Website is easy to use high quality WordPress theme. It’s a responsive theme, which means it adapts to the device on which it’s displayed. The theme cares for your content so it looks great on all devices, but you can also decide to show part of a content on some versions only, and hide on others.

Bright & dark schemes

Unlimited sliders (3 types)

  • individual sliders for each page
  • fully responsive
  • auto play or auto pause at start
  • video support
  • touch gestures on mobile devices
  • optional caption on banners
  • content may be tweaked for mobile devices
  • optional text for each slide (HTML supported)
  • optional text on banners (with customizable position)
  • create unlimited slides and compile unlimited sliders with them.

7 post formats

Filterable portfolio (4 size types)

Portfolios can include images, sliders or videos.
Items on a portfolio page may contain tags, title and description (all optional).
Different image proportions in one portfolio set are also supported.
Portfolio items can be filtered dynamically by category or tag. Or you can use pagination instead. Every portfolio item has it’s own page.

Galleries (4 sizes) + Fancybox

Except regular WordPress galleries, there are 4 special types:

Optionally, Fancybox can be used in every case.

Independent menus for desktop and mobile versions (optional)

Handy shortcodes

Now easier to use with simple shortcode assistant.Click through all options. Watch examples of Dropcaps, Highlights, Tooltips, Lists with icons, Tabs, Icons, Boxes, Lines, Quotes, Buttons, Columns, Media queries.
Visual Composer plugin is also supported, if you prefer it.

Social media integration

110 social media icons + 100 special icons

Multilingual support

+ full translation to 4 languages already included:

Smart images loading

Theme serves accurate images sizes depneding on device needs, so it doesn’t download unnecessary data. For example this portfolio page watched on desktop weighs 1400 kb and only 450 kb on a mobile phone.

Full PSD design included

What buyers say:

Documentation and support

Theme is quite intuitive and easy to use, but if you need, there are short video tutorial included to the documentation.
Plus, I provide free support for all buyers.

Notice: PHP 5.3+ is required for the theme to work.


Website 5.0.5 (3 Mar 2015)
  • fixed read more link bug in excerpts
Website 5.0.4 (20 Feb 2015)
  • added option to disable fancy style of lists in widgets
  • added superscript and subscript styles
  • fixed centered images bug
  • fixed bug of the ‘Video / Size ratio’ field in posts, which didn’t accept floating-point numbers
Website 5.0.3 (1 Feb 2015)
  • “read more” link can be displayed also for posts with defined excerpts
  • minor JavaScript fix
Website 5.0.2 (21 Jan 2015)
  • added Authors as a condition for selecting sidebars and sliders
  • Twitter social button now uses https protocol
  • the Purchase Code field in Theme Options is no longer available in MultiSites
  • small improvements of some Theme Options styles
Website 5.0.1 (7 Jan 2015)
  • fixed featured image not being displayed in the admin area while editing a post
Website 5.0 (31 Dec 2014)
  • updated core of the theme’s code
  • added shortcodes assistant
  • added support for Visual Composer plugin
  • added new social media icons: mail and steam
  • added new parameter for the [tooltip] shortcode: fade
  • added option to specify type of posts content on a blog page
  • added support for WordPress 4.1 title-tag
  • added support for hatom microformat
  • removed TimThumb library
  • removed external MediaElement.js library towards WordPress’ built-in library
  • improved and extended options for selecting sidebars
  • improved and extended options for selecting sliders
  • improved standard WordPress galleries – now all additional parameters are available directly in gallery UI
  • improved support for galleries of the JetPack plugin
  • improved method of filling Custom CSS/JavaScript fields by adding TAB key support
  • improved Facebook widget
  • improved scrolling through images in FancyBox galleries
  • OGP now uses first image of the content if no featured image of a page is specified
  • easier options to change time intervals in Twitter and Flickr widgets
  • Twitter API keys are now remembered across widgets
  • [icon] shortcode now reads also icons from Media library
  • “first” and “last” parameters of [column] and [tab] shortcodes are not required any more
  • reorganized and refreshed options of Slider an Slider Item
  • increased performance of the dashboard
  • data from the System section is no longer exported to file
  • increased minimal required PHP version to 5.3
  • increased minimal required WordPress version to 3.9
  • a few optimizations affecting speed
  • updated documentation and demo content
  • fixed styles of widgets with posts lists
  • fixed WPML plugin compatibility issues
  • fixed missing translations of some widgets’ titles
  • fixes missing widget_title filter for widgets titles
  • fixed pagination bug if default structure of links was used
  • fixed problems with Flickr widget on some configurations
  • fixed unnecessary requests to Twitter servers if no API keys were specified in the widget
  • fixed wrong version numbers comparing in the import process of Theme Options
  • fixed styles of Like button in post meta section
  • other minor fixes and improvements
Website 4.3
  • added option to show links to next and previous galleries and portfolios
  • fixed address to Flickr API service
  • fixed mutli-selection field in Theme Options / Front page / Featured content
  • improved WooCommerce breadcrumbs style
  • other minor fixes

Complete changelog can be found in the theme’s documentation.


I’ve used work of the following authors for the demo site: `, Erin Purcell, seyed mostafa zamani, Arjun VS, Angelo González, Joseph Gray, Xanetia, Sonietta46, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Robby Mueller, Blender Foundation and Charlotte McKnight.

Thank you.

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