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Hi, Love this theme! I just updated from 4.3 to the latest version, and I have noticed a difference in the way custom menus display in sidebar widgets. There use to be a pink circle/dot (that matched my color scheme) to the left of each menu item and the font size use to be larger. Is there a way to get the dots back? I liked them. There are grey lines between the items now instead. Thanks

I have looked inside of Theme Options > Fonts and do not see a way to change the size. I think the css evolves…

aside .widget ul.fancy a

I haven’t tried using it yet. If you wouldn’t mind providing the css to change the font size, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Edit functions.php file, and change line 1724 from this:
$('.widget_pages, .widget_archive, .widget_categories, .widget_recent_entries, .widget_recent_comments, .widget_meta, .widget_nav_menu')
to this:
$('.widget_pages, .widget_archive, .widget_categories, .widget_recent_entries, .widget_recent_comments, .widget_meta')
Sorry for a trouble.

Great! Thank you. That brought the old formatting back. My memory was wrong. The circle/dot to the left of each menu item is black not pink. It was the menu item links that were pink. Things look good.

The menu items font is bigger again too. They had dropped down in size after the update. Items in other widget lists like recent posts, categories, and archives dropped down too. May I please have the CSS to control their size? Thank you.