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Hi I am back with another problem I have found, the portfolio section, and the author section, does not have a place for seo description.

You have a “Custom Portfolio Page Description” but this does not show up in metatags as a description tag.

Therefore Microsoft and Google are penalizing these pages. Without them having ability to show up in the search engines the portfolio is useless. How do we fix this?

Hi jasong,

Which SEO plugin are you using?

Regards, WebLionMedia

HI I am using Head Space 2, and I have tried Yoast. It will show meta description for all other pages, BTW I had to hire a programmer to fix the alt tags on the home page. The images that we’re built in and the logo would not show alt tags.

Hi. I’m having problems with the contact form. I get a blank page (it only shows the header) and no email is sent. I checked the email entered in the “Contact settings” and it is correct. What I’m I missing? Also how can I get rid of the “Back to home page” link in the right top of the header. TY for your help! Love the template so far :)


I will contact you to your email. Need to test this issue online.

Regards, WebLionMedia


How many fonts are included?


For headings in the admin panel are included 5 fonts.

Regards, WebLionMedia

how can I add more than 1 picture into one item in the portfolio section? Like image gallery

You can upload the images in Media gallery for the needed portfolio item.

where do I send mail for support?

Please use the contact form from this page:



Just wanted to write here how much I appreciate all your help with the website. I’ve used around many themes before and I have never had such great support. You respond quickly and go far and beyond what I would have expected to help me get things working exactly the way I required.

Much appreciated. Thanks.

- Andor.

Why can not I upload my theme

Hi. Which errors did you get on uploading the theme?


Unzip this archive and upload via WordPress install only the archive web-splash.zip

Hello?I am a novice. Do not know how to add pictures and content of my home?

There is no text editing operations on this topic? Thank you The last upload problem has been solved, thank you very much for your help. Great topic.


If you are using the default home page, then you can add info in home page widget sections in “Appearance > Widgets”. Find there the sections “Homepage Top Widget” and “Homepage Bottom Widget”.

If you want to use your own content only on home page, then set the page template name “Front Page Full Width”. After, under the WP menu “Settings > Reading”, set as static page.


Can you please tell me the resolution to craigfinch’s question about having the portfolio images on the home page link to a page rather than a pop-up of the image? The posted code doesn’t work and it looks like you took the discussion off-line.

Thank you.

Hi. I will contact you to your email. I can’t find the question, about you are talking.

I should be in WordPress edit bar where the picture above add to the original theme http://weblionmedia.com/websplash/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/11.jpg

The website ” Home ” how to edit. Whether it should be deleted? In what position can be found and deleted? If in my website to add a ” Home ” navigation, not and theme of the above “Home ” repeat.

Thank you for your support

Hi. Please reformulate your question. I do not understand it. Please reply to my other email. Thank you.


I have some problems with setting up sliders. I cannot add any image to them (I did it with ur tutorial and size is good). WP created some kind of different posts with my images but they’re invisible in sliders. Also it’s something wrong with “right slider” – http://i.imgur.com/QcGVi.png

Furthermore, is it possible to delete default “home” page or change its options somehow?

Hello. Please check your email.

I mean why isn’t this home page visible in dashboard pages section?

Everything works great atm. I’m just so noobish sometimes. Thanks you for response anyway :)

I am back yet again, this time the blog will not allow people to post comments yes I have allow people to post comments on new articles checked. Anyone else have this issue?

Please send your site url. Thank you.

Another error I have found you can see on preview as well. When you are on a blog post and click the authors name it should take you to the authors page where all of there posts are instead it just loops. http://themeforest.net/item/web-splash-premium-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/2241850

FIGURED THIS OUT . I am back yet again, this time the blog will not allow people to post comments yes I have allow people to post comments on new articles checked. Anyone else have this issue?

Another error : your widget Web Splash Popular Posts will only retrieve posts from one Author. If you have multiple authors like most sites do it will show all of the posts coming from one author instead of the correct author that wrote it.

In the latest version of Firefox, and wordpress the widget “websplash recent posts” is being cut off by about 4 pixels across the top.

That same widget is showing all comments as being off even though they are on.

Please send a screenshot of this issue. Thank you.

Here look at this page http://dropshippingsupplier.com/portfolio/kiefer-site/ you will notice on the right widget error it says by dropshippers -07 Sep, 12 however if you go to the post you will see it is not by dropshippers.

Also when you put your curser over the authors name and click it in this case dropshippers it is supposed to take you to that authors profile page so you can read their posts.

Once again it loops here as well. Click dropshippers and see where it takes you.

The error is in your sample as well http://themeforest.net/item/web-splash-premium-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/2241850


Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

Best regards, WLM