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Hi, I’ve “Image Size” options missing in my “Media Library”. It happens to me only with this theme.

that options is only wordpress engine’s but not the theme’s, so you need to digg into the wordpress option to get them.

Thnks for the answer, but I already have them working fine for any other themes, so I think that’s something related to this particular one: the options simply desaperar when I change to this theme. I use WP 3 .4.

Yes, that may be the reason because the theme wasn’t tested with the latest wordpress version.

Thank you again

Anyway you can help me change the drop down banner to a different color. I edit it in the PSD but I can’t find any free service to convert it to a css file. please help me. thank!

There is no any free resource to convert, if you really need it to be done in other color, you can hire someone for doing this.

Hi TM,

I’ve tryed the theme under WP3 .3.2 and 3.3.1 versions, both Windows and Linux servers, the problem remains.

I’ve found that my problem is about the code concerning the

//Filter thickbox fields

in the file functions.php in admin subdirectory. Deleting this code restores the Alignement and Size options in Media Library.

The question is: “Image Size” options missing in my “Media Library”. Why?

Try to check your wp-admin->Settings->Media

As I tell before, this appens only with this theme, so it’s not concerning WP…

Hi Thememaker

My links is ….

http://iankennyphotography.cityofadelaidesunderland.co.uk/ as was posted above my comment asking for help.

Many Thanks Dave

can you tell me how to create a portfolio (I need 4 in total), but when I try and create one, it ends up like the gallery page? There are no instructions on how to do this, so a little advice/help would be great

http://iankennyphotography.cityofadelaidesunderland.co.uk/ (please see portfolio and gallery to see what i mean)

There are portfolio options in theme options panel on backend, there you are allowed to change portfolio layout for your portfolio page.

Hi – i’m still having trouble setting up a porfolio page – can you please help?

please email me asap!!!

To which address should I mail?

Hi there!

One of my gallery slideshows seem to be skipping through one particular photo, and then works well. Can you see any reason for this? The photo is the same size and resolution as the others.

http://reflections.modernearth.net/?gallery=engagement (It’s the engagement gallery slideshow)


I meant the official website of nivo slider

If this is the official site: http://nivo.dev7studios.com/, then it seems to be working well there.

We’ve disabled the slideshow for the gallery pages for now, but if a solution comes up, please let me know!


Hi ThemeMakers,

We have purchased this great theme, but we would like to know how can we create a 3 columns gallery same as in the theme demo, can you teach us how do its?


Hey Tyvm,
There are a few screencasts inside theme help file, there you’ll find how to do that.

The screencast only show how to iclude a simple gallery. I need to make 3 columns gallery in the gallery page.

Please go to your wp-admin -> Theme Options -> Layouts -> Gallery Layout then choose 3 column gallery layout

is there a pre req check for the theme available prior to publish to the website? i’ve tested this theme on my qnap (v3.7.1) which has worked fine, but on my real live web server (different PHP Version) it’s just a blank webpage.

any sugestion’s?

webpage is: www.rowy.ch

I use the Supersize Gallery (for the Homepage) incl the slider. but no picture, and no frame at all appears…

need some advice here

Try to ask your hosting provider to turn the right php version there.

and which one is the right PHP version? I’m running PHP Version 5.2.9 on my hosted server… and version 5.3.9 on my qnap at home. I guess it’s more about module loaded, but which one?

Actually it should work fine on both (i.e. higher than 5.0). But Please try to turn on on your server the same version as on your local.


I updated to wordpress 4.1 and am suddently getting the “Cheating uh?” error when I try to upload images. When I used the standard themes (i.e. Twenty-Eleven etc), this error did not occur.

Can you give me ideas on how to solve this? Thanks.

Can I have a link to your website?

i keep getting this error when trying to access my password protected gallery: “Not Found

The requested URL /wp-pass.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Can I take a look at it to provide you with any help?


Is there any way to mass add images into a gallery? I have 50+ images to add for several galleries…

Thanks !

Unfortunately no, but you can use a media gallery functional to load all your images, and then choose them one by one from a gallery page.

Please send me an invitation for the support forum

Currently our support forum is unavailable, we’re in a process of creation a new support system for customers and we’re going to launch it soon. At the moment you can ask your question right here or use a contact form on our profile page. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi there. Trying to figure out how to create multiple gallery pages with different content? How do you do this? There does not seem to be a way to designate which galleries show up on which page. Am I missing something?

Please let us know the link to your webpage. Did you see the screencasts inside theme documentation file? Weren’t they helpful?


Im sorry for replying here, but I still require help for the Portfolio page for http://iankennyphotography.cityofadelaidesunderland.co.uk/?page_id=15

It seems to be appearing like the gallery page and I can’t change this.

Regards Dave

Hi Dave,
Please let me know what do you want to change there?

Do you support that theme ?

When i try to upload images on a gallery, i get a “Cheatin’ uh?” message…

You may have uploaded so large images there!? If they’re bigger than 2Mb, you should optimize them, it’s because of Wordpress engine, but not because of the theme.

Can you tell me what template name I should be using for the Portfolio Page…. Only choices I have are: Blog, Contact, Full Width, Gallery or Home?

many thanks dave

There is no portfolio template in this theme, only Gallery. Please take a look at the theme documentation, there are few screencasts on this.

Good Day.

I deleted/reinstalled wordpress and theme to remove the ‘Cheatin uh’ message. However, it seems that the homepage layout is not working for all supersize, fullsize and slider content.

Can you please advise me on what to do?


Please let us know if you managed that? It would be also better if you provide us with a link to your website. Thanks!