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hi there, ive just purchased this theme this morning and when i came to upload the theme into wordpress it said : “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” Please can you tell me where the style.css stylesheet is? thanks melanie

Hi Melanie,
It seems you’re trying to upload the whole archive to the server. Please unpack your downloaded archive, there you’ll find the only theme archive which should be uploaded to your server.

Hi, how I can translate to another language? Is it only translating the file en_US.po? Thank you!

Yes, just take it and translate to your language, then activate it

Could someone kindly tell me if I can change The wording Wedding Album, many thanks

Sure you can, but I need to know there do you want to do that?

Hi there!

It looks like it’s possible to add a featured image to regular pages like Contact or Full Width, but for some reason it’s not showing up. Any solutions?

Thanks! :)

This feature works only for post pages (blog posts), which can be also used as a page but without fullwidth. You may also use an image shortcode for placing the images into your fullwidth or contact page.

Thanks Alex, I’ll try both those suggestions.


Hi am planning to purchase this theme. Is there any link as a feed where I can populate it so I have some guidelines.

There is a field, where you can add a link to your feed if needed.

Hi Thanks, also can you provide link to audio jungle for the classic track? can’t find it so i purchase it.

Sure, here you are ;)

Hi, I purchased this template. I have sent you several e-mails over the last three weeks and you have not responded.

Please could you tell me if there is away of getting rid of the image title box (white band) at the bottom of the gallery when using the alternative homepage? If no titles are used then it obscures the bottom inch of each photograph which in some cases ruins the image.

There is no such option there, because all the gallery items should have their title. BTW I ’ve never received any mail with same nickname, please let me know your mail address to check.


Is all previous issues resolved?

1. does contact form work 2. does the galleries password protection work? 3. how many main headers and sub headers can you have on the banner 4. do you provide installation and user guide

There is no one issue to fix since our last release.
1. yes, it works fine!
2. yes, this feature works as you can see on demo.
3. one header and subheader for each slide.
4. yes, there is a documentation file where you’ll find also a few screencasts.

Brill – will DL


can you please explain how to edit the ribbon/banner main menu – i cant find it in the help files

I should know what edition do you like to do with the menu before explanation.

Hi All

This is my first time using WordPress, and I’m finding it strange, compared to HMTL /Dreamweaver that I’m used to.. anyone give me any tips/advice on how to go on

Please take a look at the help file which is inside main archive, you’ll find there also a few video casts for using this theme.

Cheers TM.

Trying to work on the Contact Page. Its currently sitting as follows


How can I get it to look like the Demo Version with 2 columns?

Also in regards to the Menu, I think I have managed, but if you can have a look that would be great

test site: http://iankennyphotography.cityofadelaidesunderland.co.uk/

finally, I cant seem to email you from protfolio page in order to request invite?

to get the same layout for contact page just use a proper template on editor’s page at right side.
to request an invite go to profile page, but not a portfolio page ;)

Hello! I have a Wedding Album Premium WP Theme. I refresch WP to 3.4. I try insert a photo a gallery from media storage, but a can not. When refresch your Theme?

Thanks, Molnar Tamas

The theme wasn’t tested under wp 3.4. So to display it properly you just need to use previous version of WP.

“to get the same layout for contact page just use a proper template on editor’s page at right side.”

Im still confused, can you explain please – do I use the “contact page” layout, and do I need to set up in two columns?

when you create a page you can see the template list in dropdown at right, there you can use a template for a contact page. Any other thing?

Contact Page, is complete, but Im now trying to set up a porfolio page, and there isn’t an option for Portfolio Template when creating a new page?

There is a help file inside main archive, please let me know if you looked at it?? there are few screencasts on managing the theme.

I know this might sound a bit random and silly but - What would you call the split you do before you go into the live preview, for the light and dark options.

Id like to do something like that for my website, but unsure what on earth its called. :P

I’m sorry, but that option is only for developers.

Hi I would like to know if there’s an option in your theme to change the accent color to RED , just like the hover frame border of the photos, the hover menu. Please let me know… I’m looking for a wedding template that has a BLACK , WHITE and RED theme. Let me know.

Thank you!

Unfortunately it only goes in two different colors, but you can edit the styles by yourself of hire someone to help on this to make it also RED .

Hi again

Can you please help me set up a porfolio in Wedding Album Theme, or, if that is not possible, a second (new) gallery page. It seems my “portfolio page” and “gallery page” are duplicated of each other

http://iankennyphotography.cityofadelaidesunderland.co.uk/?page_id=191 http://iankennyphotography.cityofadelaidesunderland.co.uk/?page_id=15

please let me know if you have taken a look at the theme’s documentation file? there are also a few screencasts inside.

Hi – Yes, I have taken a look at all the screenscats inside, and although I can find “how to create/add a portfolio page” instructions, it does not appear to be relevant/work on the Wedding Album theme?

Kind Regards

Can I please take a link to your website?

I can edit the css. Can you tell me exactly which one to look for to change the frame border hover and the menu to make it red? I would like to purchase the theme. Let me know which one to edit.

We’re here to help our customers to set up the theme or to help them to fix the issues, but not to make custom editions for them. Sorry and thanks for understanding!

Before I buy

Is there going to be a responsive version of the template for mobile devices?

Is the gallery issue mention above being fixed? as I have just installed via host and it put latest version on by default.

Love the theme but without at least the gallery issue being resolved won’t be able to buy.

1. no, it’s not responsive
2. which issue did you mean? The gallery works well

I know it’s not responsive are you going to make a responsive version?

Unfortunately, no, we’re not going to make it responsive.