the menu. Two thumbs up!

Very nice theme … love it.

Thank you @velhotes

I just had to take the time to tell you what I think. This theme is SO beautifully elegant. It’s colorful but not overly so. It’s seemingly both feature packed without being becoming convoluted. You did quite a job on it. The product listing could definitely benefit from many screenshots of the the backend / admin section of the theme. Let us see how beautiful the inside is too.

If it ever becomes responsive, it’ll end up on my must buy list. Bookmarked for now…Good luck with sales. :-)

Thank you @electronicpakrat!

You can download this archive with screenshots for theme 12 sections from WebSplash admin panel:


It’s early to say if we will make it responsive and when. Thanks again :)

Thanks for those screenshots. A good start. Nearly unbranded which is good. Looks very common which is also good for training.

I’d recommend implementing some sort of “repeatable field” for the “Home Page” settings area, etc. The limited, fixed field nature (Content1, 2, 3, etc) wouldn’t seem to be the best implementation style for flexibility / future growth IMO . Replacing all those potentially unnecessary fields would likely streamline the backend / admin section which right now appears more complex than it actually is / could be.

In a future update, you may also wish to concentrate on less technical verbage. While you and I understand it, clients / end-users often won’t.

Is there an option of custom menu on the sidebar?

Yes, you can use custom menu on the sidebars.

Thanks for ur reply. I have asked few more questions below as I have very specific requirements and want to be absolutely clear before I buy this template. Will it be possible for you to share a demo or screen shot of the custom menu on the side bar as to how it looks? Thanks in advance.

Can we disable the slogan area on the homepage? Couldn’t see that option in the screen shot. Also, how can we configure the alternative homepage options? The screenshots only had the option of the default homepage.

If the homepage textarea will be empty, then slogan will be disabled. You can download the help documentation and read it before buy.

Would really appreciate if I can do. Where can I download the documentation from? Thanks.

You can find the download link in the theme description, where is Theme features -> Extensive documentation

We do you configure the four column sub footer?

Add info in the footer sidebars in Appearance > Widgets http://d.pr/i/yOwV

Also, in the sidebar and the footer, can we put our own content in a listed format in any of the sections?

Of course.

Any chance of adding the ability to select a specific category for the home page portfolio section?

Nice suggestion, this will be added in the next update.

FYI , Info Boxes coloring fails on IE9 . Just white backgrounds.

Will be fixed. Thanks.

looks good but i noticed in the live demo if you change the background from stretched to boxed it doesnt lineup correctly. this happens with the wood texture and im using the latest version of firefox.

Thank you @tweakui

Thanks for your replies.

Just need one more clarification.

Can the height of the slider be increased?

Also, couldn’t see any styling or shortcodes for images? Do you have any option of left/right/center alignment for images? If yes, can i see any example please.

Thanks in advance.


The height is fixed. It can be increased if you have html/css knowledge.

Theme have image shortcode. This is an example:

   title="image title" 

Very nice! like it :)

Thank you @louiejie


Brilliant work!

Only one main question:

1. Is the homepage fully customisible so that any content and layout can be used (e.g. a general page)?

Many thanks,


Hi @niteshnp2001,

The home page includes these parts:

Home page slogan
Homepage Top Widget
Purchase Area
Services Area
Recent Projects
Recent Posts
Homepage Bottom Widget

To display info in Homepage Top Widget, Homepage Bottom Widget add info in these widgets sidebars in WordPress menu Appearance > Widgets.

You can create page with content and use it as front page in Settings > Reading, this is very helpful when you are using multilanguage plugin.

There are 2 page templates for front page:

Front Page Full Width
Front Page Width Sidebar - to use the sidebar in this page template, create a custom sidebar in Web Splash > Custom Sidebars and select it in Page Options for this page.

Kind regards, WebLionMedia

Great theme!

Im having trouble figuring out how to add the “Sign in” link at the top right in the header. How do I enable this feature?

Thank you for appreciation. This is as a an example. You can find plugins that doing these things. Anyway I’ll add in this feature in one of our our next updates.

It would be great if the “Service Area” operated just like the “Recent Projects”, meaning, instead of having the title link simply be underlined on the hover event, it changes color on the hover. Additionally, if it added the small arrow block icon to the end of the text as a link, it would make the design more consistent and fluid.

Please contact me via our Profile page on ThemeForest
http://themeforest.net/user/WebLionMedia and send additional info with screenshots and I will help you to implement this feature and will add this feature in next update. Thank you.

good work!! waiting for html version!!

Thank you @vpigolenko, You can find the html version here

Hi again,

How can I edit that sparkle image that is on both outer sides of the slider? Where are those images located and can they be replaced with another image? Thanks!


Please explain your questions with screenshots. Which Slider are you using?


I dont know how to attach a screenshot in here. The element I am referring to is in the background behind the slider. Its on all sliders. Its where the red background is. Does that make any sense?

Please send an email via our Profile page form
http://themeforest.net/user/WebLionMedia and I will reply. Thank you.

Really nice great job. Good luck.

Thank you @wpstall