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I really like this. I keep coming back to it and not sure what it is but this thing just screams… I’m bad to the bone. Seriously though, nice work!



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I was kind of hoping that there would be a description of what the function of this template is.

Based on the demo and the portfolio images (image 4), there seem to be some plugins not in the demo.

eCommerce is very popular and being able to integrate an email campaign to your list is great, but I don’t see either in the demo.

Are they included?


Hi VinceC,

This is an admin template, basically for developers, who make web applications. They don’t have to make the user interface, they can use this template.

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I’m not sure how html templates work, I use wordpress on many sites. Do html templates have an admin panel? If so they must use a database also. If I start buying html templates how can I blog, or upload pics, will this be done through an admin panel?

This panel looks awesome I will buy it if I know what it can be used for.


Hi Ckrismoney, these admin templates are for developers. They don’t have to make the user interface, they can use these admin templates.