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Hi! I’m loving your theme! I purchased it and wanted to know one thing. Is it possible to make a option to add a file in the form generator?

I want people to include a file in the form.

If it’s not possible, please try to make it, it would be much appreciated!

Thank you for your awesome theme anyways! :)

Hey Kasuno1, no it’s not possible at the moment, though we are adding in minor CSS touch ups for the Contact Form 7 Plugin, which does (and much more) by the end of this week coming up.


Kay! I have to say too that the form builder sometimes do strange things + it doesn’t let you have all of the questions you want (mine stuck at 9. But I added them manually in the text editor and it worked.

Strange things! :s

Oh and other question came to my mind. How can I change the language of all the small things like “submit” button, respond (in the comment section) etc …

What are the files I’m looking for?

Aaaand last thing. Why do the logo look blurred on mobile version but not on the desktop one?

I’m using a Nexus4 and a Macbook if that helps.

This is the web: www.komolokieres.es/wordpress/la-pastelera/

I’m having some problems with the web itself but that’s not related to the theme.

Hi ThemeBeans, Great theme! Just one question…

On the Blog you have an awesome audio post with image post. Is there anyway to post audio posts in the portfolio section?

Hey Bleachryste, thanks – glad you like it! It is not a default function in the portfolio as of yet.


Hi, I’ve been on a theme hunt (again) and yours is on the top of my list. Do have some pre-purchase questions.

1. Is it possible to use thumbnails instead of the whole image on the home/work page? Because the whole thing is 3.1 MB (on disk) now.

2. Is it possible to change the colors? Like switch the dark grey with the white? Use another color?

3. Can you adjust the hight of the “header” top? Overall or for a single page?

4. Is it possible to view the category archives in the portfolio layout? That (and the 3.1MB) is the only thing I would really like to do different. Keep the user in the same portfolio layout instead of sending them to the “blog archive” style page.

5. Is there a filter option to put above the portfolio items on the home?

Love the error animation! ;)

Ok sounds good ;)

1. Yes, you can use thumbs instead of full width uploads.

2. We have these Custom Colors (via theme options): http://thmbns.co/Q91N but if you know a bit of CSS, it’s not very difficult to manipulate colors some more.

3. Not via the options, but in style.css line 638, you can adjust the padding of #header-container to extend it, or shrink it.

4. Here’s a category view of a portfolio category. It’s not a grid though. http://demo.themebeans.com/weblog/portfolio_category/illustration/

5. We’re working on a separate template to add a filter but there is not one atm.

Ok! Thanks for the quick reply. Filling my PayPal account now. ;)

Haha nice! :)

Let me know if you need anything. support(at)themebeans(dot)com

Hi! I had this great idea. You could use a modified version of the “Site Archives” page to control what (which category, how many, etc.) is displayed on the portfolio page. That way you could probably recycle a good bit of the code…

If you could select multiple portfolio’s for different pages that would be the ultimate situation!

Haha yea, we’re working on something like that for sure. One of the main requests I’ve heard from any theme.

That’s awesome! Really looking forward to that. It would make this theme even better.

I had the Twin portfolio before yours, that one had some nice portfolio display features you might want to look into. :)

It might be usefull to be able to enter an url for the “head on back” button. People who open everything in a new tab (like myself) can’t go anywhere by clicking Head on back…

Oh, yes. I meant the 404. :)

Ahh interesting. I think I’ll add an option to include a URL – or make it the home page by default. What do you think?

A URL would be best. That way you can choose to send it to your project / blog / contact / etc.

Might be a good one to stop the URL: field from pre-filling all the time. Every time you edit a project with no url it will put the example.com back in when you publish. :)

Ok, that’s good to know. Do you have a central (and public) list with what you will be adding to the theme? That way everybody knows what’s coming and you don’t have to answer questions like this every day. ;)

No not really (though it’s a great idea) – just have to think of the best way to do it.

Just put in a list here: http://themeforest.net/item/weblog-a-creatives-portfolio-blog-theme/4884067 below your current theme features. That way people know that a.) You’re working on improvements b.) that if something could work better with minor adjustments you guys fix things. That would be really easy to implement right? :)

Thanks for the theme its great so far.

Only one slight little bug ive noticed. Responsively the portfolio breaks some times if one of your portfolio titles wraps over 2 lines it breaks grid and your other portfolio items get staggered. Is there a way of fixing this?


Thanks Clint :)

Not at the moment, we’re looking into Isotope integration that would push all the other portfolio posts down when that happens, but ultimately it messes with the responsive grid.

It might be nice to put the project url in a link you could name. Now if you have long URLs (like this: http://www.boudewijndanser.nl/flash/takeover-animation/ ) it doesn’t look very nice in the layout.

Good idea! Thanks for the input – I really do appreciate it. :)

When adding columns it might be nice to position them next to each other instead of below. (In the Insert Bean Shortcode window…) Because that’s the way they will be presented when you save them.

I see what you mean here. I’ll investigate a clear way to do this. The foreseeable problem is when a lot of columns are deployed, the content width would be very small for each.

Nevertheless, I’ll look into it!


Is there a way to use the buttons / and other shortcode elements in the header? It would be really nice to be able to create big button call to actions there.

Like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/039a4333jvcyy4p/call-to-action.jpg

Hey, yep that was on our list of improvements. Here’s the changelog to the update I uploaded to ThemeForest a few moments ago (should be live within a couple of hours or so: Weblog Changelog – v1.2


That’s awesome! Read the changelog on my iPhone last night, and allready saw some pretty nice things on the list. Will try the update this afternoon. Keep up the good work! :)

Yup. Took a lot of feedback – bunches from you – thanks!

Really liking this theme. Have a quick question though: I noticed when browsing the demo on my iphone the vimeo video wont play (on the archived post dedicated to Vimeo)

Any ideas why that might be?


Thanks Edshiers, I’m actually getting it to work on my iPhone here (iOS7 B3 /iPhone 5). What phone/version are you using and I’ll see if I can confirm.

Actually – I think that specific video is not mobile compatible (you might want to change that up for demo purposes

I have it working on my iPhone here (iOS7 B3 /iPhone 5). What phone/version are you using and I’ll see if I can confirm.


The falling down error things for the form are nice, but if you have more then 1, there’s no time to read them.

It might also make more sense if they were placed near the field that’s not properly filled yet…

Thanks for the input! We actually evolved them from that to this: http://demo.themebeans.com/folo/contact

And it’ll probably be the new UX from now on – what do you think of that?

This is one of the cleanest and coolest sites on here – great suff!

I know it is not something we are asking you to do but just from a technical point of view if we wanted to modify it so the portfolio acts as an overlay (similar to http://www.thunderbuddies4life.com/longwave/) but to just sit between the header/footer so covering the main page area, do you think (as you know the code better than anyone) this is going to be a coding nightmare? I know adding Ajax will be horrific but maybe there is a simpler way?

I don’t suppose this is a freelance project you guys might consider?

You guys have too many cool sites and love your style so it has taken time to pick one but this is definitely our favourite one on TF. Thanks and look forward to more from you going forward.

Appreciate it Alex – honestly much so.

For adding that feature, I’m pretty sure I saw a tutorial on Codrops to apply this effect – which doesnt look too awfully difficult.

Overall I’d say it’s about at a 5/10 difficulty level – but it really depends on your level of coding.

For custom mods, do you mind contacting us via the Bean Support Center. I don’t usually take many requests (too much to do, with far too little time), though there is the occasional one. :)

Please copy these comments as well.


Awesome thank you. Will post it there after the weekend. Thanks for the quick reply.

No problem :)

Hi Guys,

how can i update the theme? is there a notification in the wordpress dashbord? thanks!

Hey, you can download the updated version here on ThemeForest, then either drop in the updated files via FTP or rename the theme folder, upload, switch to it, and drop your customized files into the updated version.

It depends on the level of customization you have within the theme files themselves – but if you used a child theme then you can just update the files with no worry. As always make a backup just in case.


Hi! I’ve installed 1.2, trying out new stuff. When I add button shortcode into the header textfield It doesn’t work… https://www.dropbox.com/s/9i3fz8ipemhkfwl/shortcode.png

Hey, we found some issues with the theme options text input shortcodes (which is what I’m assuming that’s a shot from) – not with pages/post intro text areas – and modified the header-content.php file (download here: http://thmbns.co/Qfpy).


Heyho Rich,

where can i change the contact-form error message? Would be great to know :)

Thank you in advance. Best regards, Chris.

Hey, Chris. On line 139 of lib/admin/forms/form.php. You’ll see “Woah there… The “%s” field is required!” – just change that there :)

Thank you Rich. But i have to correct my previous question because i meant the error-animation. I´m sorry ;( Hope you can help me again :) Thank you.

Oh sure, line 3539 of style.css (BeanErrorFall class and keyframes there). This .BeanErrorFall class is where you can modify the initial delay & duration of the animation.

Love this design! And all your other work :) Do you plan to release this theme as an HTML template?

Thanks Fri-is – you’re too kind :)

No unfortunately I do not plan to release an HTML version of Weblog (or any WordPress themes) – as I typically develop both the HTML and WP functionality concurrently.

Cheers, Rich

Hi Rich

I purchased the WP version of this theme, but also would like to use the design for my other custom project. DO you have the html for this? Can I use the html to create my other project? CHeers

Hey mate, no I do not code the theme in straight HTML before defining WordPress elements. I do both the HTML and WP at the same time.

HI Rich, thanks for getting back. So is it ok to use the html if I extract it with the css myself? thanks

Yup you can do that.

hi i bought this theme and it’s look awesome i love it. i have one question i don’t know where i to find the shortcodes

Hey mate! Glad you’re liking the theme! You can download the Bean Shortcodes Plugin over at our website, themebeans.com.