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Hello, I like the template a lot! Does the template have the guestbook already functioning?


Hi there and thanks for your interest!

Yes, the guestbook is technically functioning meaning that you will receive the messages sent from there, but you will have to add them manually to the guestbook section. For a more automated behaviour I recommend WeddingBliss the WordPress theme available here:

Best regards, Gabriela

Hi I would like to remove all events except the actual wedding under the events calender & rsvp. Please can you help.

PLease see

Thanks Shane

Hi Shane,

Please go to your dashboard > pages > Events/RSVP. In there, in the section “Events Settings” you have the option to delete all the events – in this case that section will not be shown on the homepage – or to delete each single event until you are left only with the “Wedding” event – and in this case only that event will be shown on the homepage

Let me know if this answers your question Best regards, Gabriela

Hi Gabriela I am using the html version and not wordpress version of your theme.? Regards Shane

Hi Gabriela I am using the html version and not wordpress version of your theme.? How do i remove the events except the actual wedding off the html version. Regards Shane

Hi Gabriela

My apologies for posting again but i am desperate for an answer – my client wants to start sending out wedding invitations which would then require her guests to RSVP via her website

I am using the html version and not wordpress version of your theme. I need to remove all events excepts for the actual wedding. Please advise soonest. Regards Shane

Hi Shane,

OK, this should be easy enough to accomplish! What is the problem here? Is the RSVP form not working for you?

Best, Gabriela

Hi Gabriela

Not to worry i was able to sort that out.

Regards Shane

Hi Shane,

Sorry, yesterday your last email arrived too late for me, I only saw it today. What were you able to sort out? Did you manage to remove the events?

Best, Gabriela

Greetings Gabriela

I stopped in to see what inspirations I may find for a new client. Sometimes I get sidetracked and hence I stumbled across you this template of yours.

Gabriela… your user name does not do you justice girl! how about .. girlwithkickasscode .. :superbashfulcute:

This template is excellent Gabriela!

Wish I had a use for it but if I hear of someone that does or if I end up needing one .. you are my first contact!

All the very best to you Gabriela! 8-)

Hi Gabriela

Thanks i sorted out the removing of the events but have one last problem i need help with. When i use IE version 11 to go to The web-page by default displays & goes to the “marriage proposal”. If i use firefox or chrome it displays the top slider as it should.

Please could you advise.

Many thanks Shane

Hi Gabriella

Yes in IE11 when you open the website it doesn’t start at the top of the webpage (the slider) but starts at the love story – Please see screen shot – Thanks Shane

Yes, now I can see it – strange – please hold on, I’m searching for a solution for this

Hi Gabriella Any update a solution yet?

Thanks Shane

Hello. I am looking for a way to add arrows to the photo gallery 2 so that when the photo is clicked, you can click the arrow to view the next photo without having to exit. Is there a way to add that functionality?

Thank you.

Hi jawaanaman, and thank you for your purchase!

Please hold on, I need to check with the plugin’s developer, I’ll get back to you asap (the theme uses a third party plugin for the gallery)

Best regards, Gabriela

Hi Gabriella,

Thank you so much for this theme. I had some issues while setting up the site, thought maybe you could help

a) The submit button on the RSVP form doesn’t seem to send emails to the addreses provided.

b) I am unable to select the dates for the RSVP, couldn’t find any documentation on how to set it up

c) Is there any way to customize the menu to change the aligment, at this time the menu’s are left aligned and I’m not planning on having too much text on it so it feels really empty, If I could align the left menu to the right?

d) The sliders for the images sometimes take a while to show up.

The website is:



Hi Gabriela, I’m thinking about purchasing this template but I had couple of questions and I was wondering if you can help me with it. Reading the comments I noticed someone mentioning that they were having trouble removing extra events. I haven’t had a chance to look at the code so I’m just wondering if removing the extra events is difficult in this template? I just need two events, for Ceremony and Rception.

I was also looking at the Gallery and noticed that hovering over them brings up two options, one for a Link out to something and another is the magnifying glass that opens the iightbox. I want the gallery to open lightbox by default and not have two options, so when someone clicks on the photo icon it just opens the full size lightbox. Is this possible? If you can let me know asap it will be greatly appreciated.

Yes its a great looking theme so I purchased it to see if I can figure out the coding. I’m not a coder by any means but pretty good at figuring things out. I was able to remove the extra events, couldn’t figure out how to centre it though… oh well.

If you can help me now to open lightbox by default it will be great but I wouldn’t worry about it if its too much trouble for you. The megafolio documentation mentioned adding notitle alone to the class. So while not exactly the same as clicking the picture at least there is only the maginfying glass now. Thank you again for your help and great job on a great template.

Hi rashedul00,

Don’t worry, this is why I’m here. Let me know what exactly you want to center and I will help you (is it the event you want to center or the map?)

To make the photos of the gallery open up in a light box when you click on them please go to theme options > styling options and paste this in the box labeled “css code”:
.fancybox {
    height: 100%;
    position: absolute;
    width: 100%;

The magnifying glass will still appear, but it you will be able to click wherever on the photo and have it open in a light box. Let me know if this helps!

Best regards, Gabriela

Thank you so much. That worked. I added it to the settings CSS of Megafolio settings.

I’m trying to centre the event although I can just let it be so its not a big deal. The page can be seen at

The bigger problem I’m having right now that I can’t figure out how to fix the RSVP form. It keeps throwing up the error message even though I’m getting the rsvp message in my email. I’m guessing it has something to do with this line: “ Sorry, don’t know what happened. Try later. <!- /. ERROR MESSAGE ->”. It keeps showing the sorry message even though its succeeding in sending the message. If you can help me figure this out I will greatly appreciate it.

Love the look of your themes and your support is great. I would give you a 5 star rating but I can’t figure that out either lol… Thanks again.


I’ve followed the instructions to remove the opening timer screen, but removing the bits in the javascript breaks the site – you just get a blank pink page – also it is not called ‘custom’ but ‘main’ and there is an extra section called ‘add fakeheight and hide classes’ – is this correct?


I have a HTML site set up, but for ‘Wedding Location’ the information doesn’t appear until you’ve scrolled a long way down – how can this be fixed please? Thanks, Harry


cfmedia Purchased


Im having a few issues on a mobile.

All the background images for the sections are not displayed?

It just shows a black background.

Any fix for that?

Kind Regards Casper

Hi, any chance I can use this with the “Website Builder” provided by GoDaddy? Thanks.

This no longer seems to be supported – I have never had any answers to my questions. Off to find another template now. A waste of money.


I have recently bought your wedding bliss theme for my wedding page. It seems that my “Our Story” part of the website stopped working. It is not showing the template as it should.


I am still waiting on your response

My wedding is in less than two months and my website does not work properly

ricardomo – as you can see from other buyer’s comments, a person who bought this theme from Themeforest has a a “purchased” badge next to their name. Unfortunately until that badge appears next to your name I am not able to offer you support for this theme. I am very sure this is just a missunderstanding. Maybe you have purchased this theme from a different themeforest account? Or maybe it’s a bug in the system? If you suspect the latter then can you please send me an email with the Item Purchase Code and the purchase date? Thank you and I hope you understand why I need to check this! I will help you ASAP.

Nevermind – I figured it out.

When I use the “Contact Us” form to try to send a message, I get the error “Sorry, don’t know what happened. Try later.” Do you have any suggestions on what might be causing this?


Hi, I sent you a question via email


I have a question because it seems that the gallery cannot be displayed on mobile devices

Have you got an email in which I can send you the url?

in advance thank you very much

Best regards


I bought the wedding template for my wedding next year.

I tried following your userguide manual for removing the Preloader but the download content does not have js>custom.js included.

Can you tell me how i remove the preloader?