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Clean and very nice theme. Good luck :)

Appreciate it Vicky!

This looks awesome! Is the expanding top section customizable in terms of layout?

Thanks! The top overlay section is set in 3 vertical columns right now. We’re working on a layout select option for it already. :)


Clean and simple but yet I’m experiencing some problems with sidebar in Blog section; the sidebar and posts are kinda overlapping. Is that on purpose? Check it out : http://awesomescreenshot.com/09a1dg1b96

That’s rather interesting Feeleep. What browser/OS are you using – we haven’t seen that before.

I see what was causing that. We already fixed, uploaded, and it’s been approved. Thanks for the help!


Great work guys! Love the simplicity and Helvetica. Very well played :)

All the best with sales!

Thanks guys! Super appreciated!


after many years here and hundreds of purchases across the marketplaces – this is my favorite file to date!

And this is my favorite comment of all time. Thanks Charlie!

WOW! What a file!

Two tiny suggestions – add a “back to portfolio items” button/link from portfolio items and social sharing to portfolio items.

It is beautiful and deserves BIG sales

Thanks Paddy. We’re looking into a lot of these suggestions – loooove feedback – and plan to implement a couple in the next few days or so.

Thanks again! Rich

Nice and clean. And: it would be nice, if you can add a post to post navigation to the blog posts.

We’ve got some plans for that soon! Appreciate it Rappel – you’re fantastic!


Hey Rappel, forgot to mention it’s actually already built in, you just need to add it via Theme Options > Blog Settings

very very nice indeed…

A few suggestions, comments and questions if I may…

Where abouts is the like function can’t seem to see that?

A nice sorting function for the portfolio is required may I suggest a styled drop down menu in the right hand corner?

Could you add a captcha to the contact form please?

The rollover effect of the portfolio and images doesn’t really seem in keeping with the site consider changing them to colours – pertaining to each section eg orange for illustrations, pink for dribbble and so on :-)

Have you considered adding a dribbble, 500px and instagram feed to the portfolio, be great to be able to see these on the homepage instead of just the widget?

The a hover text decoration of underline doesn’t look right on the blog, how about a fade effect instead.

Consider adding a pre-loader to the whole website

Think that’s it for now cheers buddy Rich

While I agree with the calls for the little navigation/sharing tweaks and would love to see some form of expanding or overlay style portfolio to keep within the feel of the while site noone can deny that this is unquestionably one of the best ever on here just as it is-amazing stuff.

You’re great Alex – thank you so much. We’ve got some great feedback from you guys and gals here and have plans to implement a few soon.


Smells Like Orman Clarks Theme :) GLWS man.

Thank you? (Not sure if that is a compliment or not lol)

We love simplicity, form, function & design as much as the other guys :)


Yup agree with Alex very very nice theme indeed :-)

Understand the little tweaks and suggestions made above but with all due respect commanded by Orman, this is better.

Wow, that’s Cara. Orman and his team are among ThemeForest’s best – we appreciate this.


The other feature I love and have seen on many websites lately is when you have a long page and you scroll down the images all fade in, looks so slick and professional…

That’s a neato idea.

Hi Beans… neat bits you got here… is there a way to turn the emboss effect off on all the edges of the photos and just have a clean edge?... this would include those in the widget area. I really like the flat look and it would be nice to have that options. Thanks.

Hey Revo, thanks for that :)

Currently that’s not a Theme Options option, but we’ll see what we can do in the v1.1 update. Everyone is providing such good feedback, we can’t wait to implement some of these suggestions!


Hey Revo, we decided to add this into v1.1 – uploading tonight or tomorrow morning (one or two other things left on the update list). Thanks for the suggestion!


Yup agree with revovideo here either have them as flat edges or even masonry display with different sizes – that would be cool, the rounded edges are a bit jagged on the dark grey background…

another dope theme. you got skills to pay the bills my man

Thanks Chris! :)

Some really exciting ideas in this thread but to any potential buyer you will NOT be disappointed just how it is – super intuitive back end and simple as possible to implement. Awesome stuff thank you!

Mega thanks Charlie!

Hey bud did you get a chance to look at my long list near the top? :-) have to agree with everything here with a few tweaks this is a truly great theme, gonna be a huge seller…

Yup, took a nice gander at them. We’ll see what we can do :)


Sorry forgot to ask earlier is there a dummy XML file included? Thanks

Yup, you can download it right here: http://thmbns.co/PWjM

Mucho thanks Centurio!