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Great pack by the way, I am trying to implement the editable data table, but the edit and the delete links on the demo page doesnt seem to do anything. making it hard to implement in my work

I will add all new table components with fixes to editable table with in next couple of days.

that is fixed.

okay thanks..

I like the template and user profile. Could I add php code to create some dynamic functionality? How is are user names stored? If I want to get a user display name and bio and display it on a custom page, how would I do that? php and mysql?

yes. php and my sql will be yours

Great template! But the “editable table” doesn’t work for me… Does it have a documentation?


I will get back to you on this. will fix if there are any issues.

that is fixed

if you add the datatable you have to add the jquery 1.8.3 and the theme is all on 2.0.2 with the bs… so if you use any functions like: $(’#yourModal’).modal(‘hide’); at the same page you include the 1.8.3 it will not work, it’s depends on 2.0.2 right? How to fix that?

PS: Beautiful work congrats

Nice template – quick question. I would like to use it for an intranet project so will this template work offline? Or would I loose some functionality?

Hello – Very nice template. Just wondering where can I access the chat function on the demo page.

Do you have a pricing table that goes with this theme?

The left side menu is giving problems when they have many items. When the amount of items that are presented in this menu exceeds the screen size, the scroll bar is not behaving properly.

Would I like a hint of how to correct this problem, since this is the standard layout of my application and is widely used by my clients.

I’ve been doing some more tests and realized that the problem of the scroll bar only occurs when the amount of menus are not as great.

Example: If you click the Form Components menu, the submenus will appear, displacing everything else down, so the Extra menu will no longer be visible. The correct would be to bar scroll appears to navigate to the Extra menu and you can select it, but it is not.

If you have any questions I am available.

Good day

I like this item very much

I only use Wordpress themes, so I don’t know how this works. If I purchase this package, how do I edit and publish it?

website expired?

is this template no longer being updated?

is it available? ...URL not working