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Jab0 Purchased

I need help with the Contact form. I have read the tutorials via the plugin but when I test the form I never receive an email message. I get successful messages that a message was sent but an email never arrives. Not sure what I am doing wrong or how to tell if the message is ever sent.


bride@shannonandkevin.net is the email I am trying to send them too.

Jab0 Purchased

Nevermind. I got it. thanks for the speedy responses before.


This may be a very basic question, but I’d like to remove the white block & bridal party names in the homepage slider area. What is the easiest way to do this? I would like to only display the image with no text or elements over it?

Hi there and thanks for purchasing this theme!

It’s very simple: you need to log in to your admin dashboard, go to “Theme Options” > “Styling Options” and in the box labeled “CSS Code” paste this:

.slider .names {display:none;}

That’s all. Let me know if it works for you!

Best regards, Gabriela


Thanks for the great theme! Can you please take a look at my site (http://soontobe.thewerthers.com/) It seems that all the images are somewhat shorter/smaller than on your demo site, which seems to throwing off the proportions. Do you have any ideas what might be causing this?


Aratta Purchased

Hi ! I just installed the theme on http://irene-lionel.fr/ (password : 13062016). I don’t understand why any of the pictures I uploaded are showind ? I uploaded pictures on the slider, on the Bride & groom parts… but none are showing. could you tell me the reason ? thank you !

Kind regards, Jade


Mgooch Purchased

Hi, I sent you a personal message a couple months ago and have not heard back. I am now experiencing some styling issues. I would love for you to take a look if you are available.

Hi, do you have russian version of theme “WEDDING BLISS” or is it translation ready?

— Best regards, Nataly

Ni Nataly and thank you for your interest!

The theme is translation-ready – you can use a translation plugin to translate it

Best regards, Gabriela


enealio Purchased

I just started setting up the site and playing around with it. The only issue I’m encountering right now is the Guestbook. It displays “Guestbook Entries Are Closed”. Is there a plugin I’m missing? www.redwoodvows.com