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Is it possible to have several gallery categories in different pages ? for example, page1-gallery1, page2-gallery2

Now i have only one page with all galleries.

Yes, you’re allowed to create one gallery with a lot’s of galleries, where can be other images.

Hi TM, I’ve another little problem with qtranslate plugin: it don’t add the ?lang=xx code to the gallery pages URL . :crying:

Do you know a solution for that?

Never mind! I’ve managed to work it out: I’ve inserted the line
add_filter('home_url', 'qtrans_convertURL');
in the qtranslate_hooks.php and it works now, although I don’t know why… I’ve inserted this code bacause of home link pointed to the default language.

Hope it helps to someone else that have this problem.

Glad to hear that! Thanks for posting here about that!

I can’t seem to get an invite to your support forums… Can you please help me here?? I just need to know which files I need to alter to change the background of the main menu bar. Thank you for your help in advance

Our support forum is currently unavailable because we’re developing a new support system for our customers, so please ask your question here on a dashboard. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience!

I am getting Cheating ‘eh when I try to browse for an image on the gallery page. Also, when I manually enter in URL for images and publish, the gallery page is blank. I emailed to get access to forums, but have not heard back. Thanks.

Link to your website please? Our support forum is currently unavailable because we’re developing a new support system for our customers, so please ask your question here on a dashboard. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience!

However the moment we installed wordpress on our local pc to test the theme and configure it we encountered many errors and bugs. We installed wordpress 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0 and tested ur theme in all of them and the same errors and bugs go throughout. Plz c for urself the bugs. The moment u activate ur theme u’d c the many errors.

Can I please know the full list of that errors? You can send it to me via contact form on our profile page.

Hello again…

Is it possible to make the gallery display thumbs of the included images so that a visitor will click on one of them and then starts the lightbox…

Unfortunately there is no such possibility in this theme.

Any chance you can provide some answers to my questions on the support forum which were posted over a month ago?


As I mentioned earlier I’ve been in a vacation. Since a lot of customers have questions please be patient to wait for a reply. Our support forum is currently unavailable because we’re developing a new support system for our customers, so please ask your question here on a dashboard. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience!

Disappointed in the lack of support/answers posted not only by myself but other purchasers as well

Personally I only bought this template as you “seemingly” offered support for the WP version, and I new I would have a little trouble setting it up

Can you please answer my questions.. either one here, or on the support form, for which I still await a invite

Hi Dave, sorry, I have had a vacation for last 2 weeks, so now I’m ready to help anybody here.

Can i know where the script or plugin for audio is taken?

I would like to make some changes to it.


Sure, it was taken from here.

I bought the theme and installed it however I got error installation failed because the file style.css missing. Please advise how to fix this issue. Now I cannot use your theme. Thanks

It seems you’re uploading the whole archive, which you downloaded to your wordpress engine. Please extract from the main archive the only theme archive and then use it.

I download the zip file then uploaded as is and installed it then I got error. Could you tell me more details what is the name of the them archive? I see 6 folders : _MACOSX, demo-content, help, licensing, PSD ,wedding album and another zip file inside zip file also named weddingalbum. Which one should I upload? If I extract the files then there are too many files to upload. Can I zip that folder so I just need to upload one time? Thanks

The archive which is named “wedding album”, if you see the folder with the same name, you’re able to zip it and then upload to your wordpress ;)

There is a zip file name weddingalbum inside the downloaded theme beside the folder “weddingalbum”. The different between them is that the folder weddingalbum does not have a sub-folder named _MACOSX while the zip file weddingalbum has the folder _MACOSX. Does this affect the site? I don’t know whether I should zip the folder weedingalbum to upload or just upload the zip file weddingalbum included in the original download. Thanks.

it doesn’t matter if you use the first one or the second.

I am at Central time US. What time are you available online so I can contact you for support via this dicussion page? Are you available for support at night – Central time US too?

Since we’re located in Europe we work during the day at our GMT (+1).
I’d also suggested you to use a one chain for discussion here on a dashboard to make our discussion easier to find previous questions (just please press “reply” button).

hi,i have problem with my password protected page ,post and gallery is not showing after entered the password.please help. thanks.

Can you please provide me with a link to your webpage with login details via contact form on our profile page just to take a look and check it?

Can i get an invite to the support forum? unlimited6986@aol.com im new to wordpress and have no idea what im doing. Trying to add pages with galleries and all that and dont know what im doing lol. Thank you

I’m sorry, but currently our support forum in on reconstruction, it’s unavailable for now. Please post your question here to get support on them. Thanks!

Actually i figured out how to add a gallery but now how can i add a drop down menu. I did it so it was a parent but all it did was add them all on the top menu and on the left collapsable menu it didnt do anything,

Simply use wordpress menu nav for that.

Wish i could delete posts. I figured the rest out but the site is just plain now. How am i able to actually make it look like the demo? I figured out the left bar and got rid of the top bar. Now i wanna get it so the pics are on the homepage when you first get on. Also my galleries look nothing like the ones on the demo. I just want my site to be very similar to the demo and right now its not.

At first, please use one chain for current discussion here. Simply click “Reply button”. It’s just to find all the questions easier/faster here. Re the last question, you can import demo data to get the website same as demo or at least close to it.

Hi. Love the theme. Have purchased for albums for two of my daughters just about to marry.

The one I am setting up first is http://apelt.dk-clark.com

On your sample home page you have an area at the bottom that shows the time remaining until the next slide load. How do we get this?

On your page http://wedding.webtemplatemasters.com/gallery/consectetur-adipisicing-2/ how do you set that up.

I can not see the screencasts that you refer to in the download.

Hi. Please take a look at the documentation’s very bottom, there are some screencasts. Then please let me know it they were helpful for you.

Thanks for your reply. I have got the slides working. It is the scrolling bar at the bottom of your example that I am referring to and can’t see that mentioned anywhere in the documentation.

I worked it out by looking at your demo page source code. It is an audio slider not an actual time delay for images. As soon as I told it to activate audio in settings it appeared. Does the theme have all the necessary files included to accomodate all functions on your sample?

Please can you help me with the following : 1) how to remove the white arrows on the homepage of my website http://www.daisyweddingphotography.co.uk/ – it is just a slideshow of some of my favourite images so i dont need the little white arrows for people to click onto the next page and they look wrong on the page?

2) Is the theme compatible with wordpress v3.4? I havent upgraded yet as dont want to mess my website up if it isnt?

3) Is there a way of removing the grey box at the bottom of the homepage as this covers up some of my homepage photos? As a temp fix i have added a black box below the photo which then moves the photo up so the whole photo can be seen. But if the box can actually be removed – that would be better.

Thanks in advance for your help. Melanie

1. unfortunately there is no option in this theme to disable that buttons (only manually when editing the script for nivo slider)
2. it wasn’t tested yet with the latest wordpress version, so I’d not suggest you to update it.
3. the same as on first question.