Webzine Magazine & Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Webzine is a Responsive Layout magazine&Portfolio theme with creative jQuery Brick Slide, it can be set as a Emagazine website, blog, personal homepage, portfolio, and so on.



  • Responsive layout
  • Unique jQuery slides
  • Dark and light skin
  • 10 color schemes
  • Waterfall layout
  • 10 layouts for list item
  • Unlimited background color
  • Include 8 background pattern( Custom background pattern too )
  • Include 40+ fonts choice
  • Video play in listpage
  • Include customized widgets:
    • Recent Comments with Avatar
    • Recent Tweets
    • Advertising Manager
    • Google Maps
  • Custom Post Type:Gallery
  • Other jQuery Effect:
    • Infinite Scroll
    • Filterable items
    • Nivo Slide
    • Dropdown menu
    • prettyPhoto
    • Form Validation for contact form and leaving comments
    • Uploadify -Admin image upload
    • jscolor -Admin color picker
  • Powerfull Shortcodes with friendly interface.
  • Easy use Admin
  • HTML version included
  • PSD File included
  • Multi-language
  • Advertising Manager to page and post
  • IE 6 Message

Update log:

v1.6.7 – 4/29/2013
  • [fix] Shortcode icon lost in wordpress3.9
v1.6.6 – 12/8/2013
  • [fix] h1 – h6 css
  • [improve] Vertify random number for contact form
  • [fix] Latest Twitter Widget (Check the solution)
v1.6.5 – 7/3/2013
  • [fix] $ iquery in sigle.php
v1.6.4 – 3/26/2013
  • [improve] wp-head&wp-foot position
v1.6.3 – 1/22/2013
  • [add] Verification for contact box
  • [improve] Dose not need Apikey for Google maps
  • [improve] Menu admin
v1.6.2 -11/3/2012
  • [fix] Filter
v1.6.1 -9/10/2012
  • [improve] Posts in list page without category
  • [fix] Infinite Scroll isn’t work
  • [fix] Favicon bug
v1.6 -8/15/2012
  • [improve] Enhanced plug-in compatibility.
v1.5.3 -7/9/2012
  • [update] Google Maps.
v1.5.2 -7/6/2012
  • [fix] Google ad code.
v1.5.1 -4/26/2012
  • [fix] Siderbar widget bug.
v1.5 -4/18/2012
  • [fix] Youtube is black in Firefox and Safari.
  • [fix] The proper height of Youtube and Vimeo in list page.
  • [fix] Filterable list page sub-categories bug.
  • [add] Posts displayed in list page order option.
v1.4.6 -4/11/2012
  • [fix] Contact form in footer message twice.
  • [improve] Breadcrumbs option for post.
v1.4.5 -4/2/2012
  • [fix] Brick slider start from second image.
  • [improve] Post default layout-in-list.
v1.4.4 -3/28/2012
  • [fix] Filterable page bottom space(jquery isotope update).
  • [fix] Tweet widget can’t be displayed.
v1.4.3 -3/22/2012
  • [fix] Background color settings.
  • [fix] Image can’t be shown all in fullwidth page in mobile device.
  • [improve] AD can be displayed in page template.
v1.4.2 -3/17/2012
  • [improve] Breadcrumbs option for filterable page.
  • [improve] The way of calling the js file.
  • [add] Custom CSS code.
v1.4.1 -3/15/2012
  • [fix] Archive page display bug.
  • [fix] Shortcodes displayed in mobile device bug.
v1.4 -3/13/2012
  • [add] Light skin.
  • [add] Lightbox option.
  • [add] Mobile Bookmark Icon option.
  • [add] Hide subtitle of menu option.
  • [improve] 2-columns page structure.
  • [improve] Color css files optimization.
  • [fix] Search widget bug.
v1.3 -3/1/2012
  • [add] Responsive layout.
  • [fix] Custom Fields isn’t displayed for Editor user.
  • [fix] Infinitescroll + prettyphoto bug.
  • [fix] Between paragraphs automatically increase space.
v1.2 – 2/9/2012
  • [add] Advertising settings.
  • [improve] Slider settings.
  • [improve] Admin custom field UI.
  • [fix] Mouse hover on image bug of Full-image layout in col2-with-sidebar list.
  • Update note: you may need to reset the slider.
v1.11 – 2/2/2012
  • [fix] Infinite Scroll loop bug in frontpage.
  • [add] Xml file of the dummy content.
  • [improve] Updated upload plugin in admin options page.
  • [add] Option of Contact Information in admin options page.
  • [add] Plain Text Logo and Custom Favicon in admin options page.
v1.1 – 1/25/2012
  • [add] PSD File for Frontpage.
  • [add] HTML Files.
  • [add] Localization Supported (We already prepare .pot file, you just need to translate it to .mo files)
  • [improve] Customizable “Readmore” button text.
  • [improve] For Full-image layout in list, add a mouseover button linked to content page.
  • [improve] Flash shortcode improvement for videos.
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