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Please i change some icons that are located in: data/img/icons. If i put it in child theme did not recognize this folders. Please how do i do? thanks


zetatop Purchased


Notice, you can upload icons to Media, and they will appear as a choice in theme options and shortcodes. You can read more about it in the theme documentation.

Great i will try thanks!

I am trying to add some custom css that includes a path to images and I can’t figure out where your custom.css is stored, so I can’t get the path right.

The css I’m trying to get to work is this:

div.advps-excerpt-block-one { background:url(../data/img/blockquote.png) no-repeat scroll left top transparent; padding-left:40px }

div.advps-excerpt-block-one h2.advs-title { background:url(../data/img/blockquote_br.png) no-repeat scroll 400px bottom transparent; padding:0 31px 10px 10px; font-family:georgia,times New Roman,serif; font-size:36px!important; font-style:italic; line-height:40px!important }

I hope you can help!

I’m doing this in the custom css field, I’m just looking for the right path to access those blockquote images in the css I’ve indicated above. I know where the images are, I just don’t know where I’m starting from with the custom css to get the path (../data/img/blockquote.png) specified correctly so I can display the images.

You can’t use relative path in custom css, because it depends on an URL. You need to use absolute path (http://...)

Thank you! I’ll try that. I love this theme by the way—I used it four years ago for a project and am happy to be using it again.

Another custom css question. I want a border around my images, so I have added this to my custom css:

img { border:1px solid #DDD!important; height:auto; padding:3px!important }

How can I turn that off for the logo in the header?

You can see my page here: http://sapori-e-saperi.com/wp2/welcome/

My request is how to turn off the border for the logo when I’ve added it for regular images. I know where to do it (in the custom css field) I just don’t know how to turn off that particular one.

If you use setting in Theme Options for border for images, it doesn’t affect logo. If you add code to alter the styles, I can’t assist in such custom modifications.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

I am creating a new front page and whenever i select a sidebar. nothing shows up..

please write the comment from the account you’ve used to buy the theme. I provide support to direct buyers only.

Hello! Does it come with WPML or any multilingual solution or I have to get separetedly? Thanks.

WPML (premium) and Polylang (free) plugins are supported, but not included to the package.

Thanks for the attention!

Hi Kubasto,

is there a possibility to insert a gallery with a shortcode into the editor of a page?

if you mean a gallery in a post/page content, then yes, you can use the WordPress gallery shortcode method.
If you mena the Website’s gallery post type, you have to upload images to this gallery. It’s because of the theme backward compatibility issue, however I plan to make it work that way too.

Thanks for your answer. Especially i have a portfolio element (Website’s portfolio element post type), where i want to insert a gallery created as Website’s gallery post type into the content. When i use the standard wordpress gallery shortcode, then i can not access the Website’s gallery post type entries or am i wrong?

Gallery post types are separate pages and can’t be placed inside portfolios, posts, etc. If you need gallery in a portfolio, use the WordPress’ standard gallery (shortcode), which is not connected with the gallery post type – that’s correct.

Hi kubasto,

I have been a happy user for many years of the Website theme, and I have a query, just in case there is an easy solution.

I would like to host a second blog page with its own sidebar and subset of categories. Is there an easy customization for doing this or, even better, a shortcode to call up posts belonging only to a specific category?

Do let me know.



you can just add the category to menu, and it will create that kind of page you describe.
Then you can set a sidebar for this category page.

Dear Sir, I just have a silly question.

I want to create a fullpage site, but if I remove the Widgets to the right, I still have the Blog Layout with the small content-frame in the middle.

Where do I find the layout setting for full with?

Is there an howto video available?

Greetings from Germany, Marcel

you can set it in Theme Options / SIdebars or in a particular page settings.

BTW, pasting your purchase code publicly is not a good idea, I’ll flag your comment to hide it.


marco_liu Purchased

We have install “Website theme” as per your given document.The Parent theme is working fine, but when we activate child theme of “Website-Child”, its not working so please guide us.

How to make working child theme?


marco_liu Purchased


To amend to my last message, this what we are trying to implement:

We are willing to do some customization in the theme; which can be done by making modification in parent theme. However, in future upgrade of theme; all such customization might get overwrite & it will be a big loss, if theme is upgraded.

So in order to avoid such issue, we want to make customization in a child theme. But if we make any change or customization in child theme; it doesn’t show or get reflected on website. FYI, we have activated child theme and did required steps already.

Please advise on what we are missing in here or need to do.

Thanks in advance.


marco_liu Purchased

We are following this practice for all the other WordPress themes we had purchased through theme forest.

I don’t provide support for custom modifications. Child themes work and many users us them in cases like you. If you spot any bug which affect child theme please share with me your code.