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Hi, how can I changed the title as I want to remove the widget shopping cart?

Hi, I can’t see “Add to Cart” button in the demo (http://webmarket.demo.proteusthemes.com/) with smart phone. is it a bug ?


UC Browser | Window Phone 8.1 | Nokia Lumia 1520


i found out the reason. tag has a “no-touch” class, but smart phone


That will be fixed in the next week with the update.


I’m interested to purchase this theme.

I have some questions before:

1. Can I add more filters to the product search apart from price, category and color? e.g. size?

2. is it possible to delete the button “Add to cart” and keep only the button “More”? Not only in the general list, too in the single page product. Is possible to do this in the Theme options? Is for use the web as a catalog.

3. is possible to translate the button “More”?



1. Yes, that is possible, all product attributes you can thing of can be added as filters.

2. That is possible to do with the CSS or creating a child theme, not in the theme options.

3. All the buttons can be translated using the standard method for WP translations: https://proteusthemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200391371-How-to-translate-the-theme-to-some-other-language-

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How can i display the promotion tag ?

When i have a lower price woocommerce display by default a promotion tag …

Thank you



Which promotion tag we are talking about? The ‘SALE’ badge is shown in the right top corner of the products: http://webmarket.demo.proteusthemes.com/shop/

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Hi. When I install persian wocommerce plugin.I will had this Error: http://wpup.ir/images/2014/07/01/unnamed.png I used persian woocommerce and recslider together on other themes and didn’t have any problem.

persian woocammerce: http://wordpress.org/plugins/persian-woocommerce/


Please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and we’ll find a reason.

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HI, can you disable the Revolution Slider on the admin side or do you need to edit the home template call for it?


You can disable Revolution Slider in plugins and that won’t break the template if that was a question?

For next questions please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/ and include the URL to your website.

I’m interested to purchase this theme. How to change the title: WEBMARKET BLOG




This is part of the WooCommerce, so chances are this is already translated to your language.

I’m thinking of buying this theme, I would like to know if you support the Brazlian Portuguese language. Thanks.



Yes, all our themes are translation ready, here is the (video) tutorial how to do it: https://proteusthemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200391371-How-to-translate-the-theme-to-some-other-language-


Pre-sales questions…

1. Is your documentation online now? I’d like to see the doc and the list of all the technical features.

2. Are there any options for the social icons? Color or type, spacing in the header, etc. or is all of that locked in and only changed with CSS?

3. Any mobile menu options? Maybe to make the menu slide out from the left side rather than drop down over the site?

4. Is this theme compatible with Visual Composer? Able to create a child-theme easily to remove inline CSS?

5. Are there lots of options in the theme options for styling? Or does this theme rely heavily on CSS and shortcodes?

6. Are there options for a header background, etc.? Lots of design options in the theme settings? Increase height of header and add a full-width background image?

7. Any built-in social sharing options for product detail and blog post pages?

8. Any way to have the logo shrink and display in the sticky menu bar when it appears?

9. Any way to remove the large amount of javascript code in the source code? Mainly this one “window.Modernizr=function(“

Thanks! Please respond asap. I want to buy this theme but may be too many things missing.



Let me answer these:

1. No, there isn’t, but if you email me via our profile page I can send you the documentation to the email

2. These things mentioned can be changed using custom CSS

3. The one seen on the demo is the only mobile menu type

4. Yes, it should work with any WP plugin, but we didn’t test it with Visual Composer. It is possible to easily create a child theme and you can even find one in the downloaded zip file.

5. Lots of options for changing color scheme and some basic settings for backgorund is in the WP live customizer. More things can be accomplished using shortcodes, custom CSS and child themes.

6. Nope for header, but you can add full width background image and you have an option for boxed version.

7. No, this is the functionality for the plugins, not the theme.

8. Nope by default.

9. Modernizr JS is inlined for the better performance reasons. You can move this to separate JS file using child theme. But maybe for the sake of better customizability we should move that code to the separate file as well – we’ll do that in the next update.

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Hi there,

I would like to change the theme to have 4 Blocks/Widgets under the slider rather than 3. Which file and line do I edit in order to achieve this?




File inc/register-sidebar.php, line 75: ‘before_widget’ => ‘ ’,

change class “span4” to “span3” and that should be it.

For next questions please open a ticket on http://support.proteusthemes.com/.