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I’m trying to post an image “event” on the storyline section. I’ve set the type to be “image”, I’ve got an excerpt and I’ve added a featured photo but the image src isn’t being populated.

You can see this here: http://www.karsenbargwedding.com/#section-our-story




enealio Purchased

Love this template. I made a few tweaks so that links to hotels and attractions open in a new tab, and changed the button text for the registry. Pretty easy to do. If anyone is interested, I have the following plugins installed to customize it: Circular Countdown for a different countdown timer instead of the one that comes with the template. Envira Gallery for photo galleries. Popup Maker for a one time prompt to visitors to enter their contact info. (we manage our guest list and updates with MailChimp.) (Install the plugins at your own risk. I had no troubles but you might.)

Our friends and family love the site and are amazed at how good it looks. (Take that WeddingWire!)

If anyone is interested, you can view it at www.redwoodvows.com.


I don´t understand one or two things in the theme. Can you give me a short instruction how I can make the site like your Demo Page? My Problems are: 1. My Home Site I have declare as Static Site—> with the Tamplate “Under the Slider” but I can´t see it. 2. My Page is loading new when I click a other section/menu item. Why it is not scrolling down automaticly? Do I need a plug in for it?

Thanks in advance and have a nice Day.

Regards from Germany


myrta Purchased

Hello! I have just purchase your theme. There is a problem with the slider images in the Homepage Slider.. they wont show! As i can see in the comments.. many people have had the same issue before. Is there a solution yet ? thank you!



I bought and installed following instructions.

The area below the slider on the homepage does not render the front page content.

The site is set to display static front page as front page.

Thanks Andy

Hi.. would you please kindly help me with these problems: 1. there is always “error” in each page that I create 2. I would like to delete the two bubbles in the our story section

it might be better if I can send you the screen shot?

Thank You, hope to hearing from you soon.

and also where to edit the mobile version? thanks!

Hi there and thanks for your purchase!

Yes, please send me a screenshot with that error or describe in more detail what are the actions that trigger this error.

Also you can delete the 2 bubbles in the “our story” section by going to theme options > styling options > css code and adding this in the css code box:

.couple-photos {display:none}

Best regards, Gabriela

hi, please kindly find the screen shot here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8xirj6t2iitjxg0/error%20screen%20shot.png?dl=0

thank you

Hi There, I want custom css to remove the “&” symbol that appears on mobile on the header.

I have used this code to remove it from the slider. .slider .names {display:none;}


The same code should remove the & symbol from the header for mobile AND desktop versions. Or maybe I do not understand exactly what you are referring to? Can you please give me a screenshot for the mobile header with the & sign you are talking about?

Best regards, Gabriela

Hi,I have a problem with the guest book. It appears that it has word limitation, so when I browse through my iPhone / safari, it doesn’t show the full wording. Do you know how to expand the comment box in mac / safari ? Would you please kindly guide me? thanks


I believe the Theme Options is incomplete. Once downloaded it does not look like the live preview why is that please?

I just sent you the right password sorry about that thanks

Are there any updates please

Are there any updates please


I believe the Theme Options is incomplete. Once downloaded it does not look like the live preview why is that please?

I published all the pages and it doesn’t all show up on one page why is that? Also I am having a problem seeing the welcome message on the home screen

Hi there, can you please use the contact form from my profile page and send me an admin username and password? I need to log in to your website to see what’s going on.

I just did

Hi there, please see my answer from your other question

Hi, I have a question, every time I upload new image in gallery, it will be displayed in both gallery style 1 and 2.. do you think it’s possible to display them separately? so I only want to display image 1-5 in gallery 1 and image 6-10 in gallery 2, for example? Hope to hearing from you soon.. Thank You.

Hi, I have a very urgent question, would you please help me with these 2 problems in mobile version:

1. The header image in each page is missing,you can find the screen shot here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f3t4j8p38fi4sdd/header%20image.PNG?dl=0 2. The comment box doesn’t have a scroll bar,you can find the screen shot here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hdh67zhmgioucn6/comment%20box.PNG?dl=0

Would you please give me solution to fix these problems as soon as possible?

Thank You,much appreciated.

Kind Regards, The Product Office Team


here is the link for the website: www.barakakhan.com ; thank you very much. hope to hearing from you soon

theproductoffice – Can you please specify which device you are using to view the website? I’m afraid that we can’t see what you’re seeing on our test environment.

So disappointed we got a broKen theme yet I see so many otherpeople’s working :(

Hello Gabriela! I have found that beautiful wp-theme, thanks for that.

But now I have a problem to view the contents. The Guest Book, RSVP, Registry, Blog and Gallery are not showing up. Looks like the same problem on comment #11097936. Is there a easy solution?

Sorry, my english are not so good – I’m from germany. :) Btw: I was wondering, that I don’t find an inclusion of language-files. I have build po-file for the german translations and added the loading in a functions.php of the child-theme. It works fine. Is there any interest to get the translation-files (po/mo) for future versions?

Hi, I am trying to put up RSVP but seems it’s not working, the calendar and RSVP box.. would you please take a look and help me about this?

Hi there,

Where can I go to access the wedding bliss documentation and tutorials?

Thanks, Roxie

Hi there! For some reason, it shows that my “guestbook entries have been closed” I’m not seeing a place that would alter this.

Also, for some reason it take a while to load the next area when scrolling down. I’ve seen other buyers’ pages, and it doesn’t seem to have the same issue – not a huge deal, but slightly annoying..

Thank you!—Stephanie – ruddenpartyof2.us