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Hi bud, so assume that was a typo earlier no like function? (Yet?) would really like to see this, perhaps consider it please :-) cheers

Ohh yes, that was a typo – sorry about that. We’ll see what we can do :)

No worries please add the function in though one of my favs this :-)

We’ve decided to add likes in v1.1 – uploading soon. :)

I’ve just browsed about 25 themes in 2 hours and after an exhausting exercise in eliminating some otherwise excellent options, have arrived at 2 very definitive conclusions.

1 – Richie P is like the rock star of run on recommendations.

(only without the rock star and killer command of sentence structure part, BUT with great shades and an abundance of free time to opine on everything – which is the hallmark of most rockstars – sort of like Bob Geldof if he were in perpetual pursuit of pixel perfection for $50 bucks or less, which I admire)

2 – I have themebeans theme envy. Everytime I think I’m going to buy the current one next week – another new and better one shows up – creating this endless cycle of indecision….and waiting…. and wondering what’s coming next.

It’s a tough life. But a great looking theme. And sometimes in life, you just have to stop and pick something.

So I think we’ve got a winner.

(you too, Rockstar Richie P – keep on keeping it real and doing what you do)

Haha thanks emedia! It’s pretty much the same here on the dev side of things. Every theme is a new and exciting beast that we can’t wait to release.

Oh, and just to let you know – just cranked out some stellar progress for our next theme (though it’ll be a few weeks) ;)


Haha emedia1 your right I do ask a lot of the same questions, this is because I thrive (short of writing a theme myself) for the perfect theme with perfect functions… Note though I only comment on specific themes, I have great taste :-) TF has a lot to answer for, too much choice leads to indecision.

All joking aside every now and then a theme comes up that is outstanding and this is one of those times, i can honestly say that I really only seriously consider purchasing a theme based on how an author responds and how quickly, the level of support and the manner in how they respond to me, I can gage from this what i am going to get in the future.

So theme beans I am adding you to my very select list of authors I would buy from – welcome to my top 5 club :-)

Going well Rich :)

Any sneak preview as to what your adding?

Sure, this is what we’ve added so far: http://assets.themebeans.com/changelogs/weblog.txt

More to come :)

Still Awesome !! I’m a big lover of this kind of design ;) You do it well ! GLWS :)


Thanks DoubleF!

Is it possible to have a large background image in-place of the white header section?

Sure, you would have to add a background image to the #header-container container via CSS.

Hey there, we recently purchased this amazing look theme. But our question is, can we add vimeo files on our homepage?

Are you trying to achieve this page: http://demo.themebeans.com/weblog ? If so, you need to set the page to use the portfolio template.

Email us at support(at)themebeans.com from now on – so we’re not confusing people with this thread :)

ThemeBeans, thanks a ton for this amazing theme. I figured out how to set it all up. www.camoanimations.com

We’re happy!

Awesome glad you are! Kudos!

Hey all! Big news here! We’ve released a solution to Twitter’s v1.1 API update (which has rendered most Twitter widgets useless – including our own). Check out our newest plugin – Bean Tweets.

ThemeBeans Bean Tweets Plugin

There’s a few more steps you have to take (per API requirement) but here’s a little guide I wrote to help you out: Click here to read it

Email us at support(at)themebeans.com if you run into troubles! Cheers!

PS: On a side note, our website just launched. :)

Just sent you an email bud :-)

Forgive me if I missed this in the documentation but how do I add an author avatar? Great theme! Easy to set up!

Awesome, glad you’re liking it! You’ll need to create an account over at Gravatar with your WP account email address – then it automatically places your avatar in the theme and on anyone else’s theme you comment on :)

Hi there! I’m three answers before purchasing Weblog theme.

Here i go:

1. If the site is divided in three parts (header, main, footer), is it possible to change the colors of those? Dark/light/grey instead of Light/grey/light (which is the default)?

2. Is it possible on each project’s page to have a slider instead of many different images?

3. Also on each project’s page, can “possibly related” projects be like three of four instead of two?


You can do any of these with a bit of dev work (1 & 3 being easy, 2 being the more difficult one).

Are there any plans to introduce a home screen that could display recent projects, blog posts and some personal info? That would be awesome.

Hey Noah, not at the moment – but if we hear enough requests we can add it in. :)


really nice theme, purchased it a few days ago. I`m wondering if its might be possible to disable the portfolio-category-archive without turning of the categories. I want to get rid of the archive but i dont want to lose the “possible related view”. Hope you can advise me.

Best regards, Chris.

I dont want to hide the categories, just make them non-clickable.

I’ll look into the WP codex for displaying un-clickable categories.

Thank you. That would be great.

More good news folks. With the latest update to Weblog, we’ve added compatibility with our Bean Shortcodes Plugin (free).

ThemeBeans Shortcodes Plugin

On another note, we just released our newest WordPress Theme, Spruce. A delightful Journal / Portfolio theme. Check it out if you have a sec!

Cheers all, Rich

The Portfolio page (set as a portfolio category) is finding the portfolio items, but displaying them like a blog rather than the portfolio style shown on the demo. Have I done something wrong?

Check and make sure your URL is not http://www.yoursite.com/portfolio (it will pull an archive of sorts if the URL is the same as the post type).

That should do the trick!

Rich Bean Support Team

Thank you. Works perfectly.

Awesome :)

Is it possible to add a retina logo option? Also for mobile, is there an easy fix to have the logo link to homepage? Thanks.

Hi, I just purchased your theme – a few days ago actually and I love it. I emailed you with a question but haven’t gotten a response. I had asked about why the title of my website is overlapping with my navigation menu items. Well right now I’m trying to figure out the pixel “size” of the portfolio pics on the weblog theme demo? I’d like my portfolio to look very similar to the demo, but I just need the pixel size (and I’m having a hard time finding them). Thanks.

Hey Writershrink – sorry about that, I’m not seeing an email from you. If your title is overlapping (if it’s text) you can shrink the h1 size via style.css line 605 – .logo_text.

For the demo we are using 803×562px for the portfolio images. This way they look crisp on retina screens and allow the media queries to work well. They don’t have to be this big though.

See when I edited the images to that size (803×562) they do not look the same size as on the weblog theme demo. Could it be because I have a column going down at the right?

The tagline is what concerns me. It’s huge!!! I want to reduce the size. How do I do it?

For the portfolio page, ensure your page is not loaded on the www.yoururl.com/portfolio (this is the default WP archive page). The portfolio template does not have a sidebar.

Is your tagline huge text wise or font wise?

Email us at support(at)themebeans(dot)com with your URL and we’ll take a look at it.

Hi there, I’m not as experienced in web design, so I’m not sure what you mean by “huge text wise” or “font wise”. To be honest, when I edit the tagline, whether that be in the theme options section or in the customize section where you can actually see the specific page, I don’t see an area to change the font size (as in on a Microsoft Word or Wordpad or Notepad program where you can go up from 12 to 14, 16 and so on).

Hmmm, so answer another few questions. Very quick, I promise. =)

1.) Where on dashboard can I find if the portfolio page is, in fact, loaded on www.yoururl.com/portfolio? I understand you have to delete the pages given and make your own.

2.) How do I create an “about me” page that corresponds to the “About Me” link in my navigation bar? Do I just attach it?

3.) I have this great shutterstock image that I want to edit the colours and then attach as my main page/home page picture in place of the white background. The header where the website title and tagline reside as well as the navigation bar. How do I ensure that the shutterstock image a.) fills the whole header section b.) doesn’t look grainy – maintains quality and resolution c.) is centered properly.

I hope this isn’t to much. Shawn – I’ll send you a link to my website via a direct email to you folks.

Responded via email :)

Hi ThemeBeans,

Love the theme! Just a quick question.

When I go to upload a custom logo, it doesn’t save properly in the theme options, when I click ‘save changes’ it just disappears, Which obviously means I am unable to upload a custom logo.

Is there anyway around this?



Hey Pete, would you mind sending us login credentials to test it out for you – to see what’s goin on via the back end?

Rich support(at)themebeans.com

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know we released another WordPress Plugin (free): the Bean Instagram Plugin – with full Weblog compatibility.

ThemeBeans Instagram WordPress Plugin

Email us at support(at)themebeans.com if you run into troubles! Cheers!

Hi themeBeans,

How do I get my site title to sit on the same “line” as the navigation menu? If you go to my website it looks like my first name, last name and the navigation menu were all written on different lines, as though they are not aligned properly. I want to fix it so that the last name part of my name/site title is on the same line as the menu and my first name is above.

Second, my portfolio pics are still smaller than in your demo. There should be three per “line” (like demo). What am I doing wrong? The pics are all 803×562.

I’ll send you an email of my site name. Thanks.