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All of a sudden my site stoppped load (oralfixationshow.com)

When I look on my error logs I am getting this error repeated…

[19-Jan-2016 10:40:23] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ‘{’ in /home3/nicolew4/public_html/oralfixationshow/wp-content/themes/website21/functions.php on line 14

Any ideas as to what this issue would be? I have made no changes to my knowledge.


so i am able to get my site back by reverting to another theme via phpMyAdmin. I am actually able to get an your old theme v1.5.1 but v5.7.1 or even v5.2 is causing the site to go WHITE again.

my current PHP version is set to PHP 5.4 (Single php.ini)

I am still playing around trying to fix this. Am glad I dont have a WHITE site anymore, but I need to get this fixed ASAP. Any insight would be much appreciated.

In that case, you most probably don’t have PHP 5.3+ on your server. You can grant me an access to your FTP, so I could take a look at this. You can contact me directly using contact form on my profile page.

done, i have messaged you via your profile page. Thanks for your assistance

Hello, I bought your theme some time back and really like it. It has been the most intuitive theme Ive worked with (and beautiful typography). One question; I am doing a complete rebuild of my existing website and am just trying to get the theme activated and working in the new build. I took the purchase code out of the last install and have plumbed it into the new one (which is hidden for the moment). How do I deactivate the last install so that my new install can get fully working ? I am worrying a little because the front page slider is not working. I would really appreciate your thoughts on how I best manage this transition. Best wishes, Alex

there is no activation/deactivation purchase code process. Just make sure you don’t use the same code in 2 sites at the same time.
Can I see your site, so I could check the slider problem?

Hi, apologies for slow response, been busy. I have rebuilt the new website here: http://www.raggeduniversity.co.uk/. I have been trying to eliminate any error on my part before getting back to you. I have transferred the purchase code so that only one site is correlated against it. I plan to delete old site shortly. Largely, it looks like there was a problem when importing all the previous slider items from old website build (http://www.ragged-online.com/). It transferred the images but the text in the slider items was lost.

On this note, something I would be very keen to see in your excellent theme is the option to use a post feed so that the slider autopopulates using featured images, a title, an excerpt etc. Regardless, I think your theme is the most intuitive robust one I have used, so am a great fan. Best wishes, Alex

It depends how did you migrate the site. It’s hard to tell if I don’t know details, but apparently some mistake caused missing slides captions.

Posts slider would be a good feature, you’re right, but I can’t promise anything :)

I can see you’ve got recent theme version now, so you don’t need to update and if you have problem in future please let me know.

Hi kubasto, I’ve got a quick question: I purchased this theme from you about a year ago and I see that my 12-month support is about to expire. Will I continue to receive theme updates for security/compatibility after that point, or is there something else I need to do? Thanks!

Yes, you will receive theme updates after this points. You don’t need to do anything else.


edv Purchased

I propose a small change to the url’s used in the Flickr widget. Currently they are loaded from the non-ssl Flickr domain, which causes problems when you run this theme on a ssl-enabled server.

Currently I replace http:// to https:// in website/drone/func.php which solves this problem. I do need to redo these changes for each new theme version.

I hope this is something you can pick up in one of the future updates. Thanks so far, I love this theme!

You’re right. I’ll fix it for the next theme version. Thanks.

¡ Hola ¡ Llevo mucho tiempo si actualizar el tema y no recuerdo como puedo actualizar el tema HelloI have long whether to update the subject and not remember how I can update the theme

Hi Generalife,

An update to your purchase of Website – Responsive WordPress Theme by kubasto is now available in your downloads.

Download this update
You may turn off notifications for this item and manage notifications for other items from your downloads.

Log in to ThemeForest with the account you’ve used to buy the theme and download an update from the downloads tab.


standre4 Purchased

I am trying to upload images but get an HTTP Error message with each attempt. The images are not too large and the strange this is that despite the error, they do seem to be in my media library now but I cannot view a thumbnail of them, it’s just a blank page/image and the only way to see that they were uploaded is to copy and paste the URL in a new window. Is there a setting that I need to double check or something? I need to be able to upload pictures and see the thumbnails… Thank you very much. Liz

It seems like not a theme related issue. I don’t know if I can advise anything. You can try to switch theme to the default one (for example TwentyFiveteen) to confirm.


standre4 Purchased

I switched to the default theme and images uploaded properly, also spoke with my hosting company to see if they could identify any problems on their end (they couldn’t). I use your theme on multiple sites (purchased separate every time, for the record) and the one thing I noticed that is different is that one site has PHP version 5.5.26 and is working fine, another has PHP 5.3.24 and is OK and the one I’m having trouble with is running version 5.4.42. Could there be some incompatibility there? Which PHP version is ideal for your wonderful theme? I’m so happy with it overall just cannot figure out why this glitch is suddenly occurring—also disabled all widgets but the only time the HTTP error came back was with the activation of your Website theme. Any other ideas for a fix? Thank you.

Website theme requires PHP 5.3+ so I think the problem is elswhere. BTW, I recommend using the newest possible PHP version to improve site speed.

To diagnose the problem I would need access to your admin area, so I could take a look at this. You can contact me directly using contact form on my profile page.

Hello sir, I hope all is well.

I’m noticing an odd issue on an older iPhone I have been using for testing purposes. This what I’m seeing on an iPhone 4s, iOS 7 on portfolio pages: http://hpdj.co/ios7-iphone4s.png

It seems like the masonry function isn’t spacing things out properly and it’s causing elements to overlap.


Also, the thumbnails that are being returned are really low resolution. Any thoughts?

you’ve probably missed the update notice in the theme documentation: 3.12.2. Updating to version 5.7 or newer. Please follow this instruction.

I love this theme becuase it’s so intuitive and easy to understand. Is there any chance that a future update could have a full screen site option? THX!

1. I’m not sure if that’s what you mean, but you can create a page named Blog, add it to menu, and specify it in Settings / Reading to show all posts.
2. Since WordPress 4.3, favicon is set in Appearance / Customize / Site Identity / Site Icon.

Fantastic, worked just like you said on both! Only problem … I can’t get rid of 1 of my 2 sliders on that blog page no matter what I set slider to, inherit, none, small slider and big slider, I get small slider no matter what … but want “none”. I have looked at post and post format in settings but can’t figure out what is the cause.
Thanks for your excellent help!

Check if baner is not set in Theme Options / Banner. Settings of the page used as a blog are ignored, together with its regular content.

Hi. I am setting up bbpress on my site. I notice that the bbp widget menus are not taking on the newer look of the design for sidebar menus. They look like the older ones with a colored hyperlink and black dot. I tried adding text to line 1741 of the functions.php file to make them convert, but had no success. I tried adding these different variations:





Any ideas of how to get these sidebar widget menus to look like the rest of the sidebar widget menus in the theme? Thanks!

http://chapter3min.org/thetituscafe On this page, you can see the normal theme menu look at the top and the older look for the Forums and Recent Topics.

you need to take care of it in the IF condition, but also in the classes list: https://db.tt/VemZW5Ds
Notice, widget code name from is_active_widget() is not necessarily exactly the same as class name – you need to verify it in the code.

Ok. Thank you.