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3wmedia Purchased

I purchased this theme but I found a couple of problems: - in portfolio page, in IE7 with the category bar open, the dropdown menu goes on the back of category bar - in IE9 the dropdown on the sliderbar doesn’t work correctly, please check this issue


none of our themes are yet compatible 100% with IE9 . When we released Webstudio, there wasnt even a beta version for IE9 available, so it was not tested for it. We’ll get to updating it asap

3wmedia Purchased

Ok, thanks, I understand for the IE9 issue, but please check the issue on IE7 . Best Regards.

Hi there,

Love the theme and have found it very easy to use with decent documentation etc.

I just have one question… I want to align the “outer” div to center of the screen so that all of the content is always in the vertical centre of the screen. I’ve tried a few different techniques but nothing seems to work.

Your thoughts about a solution would be hugely appreciated and as always, great work guys.

Thanks in advance, Joe.


Hello Joe, we’d love to help but we don’t like offering support here on the comments section because we believe it could get hard to follow the instructions. So, we would like you to join our dedicated support forum at http://themefuse.com/forum where our guys can help you out in no time. Thanks

Hello I bought the WP version a while back. Is there any way to TAKE OUT the light to dark switch in the footer?


sure, you can just remove that line of code from the footer. Tell you what, head over to our dedicated support forum at http://themefuse.com/forum and we’ll guide you step by step.

I want to buy “Webstudio” theme. I want to know if it has been upladed/fixed for IE9 and lower? and when I buy it I will have the 2 colors or just one?

and when I click on the V (icon) panel to show the “View all | Typography | WebDesign | Interactive | Motion | Photos” – it seems that they are not synced or cataloged – is it working on the download version? or I need to use your forum to fix it?

Also if it’s possable to get a special fix for me that when clicking on the images in portfolio or where I choose that the photo will get larger in a sepeate window with arows to next images, description and close button?

Please answer all my question! Thanks :)


Hello Leon, the IE9 issues have been resolved long ago. The Filters functionality doesnt work in this HTML project, only works in the WordPress version of the theme… that’s because you need a database to store that info and query it later – so, it;s not possible with HTML only.

You can launch the Lightbox from wherever you’d like, but you need to change the code yourself. This is just a $12 HTML file, it’s way too much hassle for us to make custom adjustments for every buyer here.

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Hey I was seeing if I could get some help on how to make the slider bar have a hover function to fade an image on and off.

here is the technique I’m trying


the main problem I’m having is that the image doesn’t slide.

any help with this would be much appreciated.


please head over to our Support Forum (http://themefuse.com/forum) and ask the question there, in the appropriate thread. Our support guys will help you out in no time.

Hello, I just purchased this theme, but I’m having issues uploading it to Wordpress. It’s my understanding this theme has been modified to work with WP. When I attempt to upload it in .zip format, WP reads “connecting” for quite some time and then, ultimately, the page times out and the operation is cancelled. Is there a chance the theme is too large? Or, alternately, could it be a problem with my server?





Sorry mate, as you can see in the title of the theme this is a HTML template, and not WordPress. We don’t sell the WP version of this project on ThemeForest anymore but on our website (can’t share link here). Hope this helps.

p.s. contact us on hello (at) themefuse (dot) com and will figure something out

Hi. I want to buy this theme. I just want to know if you can help me modified the contact form. then I will buy it.

Waiting for an answer.


Sure we can help you. The important thing to know is that you will have to do it because we are not taking custom jobs for the moment. You modify it and if you encounter issues or have any questions, we would love to help on out dedicated support forum. Cheers.

Hi there!

I’m buying WP version. I know that i can buy it on your web (http://themefuse.com) and i just wanna know if there is the latest version .



yes, latest version is on our website


buy the template Web Studio, now I know how to do to find out which domain I use? , Does that matter?

doubt is because the USAO in a domain and as you know that the purchase

thanks Ezekiel


You can use the theme on any domain you like, the theme it self is not limited in any way regarding this. Hope this helps.


I’m not familiar with this type of themes, can you elaborate please how to add portfolio products? how to edit the pages? is it via pure code or there is a small CMS system that helps you to do that?

Thanks in advanced,



The theme sold here on Themeforest is the HTML version, not a Wordpress theme. Meaning it has no real functionality, it’s just the design coded in HTML – it doesn’t work like a real website where you have an admin back-end (CMS system) to do al the work from there. You need to code it yourself, that’s why the price difference. The WordPress theme takes a few times more work than the HTML, but we only sell it on our website (can’t post link here i;’m afraid).

Basically the HTML is just a starting point for experienced developers to build websites for their clients, it’s not a WordPress theme that a regular client can install and customise within an friendly user face.


I’m interested to get this theme template. But before buying, may I request to BUY admin FULL feature template specifically for this theme / template??


This is a HTML theme, it doesn’t have any admin in the back end. It doesn’t actually have any back end. What you get are the HTML files.