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Hi there, great theme!

I was wondering if there is a way to make certain fields in the contact form “not mandatory?” please let me know.

Thank you!

Sure it’s possible. Please register on our support forum to get help on this. To get invitation to our support forum please request an invitation via contact form on our profile page.

Hi there, the page is not properly displayed in IE9 . I tried with 2 different Computer. Everytime i click a link in the menu i will forwarded to the first page where i can choose black or white layout. Why is that?

the panel for white or black color only works for current page on the demo to show potential buyers how it can look.

Im planning to buy this theme. I have a few questions before i proceed.

1) Is it possible to add a video to the homepage with the other images? 2) I am gonna be using the clean theme. Is it possible to change all the black items in the theme like the navigation menu to Dark Green? 3) Is it possible to make the audio available in all pages? 4) For the gallery part, there is 3 columns each with a pic and when you click it enlarge. Is it possible to make it like categorical. For example I will make column 1 item 1 Cars. When its clicked, I want to be able to click next to see a different car and have a few there. AND for column 2 i want to make it Bikes, so when i click i want to able to scroll to a set of images. Is this possible? Because currently when you click item 1 and click next it goes to next item.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to buy this theme.

Hello, I have bought the theme. My questions are still not answered. I have figured out some.

1) Is it possible to add a video to the homepage with the other images? 2) I am gonna be using the clean theme. Is it possible to change all the black items in the theme like the navigation menu to Dark Green? How do i do it? 3) Is it possible to make the audio available in all pages?

Thanks in advance

How do I get the invitation code? Is it safe to put my email here or i should pm?

Yes, please request it via PM from our profile page.

Done! I have sent the PM!

when I installed it (via upload) I’m getting a bunch of markup code being displayed at the top of every page and in the admin. Anyone know a fix? Thanks.

please send me invitation code.

I should know your mail address to invite you.

Just tried to install this on my WP site (v. 3.3.2) and recieved an error that it was missing the “style.css” sheet. Please advise on how to fix this. Thanks.

As I understand you have tried to upload the whole archive with all the theme files (included psd, documentation etc.). Please extract the theme from the main archive and then try again.

It has been nearly two weeks and you have not sent me an invitation. Would you please do that! I need support ASAP !

I check my mailbox every day a lot of times and answer all of them by the end of each day. You may have sent your mail to wrong address with your request? please provide me your mail address to be invited to our support forum or use a contact form which is on my profile page for this.

Great, my email is website.alias@live.com. Please send me the invitation.

Thank you!

Sent it!


I purchased this theme last week.

How do we add portrait photos without cutting the photos?

Can you send me an invitation to the support forum?


The only way to load there portrait photos is to edit them in editor (add the spaces to left and right), so make them landscape view, but with left/right white space and then upload. To invite you to our support forum I need your mail.

Hi! I have a question. Can I change logo on home page (Wedding album) to hmmm Kuba Photography ? Can I change language on homepage english-to polish (contact to Kontakt, Typography to Galeria zdj??) ?

Sure you can, the theme is localized, included .po files, so you can translate it and use your language.

Thanks for your answer. I have last question. Can I change logo weeding album on a black strap to—Kuba Photography ?

Sure, you can change a logo to your own also as favicon icon from a backend.

Good afternoon, I am writing with Google translator, my English is not very good. I bought the album weeding template 1.2, I installed a secret galleries for customers to buy an e-commerce. We tested the plugin woocommerce generated pages are displayed in the bottom of the web. The wp-ecommerce plugin does not work well. Do you have any shopping cart tested? Thank you.

No, as this theme wasn’t prepared for any e-commerce plugin usage it hasn’t been tested with any.

Is it possible to have the sidebar on the Alternative Home Page? I feel like it adds a lot of balance would be great for placement of action buttons.

Yes, it’s possible to add widgets there ;)

Hi, How we can add gallery to pages? Please help me. my web is www.cananemir.com

and Can you send me an invitation to the support forum?

I need to know your email to invite you there.
Nice website you have created btw ;)

Hi, my email is sedatsenol at hotmail dot com

Invitation sent

hello, I bought your theme wedding album for $ 35, I can not find the settings that allow for the same configuration of the slider on your demo of the home page, how do I? thank you

Hi yapstudio,
The support for all our themes and templates is going through our support forum. Please use a contact form on our profile page to request an invitation there.

Hi, I bought this fantastic theme for my wordpress… but I can’t add/set images into my home supersized gallery.

Can you help me? thanks in advance!

Did you see the documentation file at the very bottom there are a few screencasts on how to set up the theme? Weren’t they helpful?

Sorry… my bad… I haven’t seen the screencasts section.


Hi Alex,

I just bought this theme and my client loves it!

I have one question, though, about vertically formatted photos. It would be great if the slider in the galleries would adjust to view the whole photo. Right now you can only see the entire photo when you click on the image.

Is this something you’ve worked out and need extra code for? Or can we add a plugin that does this for us?

Thanks so much!

As for me, the only way to resolve this you should upload only landscape photos there, in case you need to load a pic view photos, so just make them wide and fill the white space of photo with any color ;) Currently we’re thinking about an update of theme with this thing.

Thanks for the reply! I see what you mean about filling the space with a colour (such as white if you’re using the white background) but that means that when you click on the photo, and you see the entire photo, you’ll also see that white background.

Another idea might be to use a .png with a transparent background?

If you’re thinking of an update for this, do you have an idea of when it might be come available?

Thanks! :)

Sorry, but I don’t actually know the date of release. It depends..


Can the music be removed from the main home page?

Sure, there is an option in backend for this (enable/disable music player)

Hi ThemeMakers – did you all receive my email from a couple days ago about my purchasing of the HTML version of this theme, but needing the WP version? Feel free to let me know what’s the best way to proceed. Thanks!

Yes, I’ve responded on this few days ago ;)


I want to change “collapse menu” text with my language. How?

Please use a contact form on our profile page to request a part of psd file with that layers, I’ll send it back to your mail.